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+ - UK DNA database versus spitting on bus drivers

Submitted by Otter
Otter writes: The UK DNA database has been discussed here before. Recently it ID'd a teenager who had spit on a bus driver. The "Gobstopper" program issued DNA swab kits to bus drivers, and the teen's saliva was screened and used to identify him from the database. Apparently being spit upon is a widespread problem in the UK, as they seek to expand "Gobstopper" to bouncers, traffic wardens and others at risk.

+ - Kongratulations!

Submitted by Otter
Otter writes: Two KDE developers marry:
Matze and Eva have just returned from their honeymoon which they enjoyed on the the island Bali in Indonesia. There they did not only find some quiet moments without KDE but also an internet cafe which was using KDE on Linux of course.

(What the hell, I'll check the "Submit" box on this one...)


+ - Mathematician turns down the Fields Medal

Submitted by
Otter writes: Russian mathematician Grigory Perelman, recently awarded math's top prize, the Fields Medal, for his solution to the Poincare Conjecture, has declined the prize. Colleagues describe him as "reclusive" and he resigned from his job at the begining of the year and is now unemployed. He is rumored to be turning down an additional $1M reward for his solution.

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