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Comment Re:WHY? (Score 1) 130

Yes, there are still devices that run on pc/104 and other embedded x86 platforms. The older ones still running ROMable versions of DOS.

Z80 support would be nice for me, I'm still using SDCC so I'm still stuck in C land. Of course I'd also like 68hc11 support too, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Sure, some people still use Pascal. Some people still use Java even though it's obvious that Oracle is eventually going to screw it up.

Comment Re:Describes mediocre and bad engineers well (Score 1) 491

A lot of not very good engineers like these absolute answers and like things to be black or white. I run into them frequently. The worst is probably the IT security field, where things are often viewed as secure or not, with nothing in between.

To be fair, either you are dead or not... or the favorite from years ago, you are not just a little bit pregnant. You either are pregnant or you are not.

That being said, managing risk is a numbers game which is where the black and white people fail miserably. Which is essentially what you said. I am just trying to nuance the situation here a bit and point out why the infosec folks that are weak actually are weak.

Disclaimer, I work in infosec.

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 1) 164

Why is it that astrophysicists "believe" in time dilation but do not "believe" in space dilation? Time and space is a continuum. They are inseparable as concepts. Energy is composed of spacetime and mass. When creating mass out of energy, spacetime is also created. The amount of mass determines how much spacetime there is; and therefore how much energy was used to create it.

"Length" is not a hardcoded value just as time is not a hardcoded value. There is less "space" at the edge of a galaxy. A flat galaxy that is rotating only appears to be flat due to the interplay of time and space. It is not actually so... from the perspective that we live in.

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 1) 164

Correct. The facts don't match the theory. Galaxies could not hang together the way they do if all they consist of is the things we've already observed in the laboratory unless we change the law of gravity [to something enormously more complex - c.f. epicycles] or postulate the existence of something that interacts gravitationally but doesn't interact with light.

Spacetime is a continuum. Yes? Speed changes the perspective of time. Mass changes the perspective of space. No modification of gravity needed and no dark matter needed.

Put simply, there is less space where there is less matter. If you can wrap your brain around time dilation, wrapping your brain around space dilation should be simple.

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 221

The freeloaders, parasites really, are the ones buying and selling my personal information for targeted advertising.

I have (almost) no ads now, but for the last few years I still manage to buy services and content. Sites like /. would be in trouble of course, and they might have to move to a wikipedia-like funding/shaming model. Eventually the stuff people aren't willing to pay for will wither and die, and we'll have to learn to accept that. I'm not willing to let my PC participate in blasting me in the face in ads.

Comment Sell OS and Computer seperately (Score 1) 505

No pre-installed anything, you take the OS you already paid for on your last computer and install it on your new computer. It's just another piece of software. Or you buy a newer OS for your old computer. A lot of our problems could have been resolved if we never had so much damn lock-in that granted one company control over all our PCs.

Comment Re:No Goddamned grey text (Score 1) 505

Hey man, I don't want my CRT to get phosphor burn. It's not "light grey" it's regular intensity, versus "high-intensity". It was for bitmap fonts on CRTs that weren't really capable of multiple font weights, so different intensities were used to simulate different weights.

How would you like it if all text had the maximum weight?

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