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Comment: There's oil in that thair managment. (Score 1) 522

by Ostracus (#43064249) Attached to: Can Valve's 'Bossless' Company Model Work Elsewhere?

"I just listened to a fascinating podcast with Valve's economist-in-residence, Yanis Varoufakis, about the unusual structure of the workplace at Valve where there is no hierarchy or bosses.

Can't remember the book, but there was a Brazilian oil company that had a similar structure.

Comment: Educational singularities. (Score 1) 265

by Ostracus (#43021723) Attached to: Tech Leaders Encourage Teaching Schoolkids How To Code

" has released infographics and a video to explain why students should be taught to code in school.

I'm sure I'm going to offend quite a few, but in the grand scheme of things, why that particular set of skills? We could be teaching people other, just as important, fields, so why single out coding?

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