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Comment: Of course. (Score 1) 59

by RailGunner (#49561971) Attached to: Hillary is still going to be our next president, isn't she?
Here's how it plays out:

Hitlary is going to come out of the closet, and much like the race card was overplayed the "homophobe" card will get overplayed.

Media coverage will be fawning over how "courageous" the first open lesbian Presidential Candidate is, and how we should all embrace the history of it. But the kicker will be this:

Jeb Bush will be her running mate. Then the narrative becomes that Ted Cruz / Scott Walker / Rand Paul is "so extreme" that even Jeb Bush, a life-long Republican, is supporting Hitlary.

After the Supreme Court crams gay marriage down our throats this week, and the fact that Hitlary is going to win, and watching Erdogan in Turkey trying to launch a Caliphate...

I'd watch the skies. He is coming back soon. Our Blessed Mother Mary can only hold him back for so long. And the reality is... well, quite frankly, we deserve it.

Comment: Re:Why are you shocked? (Score 1) 55

by RailGunner (#49536341) Attached to: So here's a good WI test for you
No, I'm not a fan of wannabe little brownshirts following Alinsky's script of personal destruction.
That's all he's doing when he continually moves the goal posts.

I'm also not a fan of cowardly little cyber-bullies, which is all he is.

Look below -- this creepy little bastard has been obsessed with me for years -- I finally give him an opportunity to meet me and ... oh, there's other things he'd rather do. Like hide in his mother's basement and cry softly.

He's a completely useless tool. Not worth any of my time.

Comment: Re:Why are you shocked? (Score 1) 55

by RailGunner (#49536291) Attached to: So here's a good WI test for you
How typical for a cyber-bully and online stalker. You're real brave hiding behind a computer screen but in meat space you're a sniveling coward.

Bottom line: You wouldn't lie about me to my face the way you do on slashdot.

I however, would still tell the truth about you to your face the way I do on slashdot.

Don't believe me? Let's meet up and find out.

Using TSO is like kicking a dead whale down the beach. -- S.C. Johnson