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Journal Journal: Android

I have owned 3 android phones, all of which were buggy. My Samsung Moment was a slow as a dog in fudge, my LG Optimus locked up a lot, and was also slow (and crippled in memory). My current phone, the HTC Inspire 4G, spontaneously resets itself a few times a day. It also likes to slow to a crawl. Basically, to survive in the Android Wild, I have to manually blast apps out of memory on a regular basis to keep from slowing to a crawl. This is nuts. I'm think the iOS way, of freezing apps in the background makes sense. I wrote apps for the classic Palm. When users left your app, it was your job to save the current state. When they came back, it looked to them as if everything was just as they left it. Sure, it was minor amount of work for the developer, but the Palm was always lightning fast, even on modest hardware. I'm thinking my next phone will be an iPhone. Stop the insanity!

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Journal Journal: Christian music

It is hard for me to find Christian music that I like. I can't stand the "Tops in Pops" that passes for Christian music that I hear on most radio stations (online or on-air). I realize they have to pay the bills, but they might as well be saying "Ooh Baby" as "Ooh Jesus". Well, I have found that I really like the rock channel on crosswalk.com. I had to fork over 5.95 a month, but having something that didn't just come from a toothpaste commercial is worth it.! resume normal transmission...
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Journal Journal: The Fascination

Sometimes I feel drawn to very opionionated, knowledgeable, and downright abrasive people. I think of Dvorak [PC Mag] and Eugenia Loli-Queru [OSNews]. They are both very smart people with a lot of good insight, but at times very contentious. I think it is because secretly I would like to let a few people "have it" for their inane comments, but I have too much politeness to do it. I have to flame vicariously!
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Journal Journal: Same Old Bookmarks

Are you like me, and you have 3 or 4 bookmarks you keep going to all day. For me it is Slashdot, OSNews, Linux Today and Yahoo Mail. I guess it is a case of 100 million channels and nothing to watch!
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Journal Journal: Writing in general

I've always struggled with the time to write. When I am on vacation (which isn't often), the writing seems to flow freely. During the grind of work and daily activities, I never find time to write. I guess the truth is, you always find time for the things you love, so I guess I don't love writing! I sure do like messing with 'Puters! I like fixing up old laptops. My latest is a P90 - I just upgraded the ram from 16MB to 48MB (its max). I have OpenBSD on this, and use full-screen VNC to run a reasonable powered desktop from another machine. It's my version of recycling.
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Journal Journal: Melted Brain

I'm just an ordinary born-again, spirit-filled BSD- and Linux-loving geek. Considering my brain has been melted due to my faith, I think I'm doing pretty well.
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Journal Journal: Stranger in a Strange Land

Sometimes I feel like I am a pioneer into new and unexplored territory. Other times I feel like I should have bought a map!

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