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Comment: Re:Google Streams (Score 1) 330

by NoMaster (#49558883) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

The YouTube thing was never about getting people on to G+, it was about cleaning up YouTube. Anonymous accounts lead to every video's comments being filled with abuse.

Didn't work. If anything, YouTube comments are filled with even more poisonous shitty abuse from assorted pseudonymous fuckwits than ever before.


Yeah, I see it works just as well here...

Comment: Re:Australian here (Score 4, Informative) 85

by NoMaster (#49281191) Attached to: Australia May Introduce Site Blocking To Prevent Copyright Infringement

The second thing is, the Libs face a hostile senate ... the LNP (Liberal/National Party) haven't been able to do much of anything

To put this into some perspective for non-Aus people: the LNP government is still trying to get major items from last year's budget passed. And this year's budget is only about 8 weeks away...

Comment: Re:seems about the same (Score 1, Redundant) 320

Once you get past the hype, the media stories, the click bait; and learn how to actually read scientific papers, they seem about as accurate as they've ever been.


/. articles like this one are basically stalking horse stooges - a paragraph of well-known minor concerns that together add up & appear to be 'truthy' evidence of a major problem, and an 'honest' question tacked onto the end.

The whole point is to sow FUD...

Comment: Re: Cost savings (Score 5, Insightful) 106

by NoMaster (#49134103) Attached to: Argonne National Laboratory Shuts Down Online Ask a Scientist Program

Simple web app: $1000
Shared web hosting: $50/yr
Managing a pool of postgrads, postdocs, researchers, and other subject matter experts to answer children's questions while fending off the Creationists, Tea-Partiers, and other assorted nutjobs who insist on being given equal access and status to teach the Truth to counter the Liberal Ivory-Tower Acedemic lies? Priceless...

Comment: Re:Horribly misleading summary (Score 1) 681

by NoMaster (#49109387) Attached to: Bill Nye Disses "Regular" Software Writers' Science Knowledge


Not being an American, I have few preconceptions about Bill Nye* - the little I know of him is entirely from the occasional comment on the internet, and I think I the only time I've ever seen him was in an epsiode of Stargate - but the summary is basically manipulative outrage-clickbait.

Read The Fine Article, people - or forever remain Slashdot Sheeple...

(*I did wonder why you all mispronounced his name just to make it fit into a little rhyme, and now I know.)

Comment: Re:"Not intentional". Right. (Score 1) 370

by NoMaster (#49034725) Attached to: Samsung Smart TVs Injected Ads Into Streamed Video

Given that Free TV Australia's 'standard'* for HbbTV here** specifically allows HbbTV apps to insert their own ads when 3rd-party content is being viewed, I suspect either:
(a) Samsung trod on the network's toes by rolling out firmware which conflicted with 9Jumpin / Plus7 / TENplay / SBS On Demand's own plans for ad-insertion, or
(b) It's all part of the network's plans - but Samsung jumped the gun.

* quotes because it's a self-policed industry / lobby group agreement, not a standard standard...
** a.k.a. "FreeviewPlus"

Comment: Re:The mythbusters need to test this now! (Score 4, Informative) 378

by NoMaster (#48930935) Attached to: Why ATM Bombs May Be Coming Soon To the United States

Why, when the funny version is available on YouTube?

A local one from the other week:

The local intelligentsia have been doing this on and off since at least 2008:

Comment: Re: Minor setback (Score 1) 213

by NoMaster (#48783525) Attached to: SpaceX Rocket Launch Succeeds, But Landing Test Doesn't

Also, never mind the fact that the tanks were built as thin and as lightweight as possible, so had they been pressurized and converted into living spaces, they would have provided little to no shielding against space debris or radiation. Also, never mind the fact that by definition they were almost empty after launch, so you would still need to haul up all the fittings, equipment, furniture, etc... that you would need to stick inside them.

Also, never mind the fact that it was one of the options seriously considered for what became Skylab...

Comment: Re: Hitler and the NAZIs were so stupid. (Score 2) 292

Actually, it's an acronym for NAtionale soZIalist, the political party.

Actually, it's a contraction, German style.

Actually, it's neither; it's the first two syllables of "Nationalsozialistische" (i.e. 'Na-tzi-o-naal...'), with more than a bit of Austro-Bavarian baggage attached...

Don't panic.