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Journal Journal: Camera

Well managed to order a Panasonic DMC-LX3. What a pain that was. From lots of reading both manuals and reviews. To finding a decent price from a reputable company. BTW stay away from Prestige Camera based in NY. Classic Bait and Switch. Website says nothing about the camera offered being the import model. The US model was about a $100 more. And a 2 GB card was about $39.00. After an "issue" with my card I canceled and went with an outfit based in Washington state. Paid more but what you see is what you got and paid plus the sales person was pleasant and the even shipped it out that day late as it was (for me). I even got an 8GB card for about the same that a 2 GB would have run. I'll post later about the camera itself.

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Journal Journal: In the beginning...

There were blank journals and he saw this wasn't so good. So he created man to fill those journals. And man filled those journals but soon realized he was bored writing for himself. So then God created the comment and said let others fill this space. So others soon came and filled the journals with comments and he saw this was all good.

Heh, sure beats an "It was a dark and stormy night" as an opener. Anyway lets make this space productive. One I like Trance and Dance. I also have two questions for the community. I have TWC (Time Warner Cable) and like most they have digital phone. What are people's experiences with it and how does it compare to the alternatives? Also a bit more general and a nice "Ask Slashdot". Can anyone come up with examples of things that wouldn't exist without broadband internet? Not internet. Broadband internet.

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