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Comment Re:Might want to reconsider paying the fine... (Score 1) 426 426

What about the drones used by activists to fly over industrial operations breaking the law and get footage of it? Can the industrial operations shoot them down?

Of course. Hopefully the activists were smart enough to capture the video stream live; otherwise, they just lost a drone for no good reason. But yeah, the greedy evil industrialist can shoot the drone down. It is well within their rights. The drone is trespassing, even if for a "good" reason.

Comment Re:What did friday come late or early ? (Score 1) 250 250

What is it we are supposed to be mitigating ?

Regardless of the global warming and anti-global warming whackos, we are supposed to be mitigating pollution. Air should be breathable and water should be drinkable. Other organism on this planet should be able to survive in our output as well.

Very respectfully,

Comment Re:U and I (Score 1) 687 687

Seriously though, I'd recommend ditching caps lock, tab, insert, num lock, home, end, page up, page down, scroll lock, pause/break, and roll the delete and backspace keys into a single delete key.

As a software developer, I'd be pretty unhappy not having keys dedicated to caps lock, tab, home, end, page up, page down, delete, and backspace.

I'd also take the damnable Windows logo off the command key and just refer to it as CMD across operating systems.

I like this idea.

Comment Re:in Soviet Russia..... (Score 1) 161 161

I findi [sic] it slightly amusing and frightening that in a Democracy, the powers that be try to make you get out of your air-conditioned car, jump on a bike, and go your way to work.

Democracy isn't a system that enables absolute freedom. It's a system that allows one faction to impose their will on another faction. Taken to its extreme it becomes a tyranny of the masses.

Comment Re:Here's what I heard: (Score 1) 81 81

It doesn't matter which is cheaper if Linux can only play a very small subset of the games. I certainly wouldn't spend $200+ on a video card and then limit myself in my game selection by refusing to spend an extra $100 on the OS.

It is not about the money. I do have Windows 7 installed on a partition.

I play games on Linux and it is a custom built computer with parts that were grabbed off the shelf without regards to Linux compatibility.

I have a GTX980, a 28 inch 4k monitor, an i7 4770, etc. Not the most expensive but certainly not cheap.

I still choose to play on Linux.

Apparently, according to Steam I am less than .01% of all gamers out there, but I do exist.

Why? I am tired of my devices doing things behind my back. Some devices give you the chance to control some of their nasty behavior if you hunt down the option, but all commercial software has behavior that I find reprehensible.

It is funny that Ubuntu tries to follow along with that mess and that Redhat tries to do vendor lock-in. What a wasteland. Modern computing is just terrible.

Comment Re:What the fuck Slashdot, where is the LINUX OPTI (Score 1) 259 259

Sounds like you bought the wrong device. If Linux was a requirement for you personally, you would not have bought a Surface Pro 2. But you bought one, so I think it's fair to say that Linux isn't a priority, at least not at the time of purchase.

I'm partial to the Yogo 2 if I'm doing x86. Or the Acer Chromebook 13 if I'm doing ARM. the 13 is a bit too big for my tastes, but it has my company's chip so I have my own reasons for choosing that one.

disclaimer: what's true for me, may not be true for you.

Comment Re:What the fuck Slashdot, where is the LINUX OPTI (Score 1) 259 259

Linux is no longer an option.

but seriously, doesn't "Never" or "Only if I'm forced to" also cover people switching to Linux instead of upgrading?

PS - I made the switch to Linux instead of switching to Win95. It's been 20 years, I've given up waiting on the rest of the world, or caring too deeply on how they choose to waste their time. (because I've figured out how I'm going to waste my own time)

Comment Windows 7 is the end of the line for me (Score 3, Insightful) 259 259

I don't need any version other than Windows 7. and I will never need to upgrade. By the time 7 is totally obsolete, the arguments of having access to certain Windows-only applications will no longer be valid.

disclaimer: what's true for me, may not be true for you.

Comment Re:U and I (Score 1) 687 687

I don't need arrow keys, so get rid of those too.

I use tab key, because it's inconvenient to type space exactly 8 times. (or 4 times or whatever your preference. given that 1080p can comfortably fit 120x54 terminal, using 8 space tabs doesn't seem like a big deal.

Comment Re:Sounds like two illegal acts (Score 1) 1175 1175

Or you could call the cops instead of firing your gun at anything you see. If you're not in immediate danger, not the imaginary sort you suggest of a drone dipping down and poking your eye out or something. Go inside, and call the police, simple. Is it annoying in convenient? Yes. But that's kind of why one ought to file a police report, to make a record of such a nuisance.

Should the model operator be fined by the FAA? I think so. It can't be open season on model aircraft.

Is it illegal to fire at a model aircraft? Definitely

Is it possible that it is illegal trespass? Under 400ft, and not necessarily a right of way issue, so maybe. Hard to say since none of us appear to be actual lawyers that specialize in FAA regulation or property rights.

Comment Re:Drones (Score 0) 1175 1175

Oh come on. A drone buzzing around your backyard recording your private doings is not analogous to a satellite.

Yes, yes it is.

As for banning cars that take pictures for Google, that's not remotely analogous or applicable

Yes, yes it is.

nor the case of tourists taking a picture in front of your house

While I find it annoying, I see no legal option for me to block this, at least on a federal level. Some states regulate photography, so it might be possible in some jurisdictions.

No one is going to fly a drone over my property, recording what I'm doing, possibly carrying a gun, and who knows what else.

possibly carrying a gun? aren't you paranoid and full of hyperbole? You know, it might have radioactive isotopes or biological WMDs.

You know who could possibly be carrying a gun? My mailman. But I'm certainly not going to do anything about it without proof. And I would call the cops, not shoot my mailman.

Sheesh, some people's heads are just full of nightmares, I don't know how you get out of bed in the morning.

The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.