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Submission + - Scientists turn skin cells directly into neurons->

stemceller writes: "Human skin cells can be converted directly into functional neurons in a period of four to five weeks with the addition of just four proteins, according to a study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The finding is significant because it bypasses the need to first create induced pluripotent stem cells, and may make it much easier to generate patient- or disease-specific neurons for study in a laboratory dish."
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Journal Journal: Cancer Stem Cells May Be at the Root of Brain Tumors

Stem cells -- popularly known as a source of biological rejuvenation -- may play harmful roles in the body, specifically in the growth and spread of cancer. Amongst the wildly dividing cells of a tumor, scientists have located cancer stem cells. Physician-scientists from Weill Cornell Medical College are studying these cells with hopes of combating malignant cancers in the brain.

Submission + - USC researcher identifies stem cells in tendons th->

stemceller writes: "Athletes know that damage to a tendon can signal an end to their professional careers. But a consortium of scientists, led in part by University of Southern California (USC) School of Dentistry researcher Songtao Shi, has identified unique cells within the adult tendon that have stem-cell characteristics — including the ability to proliferate and self-renew. The research team was able to isolate these cells and regenerate tendon-like tissue in the animal model. Their findings hold tremendous promise for the treatment of tendon injuries caused by overuse and trauma."
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Comment Re: First embryonic stem cell trial on the cards (Score 1) 224

I think this is big and could lead to more trials. I definitely this was a positive result from California's prop 71. Let's hope it gets the bill stuck in Congress passed. I just posted a summary of this and other relevant stem cell science news dating back to December '04 on my blog, You'll see a lot of advancements are being made. And check out a TV spot I was in for prop 71 called "Twins." If anyone wants to link to me or me to link to them, let me know!

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