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Comment: Re:Nintendo needs to rethink its place in the worl (Score 2) 403

by daver00 (#43012583) Attached to: Is the Wii U Already Dead?

I bought a PC in 2008 and have made one single upgrade of the video card. Its basically a Core2 E8400 (3GHz) with a Nvidia 275GTX. There have been exactly zero PC games in the last 5 years that have not run smoothly on this machine. Worrying about specs for PC games is more or less a thing of the past, these days if you can play one decent game you can play them all.

Comment: Re:50 free gigs = too good not to utilize. (Score 1) 143

by daver00 (#42932239) Attached to: Mega Accepts Bitcoin; Email, Chat, Voice, Video, Mobile Coming Soon

It's in anyone's self interest to use 50 free gigs of encrypted cloud storage.

See I thought the same thing but then discovered that "use" is a key word in this sentence. I've so far not even managed to successfully back up my photo collection and a few other odds and ends to the tune of a mighty 4GB. The upload speeds I'm getting are terrible, the interface makes it worse in that you must have the browser running to upload anything. It doesn't do jack shit in the background (like dropbox does).

I'm ready to give up on Mega, the browser only thing I can handle, but the upload speeds have just been atrocious rendering it unusable for me.

Comment: Re:Not yet... (Score 1) 943

by daver00 (#42153005) Attached to: Is It Time For the US To Ditch the Dollar Bill?

and you know how us Americans are with our Starbucks!

We Australians have no fucking idea how you are with Starbucks... Starbucks Australia went broke and had to basically exit the country almost as soon as it started opening stores, because compared to Australian coffee it was plain trash. You spent a week in Australia, I hope you realise how bad Starbucks coffee is now! Australia is renowned for having the highest standards for coffee.

Comment: Re:no more donuts for Gabe... (Score 1, Interesting) 768

by daver00 (#41812309) Attached to: Valve: Linux Better Than Windows 8 for Gaming

You know there are open and free licenses for software which had nothing to do with Stallman, right? Many people, myself included, find that these often unencumbered OSS licenses are even better than GNU.

I think you just successfully demonstrated the viewpoint that the GP was referring to...

Comment: Re:Distinguishing conflict from disagreement (Score 1) 1152

by daver00 (#41812259) Attached to: Dr. Richard Dawkins On Why Disagreeing With Religion Isn't Insulting

There's only solution I've found to the problem of people taking your disagreement as an insult, and that is to pose every concern as a question for more detail

I've personally adopted this strategy on internet 'discussions' and it works well a lot of the time. You do always get that one wingnut who dances around every question, quotes your every sentence and delivers a 100-page response though.

Comment: Re:Samsung should be innovating not suing! (Score 1) 196

by daver00 (#41535809) Attached to: Galaxy Tab Sales Ban Lifted, Samsung Sues Apple Over iPhone 5

They both suck *as phones*, when compared to "dumb" phones. My old Philips had 3 weeks of battery life with my usage pattern and it took two pushes of a button (including unlocking) to call pretty much everybody I care about.

Many people (myself included) understand and accept this as a trade-off for the ability to carry an email/gps/web browser/media player comfortably in your pocket. I use all of the other features more than my actual phone anyway.

Comment: Re:2 million second exposure? (Score 1) 185

I think it takes way longer than that. If I remember correctly they open the shutter for a few minutes at a particular point in the telescope's orbit and catch a few photons. They then repeat this process every time the telescope swings around to that same spot, i.e. they can't just open the shutter for 2 million seconds otherwise there would just be a big smear of light. They actually add up small bit of a few seconds at a time, so it probably took more like months or maybe even years.

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