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Comment: Re:What's the Difference? (Score 2) 102

by NotFamous (#48372833) Attached to: Amazon Goes After Oracle (Again) With New Aurora Database
Oracle - MySQL = PL/SQL. PL/SQL is a full-blown programming language apart from ANSI SQL. There are objects, table variables, maps, arrays, etc. This is what makes it very hard to switch from Oracle. Once you have been bitten by the PL/SQL bug, it is very expensive to move away from.

Comment: For the Fi-curious (Score 5, Informative) 82

by NotFamous (#47222207) Attached to: Mozilla To Sell '$25' Firefox OS Smartphones In India
You can get a Firefox phone right now, available for use in Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States. It is $99, and comes with a 4-inch screen, dual core 1.2Ghz and 512MB RAM. It is the ZTE Open C, available on eBay. Just search for Firefox OS, and you'll find it.They link to it from the Firefox OS site.

Comment: Warning: Know-it-all is posting (Score 1) 309

by NotFamous (#47221939) Attached to: Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages
The problem is that we even have a concept of "Web" programming. There should be no such thing. It reminds me of the early 90's when we had Multimedia programs - those that could access a CD-ROM. It doesn't matter where you are running, where you data is, and where your output is. We need ALL of our programming languages to be updated to realize this. We don't write to files, we write to streams. Data is always just written to a store. The fact that the local store synchronizes with the server store is a library issue. We should be able to create "Web" programs with the same tools that we write all programs.

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.