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Comment Re:Turing Evolved (Score 1) 202

The thing you're forgetting is that at some point in the chain, there's a human calling the shots, and a robot not having emotions goes both ways: yes, it definitely means that they will keep their cool in all situations and never kill people unexpectedly (assuming no bugs of that magnitude), but on the other hand it also means they will never refuse to do orders humans would consider reprehensible. The general orders all killbots to gas the entire populace? They'll do it.

Comment Re:Ouch (Score 2, Insightful) 220

But with the consequence that the first accident of note will result in all kinds of problems for EVERY instance of that model running in EVERY model of that self-driving car, rather than just a single driver being an idiot.

Assuming that accident is the fault of the AI, then you can reasonably expect a patch within a week, a month if the issue is extremely complicated. Good luck fixing human drivers this efficiently.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy much ? (Score 3, Insightful) 286

As much bad rap as Obama and the US government gets on a daily basis, I would never imagine in a million years anyone in there deciding to declare war over a neighbor and start shelling nukes at them. With NK, it's not only probable, it's almost inevitable if they are left alone long enough. They are not rational, they do not care about the well-being of their citizens, and they think they can get away with many things. At some point they'll think too large and hit a city or contaminate a big area and people will die for no reason.

To compare the US and NK is utterly reductionist and shows a complete lack of understanding of the differences in context.

Comment Re:Anything the US does is suspicious (Score 4, Informative) 286

North Korea is currently under international sanctions for violating several UN Security Council resolutions. That means that the majority of the UN considers North Korea's missile/nuclear program to be a problem, specifically destabilizing the region and undermining the global nonproliferation regime. In case you forgot, the nonproliferation treaty states that aside from the "nuclear weapon states" (China, France, Russia, the US and the UK), no other nation state should receive, manufacture or acquire nuclear weaponry. The NWS are also the five permanent members of the Security Council.

So within the bounds of international law and politics, North Korea is indeed disallowed to have ICBMs. Who's disallowing them? Everyone. As of the last few resolutions, even China has decided to withdraw their support, making the resolutions passed unanimously. Nuclear weapons aren't something you get to unilaterally decide you'll develop and own, and if you do, other countries will be extremely suspicious of you and for good reason.

Let's not kid ourselves here: North Korea is a farce. Its people is continuously under threat of famine, is being brainwashed, held back on just about every level, because the leadership of the country wants to conserve an iron grip on their small patch of land. As such, it's one of the poorest and most isolated places on the planet, and politically is extremely unstable and dangerous. You can't consider them on a rational level because they are not a rational actor. They have severe delusions of grandeur, regularly threaten just about every neighbor of armed conflict, often for no apparent reason, etc. The best possible thing that could happen for NK and the rest of the world would be a slow transition towards democracy and a complete reconstruction of its political sphere (including eliminating all current military and political personnel, up to Un himself). Failing that, I hope that one day the rest of the world decides to act upon this retarded stepchild and cut the head off - the transition would be far more traumatic, but at least it'd happen.

Comment Random collection of suggestions (Score 2) 1836

I haven't seen those mentioned elsewhere so here goes:
  • The ability to subscribe to any given comment (with automatic subscription for your own comments, if desired), sending replies to your inbox.
  • Markdown support. I don't like WYSIWYG, but I also don't like having to write in monospace or raw HTML. Markdown is a great middle ground that's already used everywhere.
  • Remove all of the "Slashdot Deals" crap. This is a tech site, you won't trick the users into buying in that sort of stuff. Also kind of hypocritical to show them even when you check "No Ads".
  • Make the mobile site a downscaled version of the desktop site. The mobile site's comment display is atrocious, its filtering options are barebones, and navigating between stories is annoying because the site takes over page loading and tab history.
  • Hire more editors. I'd like to think that it'd be feasible to get volunteer editors to work here for free, which would significantly reduce costs while increasing quality and turnaround time for stories.
  • Make sure editors actually edit. There should be internal rules to follow (we as users don't have to know them, but they need to exist) and if they are broken there should be consequences. Rules should at least include basic proofreading, making sure the story is not a dupe, clearing out potential confusing statements and, as much as possible, removing bias/spin in submissions.

I like how you're acting on the site already. Please show us that you can make this site great again.

Comment Re:Two simple suggestions. (Score 1) 1836

It's worth pointing out, though, that a lot of the "news for nerds, stuff that matters" articles don't get a whole lot of comments because in the end what causes activity is controversy. If you have a disagreement, a point to make, something to prove/disprove, you're going to be active. If the article is just some nice cool science/tech stuff that's not in any way controversial, you'll have 20-40 comments tops.

I'd rather the articles be weighted on their own merit rather than by how many comments were posted in related stories.

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