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Comment: Re:Internet connection (Score 2) 395

by Novogrudok (#43839835) Attached to: Chinese Hackers Steal Top US Weapons Designs

So the guy in Tulsa who develops, say, rotor blades should have only the access to the relevant parts of the helicopter design. Why would this guy need to know the schematics for the targeting system, for example? Thus if a hacker gains access, he will only get rotor blade secrets, not the whole design's.

Comment: Car analogy is invalid (Score 1) 1010

by Novogrudok (#43423925) Attached to: Windows 8 Killing PC Sales

> very little room for improvement

Oh yeah? I would understand that nobody should drive a car at 200 mph in a city, so making common cars very powerful (and more expensive) is not good.

However, for a gaming PC, you would want any MHz/fill rate you can squeeze out of it. There is lots of room for improvement there. Unfortunately, current silicon technology cannot push frequencies up as it was done in the 90s/start of 00s, and "multi-core" past 4 cores is really just a gimmick. So the reason why I would think for a few years before upgrading a CPU is because new CPUs are not that better. By 2013, I would have expected 20Ghz CPUs and GPUs that can run a FPS game at 100Hz at a high resolution monitor, and I do not mean "HD", more like 3000x2000.

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