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Comment Re: Oh, they're a big company, (Score 4, Informative) 527

Citations or screenshots please. I have Win10 on three PCs I use all the time and have not seen any of the bs you're talking about.

Is three citations enough? Or do you require more?

Comment Re:30 percent? (Score 1) 47

Unity, with a $1500 pro license, makes sense if you're making more than $30,000 per seat per game on average...

That price comparison is not quite apples-to-apples. The Unreal license includes the complete engine source, while the Unity license does not. Also, the Unity license costs extra for mobile platforms.

But in practice, the deciding factor between those two engines will usually be language support, not price. Unreal supports C++ and visual "blueprint" logic, while Unity supports C# and Javascript. For most developers, that decision will be a bigger factor than the price difference.

Comment Re:Will it be OpenGL & 64-bit? (Score 1) 149

Things are starting to turn around, though. Sony and MS have finally released consoles with 8GB ram

Uh yeah, quite some time ago now.

Only about a year ago. That's not very long.

At this point, cross-platform games are still releasing for the Xbox 360, which means they need to squeeze into half a gig.

The situation will change as the new consoles displace the old ones. But right now, games like Far Cry 4 and Battlefield:whatever are still worrying about the Xbox 360's tiny memory footprint.

Comment Re:Will it be OpenGL & 64-bit? (Score 1) 149

Bollocks. You see a 10-15% performance improvement on typical code when simply recompiling to 64 bit.

Games aren't typical code. Performance tends to be GPU-bound, not CPU-bound.

Which means you incur the cost of re-testing everything, plus the cost of replacing the one fiddly library that won't play nicely with 64-bit (there's always one). And your payoff is... quite possibly nothing, because your bottleneck was in the GPU.

Comment Re:Will it be OpenGL & 64-bit? (Score 1) 149

8GB is just not a lot of RAM any more. Any gamer who can afford to buy games can be expected to have that much.

Actually, take a look at the Steam Hardware Survey.

Last month, 47% of steam users had 4GB or less.

That's not a survey of general PC owners. Those are people on steam last month.

It may be true that people with more ram buy more games... but what developer is going to ignore half the potential audience?

Comment Re:Will it be OpenGL & 64-bit? (Score 3, Informative) 149

Just HOW MANY & which games ARE pure 64-bit nowadays?

There is a reason why most games are still 32-bit apps.

The big advantage of 64-bit instructions is that they can handle large amounts of RAM. If you aren't using a ton of RAM, there's little benefit to switching instruction sets. Until recently, most high-budget games were targeted at consoles with tiny amounts of RAM.

Even today, brand new computers are shipping with 4GB ram. I'm not just talking about Surface Pros and Macbook airs... Alienware is selling a dedicated gaming PC with only 4GB.

PC game developers know that requiring more than 4GB would sacrifice a chunk of their audience. So why bother porting to 64-bit? They can't really take advantage until all those 4GB machines go away.

Things are starting to turn around, though. Sony and MS have finally released consoles with 8GB ram, so we should expect to see 64-bit games appearing in the form of console ports.

Comment Re:You're not supposed to ask that (Score 3, Interesting) 223

Serious question: But how do I totally block Google?

Using Apple devices is a pretty good solution for that. Another option is Cyanogenmod.

It's an open-source Android fork with better privacy:

Installing it is usually simple, but can be difficult or impossible on certain phones. If you're after a turnkey solution, your best bet is the OnePlus One, which ships with Cyanogen preinstalled. List price is $299, but they're going for about $400 on amazon right now, due to limited availability.

Comment Re:Reprogram the G600 (Score 1) 431

Logitech's OSX driver supports remapping most buttons, but does NOT allow mapping the G600 middle button to middle-click.

It's kinda weird, since the other buttons are all configurable.

I'm not sure about the windows driver. Does Logitech allow mapping the G600 middle button to middle-click in their Windows driver?

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