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Comment Broadcast doesn't matter. (Score 1) 104

Maybe Japan is different, but I really suspect that 4K and 8K broadcasts are simply not going to be a big thing. People who with the latest technology are a lot more into streaming than broadcast TV.

The broadcasters giving streaming services another leg up seems idiotic, and business as usual.

Comment Re:As someone who "upgraded" to Win10 (Score 1) 581

1) Dragging a window and moving the mouse cursor up causes it and happens on older versions as well. Perhaps you are experiencing 2) ?
2) I had the same behavior on 8.1 with old video card drivers, especially when using radmin to connect remotely. Try and update all drivers
3) That happens on 8.x as well, disable wake on lan and also your usb keyboard and mouse ability to resume from power in device manager. Get out of a home group if you are in one. This is painful
4) Happens on 8.x as well. On 10 you need to use the custom installer instead of the express one to at least get a shot of keeping your app settings (not all of them)
5) You can defer updates for a few months. Also change its behavior to notify before reboot. Then at least you can defer the reboot for up to a week.

I am on win10, use it only for gaming (desktop) and browsing (laptop), and have only experienced 3) but was able to solve it

Comment My suggestions (Score 1) 1829

Whatever you do keep the classic interface. I don't like the modern javascript version.

I don't understand why if i moderate on a story if i post i lose the moderation. As long as i can't moderate myself this should be fine.

Put more moderation categories, such as -1 wrong

Want sponsored stories? Just label them like android police does.

Simple text ads or non animated images are fine. NO FLASH.

Minimalist design for mobile users.

Maybe auto remove a story if the users label it as dupe. Also, for editors, auto search before approving stories to the front page to avoid dupes (like some bug trackers do before allowing you to create a new bug)

Comment Re:It were the russians (Score 1) 62

It's been a while since I read my 80s techno thrillers, but the idea was a nuke sub (or mobile land-based launchers, in theory, but I don't think they ever bothered with that) would use GPS to get an exact fix on where it was, and input that into the missiles as their start point for inertial navigation. This allowed for 'first-strike' capability, which required silly amounts of precision to hit hardened launch sites on short notice, before enemy C&C could authorize retaliatory strikes, and simultaneously denied the enemy the ability to perform a first-strike on you, as first they'd have to find your hidden SSBNs.

The GPS system was originally called 'NavStar,' as it was intended as a navigation aide. The missiles themselves were intended to be as autonomous as possible after launch; after all, the GPS satellites were easy to find and destroy, what with them broadcasting their locations.

Comment Re:H-1B visa are not a free market (Score 1) 243

And the same is true of the states. Trying to cross the border from Canada into the States to start a job, transferring a Canadian company to it's brand new American owner, and getting stopped. Should have been a thirty second conversation with the border folks, under Trade NAFTA. Nope. I was trying to steal an American Jerb, and that was that.

The company started to lawyer up, but I declined to continue the process, and stayed in Canada. What can I say, I was young, and foolish. In retrospect, I made the correct choice.

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