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Comment Re:Are the reviews useful? (Score 1) 206

From what I can tell, the app seems to do as it says and helps you move your data to iOS. I think the biggest reason for the criticism is that such an app would have a snowball's chance in hell of being approved on iOS for moving the other way around.

Comment Canada? (Score 2) 280

Um, why would Canada be anywhere near the top? I mean, big cities will have okay coverage and bandwidth, but we still have absolutely egregious pricing compared with the rest of the developed world. That 10Mbit is going to cost you far more in even the most populous downtown areas than it would in a backwater village in Sweden or France. I guess if you completely ignore prices, we'd have relatively good coverage, but a lot of people won't want to pay for it at the prices we have it at.

Comment Re:less password01? (Score 1) 148

Now guess what happens when the system not only asks for a new password three times a year, but also restricts the password to never have been used before and to be exactly eight characters? People find a short 5 character password and append NYY (N = password number, YY = year).

Yes, I have to use such a system. Yes, it's as awful as you'd think it to be.

Comment Re:Quantum Encryption (Score 3, Informative) 113

I still like to take Grover's algorithm as an example of a somewhat mind-bending quantum computing application. Its typical use case is the search problem, i.e. searching for a particular value inside some form of storage like a database, and it can do so in O(sqrt(N)), which is quite simply impossible in classical computing since you have to visit every entry at least once (hence O(N)) to perform a full search. Now, Grover's algorithm is probabilistic in nature, so you may need to repeat the algorithm to determine the correct value, but value verification for such problems is generally simple (since the problems are generally at most NP-complete and NP-completion implies a P-space verification algorithm given a solution) and the number of repetitions is expected to be constant.

Of course, you can note that parallelization legitimately can compete with Grover's algorithm for very large datasets and very large thread counts, but on a purely theoretical level I still find it fascinating.

Comment Re:It takes two... (Score 5, Interesting) 440

Of course, but if you listen to the narrative being peddled by a lot of people (including prominent media and websites), you'd think Jobs was nothing short of a one-man company genius, able to do tech design, aesthetic design, management, logistics, sales and marketing all by himself. The Steve Wozniaks and Jonathan Ives of this world tend to be quickly forgotten when attempting to create the new messiah, which Jobs entirely embraced, and fuck the ones who helped him. As with most large success stories, it involves a talented team and lots of luck rather than a single person magically doing everything perfectly.

It doesn't help that Jobs leveraged people like Woz, who's very candid and even humble, while being a total arrogant prick himself, even as the media try to portray him as an aspirational model.

Comment Re:Dumbest thing I've heard today. (Score 1) 576

The only technology I know that'd let you do something similar to FedEx for humans would be GPS-enabled ankle monitors. You know, those we use to track dangerous criminals and where even then it's rather controversial in most of the (sane) world.

If Christie wants to be associated with that kind of stuff, I suggest he first volunteer for one. I'm sure he'd appreciate everyone knowing how many mistresses he has and with which party donor he goes to eat out.

Comment Re:I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefits. (Score 1) 155

Well, the app does help a great deal, because it's far more convenient, immediate and useful than trying to hail a cab or, heavens forbid, calling their horrible mess of a dispatch service. It's also the first step towards having Uber's other features, like driver ratings (which could theoretically happen with taxis, though a huge amount of drivers would probably fight against that). Newer/cleaner vehicles and pricing are the two things I don't see changing anytime soon though.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 2) 588

A double-blind test only ensures that the researchers and the subjects are not aware of any information that may affect their actions during the test. What is being tested has no impact on whether something is double-blind or not, and likewise for revealing that information after the test.

That test is on the contrary quite revealing, since it correctly decorrelates radio signals from symptoms, thus refuting the hypothesis that radio signals are responsible for the symptoms.

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