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Comment: The I.T. Surge (Score 0) 276

by NotFamous (#45483749) Attached to: Project Rescue Expert Todd Williams Talks About (Video)

Scrum Master: OK, let's go around the room and do our stand-up for they day. We've got a week or two to straighten this thing out.

Mary: Ummm...I'm trying not to kill myself today, hopefully no one will notice if I spend the day in the rest room.

Tan: Well, I started my review of the backround 3rd-party insurance-module interfaces. So far, mock objects are in place. I'm thinking we should implement something?

Bob: I'm working on name-tags, the holiday schedule, and the Submit button.

Assan: I'm new.

Scrum Master: OK, does anyone have any blocking issues for today?

Bob: Uh, I'm not (air-quotes) technically a programmer, but I can make some killer PowerPoints.

Tan: Right now, I just have these fan-fold printouts of the code. Also, I've never done COBOL before. Oh, and can I get a computer?

FORTRAN is for pipe stress freaks and crystallography weenies.