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Submission + - The Last Unicorn, other Peter S. Beagle titles hit Kindle October 1

Robotech_Master writes: Peter S. Beagle's publisher Connor Cochran has announced that fan favorite The Last Unicorn and several other titles by Beagle will be available in e-book form from Amazon as of October 1. Apart from a brief sale via The Humble Bundle, this will mark the first time an authorized e-book edition of The Last Unicorn has ever been available for sale. It will be offered in both a "Classic" edition and a "Deluxe" edition, featuring sequel novella "Two Hearts" and an interview with Beagle.

Comment Re:I don't want a fucking TV channel! (Score 1) 217

It wasn't so much that they had a falling out with the movie stuidios as that the movie studios decided they could all each charge consumers directly. So we got a disney channel and a warner move channel and etc.

None of which I subscribe to.

Netflix was actually a bargain. It's less of a bargain today tho I still subscribe (for now).

Once it's dead, I'll probably drop to subscribing to it every few years and perhaps go back to torrenting content (tho that's getting riskier than it used to be).

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 698

He did. They got a big payout when the company was sold.

More critical to me was his statement that some day he would opensource minecraft when it started to die off. Part of what made minecraft succeed was the open sourcey feel to it. If he had said upfront it would be closed source owned by microsoft many of the people who helped it succeed wouldn't have invested their time into it.

Comment Re:Massive and stupid (Score 0) 210

All I can say is talk to some retiring air traffic controllers. It's not like only a few of them saw it. The intercept was visible to air traffic controllers all over the country. It was the right thing to do based on the information the military and potus had at the time. But the heroic passenger bringing down the plane story was what we needed to hear then.

Based on how many controllers saw it, I expect it'll become common knowledge within the next few years as they all retire and don't need to maintain their security clearance any more.

Look back over my posts-- I don't post a lot of wild eyed shit.

Comment Re:Massive and stupid (Score -1, Troll) 210

It's a great story. But actually the plane was shot down before the passengers could act. The logs of the fighters scrambled were removed after about 3 hours but were clearly visible to air traffic control until them. No camera phones back then or it would have been pointless to even erase them.

The main physical evidence left actually on record is that the engine landed separately close to a half a mile away without a corresponding trail of debris leading there.

The passengers were aware and prepared to do something. But three planes had already hit buildings at that point.

Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 1) 390

I think marking this a troll is unfair since the parent poster concluded with an insulting, flamebait, trollish paragraph that was pretty much begging for a response.

I also think the parent poster falsely assumes an ideal world with one monolithic power source when the reality is we'll have a blended world and solar power is likely to be an order of magnitude cheaper than fusion for at least two more generations.

Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 53

Anybody who ever served on active duty and handled classified information is just a bit hacked off at Her Majesty's cavalier attitude about, well, everything.

That's true, but comparing Hillary's sending and receiving emails that weren't marked as classified over a non-government server is absolutely NOTHING compared to Petraus' knowingly giving top secret information to someone with neither a need to know nor a security clearance. Remember Mata Hari? (I probably spelled that wrong)

Plus, his adultery is strictly against the USMJ code; people have gotten dishonorable discharges for that alone, and anyone else would have gotten time in Leavenworth for spilling secrets. Petraus got off not with a slap on the wrist, but a stern talking to.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Gimpy text and Mars

I use the Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) to design book covers. It's an excellent free open source program that has three weaknesses -- its menu structure is completely illogical (but can be gotten used to), I can't find a full spectrum palette, and its text handling is so poor as to be useless.

Submission + - The Public Collection: Indianapolis's own 'Big Free Libraries'->

Robotech_Master writes: Indianapolis has just launched a great new series of art installations intended to promote both art and literacy. The Public Collection will act as a sort of artistic big version of the "Little Free Libraries" that have been popping up lately—offering hundreds of books to the general public, including homeless and hospital patients, absolutely free.
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Comment Re:I'm not a panicky guy but... (Score 1) 418

In my case, the games I play are appearing on tablets. I spend more time on my tablet each day than on my computer.

I tried out knoppix and was reasonably happy with it. And I made a strategy of finding and getting used to opensource programs that worked both on windows and on linux equally well. So when I swap over, I'll be familiar with my software stack.

I suspect the windows 8.1 pc I bought will be the last microsoft desktop computer I'll ever buy.

Comment I'm not a panicky guy but... (Score 5, Interesting) 418

I've been with windows for close to two decades.

But I'm probably going to either use an older windows box or just bite the bullet and go to linux for my "real" machine. I might use windows for a gaming machine.

I've used openoffice then libre office for years now and no longer even occasionally dip back into Word.

I've disliked the tighter microsoft email/social account integration for a while now.

I really dislike what I'm hearing about the new o/s. I stopped using facebook because of similar actions.
it's like being fabulously wealthy isn't enough. If windows 10 goes forward as is, I probably won't go with it.

In a five year period we can get one superb programming language. Only we can't control when the five year period will begin.