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Comment Re:Dumbest thing I've heard today. (Score 1) 571

The only technology I know that'd let you do something similar to FedEx for humans would be GPS-enabled ankle monitors. You know, those we use to track dangerous criminals and where even then it's rather controversial in most of the (sane) world.

If Christie wants to be associated with that kind of stuff, I suggest he first volunteer for one. I'm sure he'd appreciate everyone knowing how many mistresses he has and with which party donor he goes to eat out.

Comment Re:I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefits. (Score 1) 154

Well, the app does help a great deal, because it's far more convenient, immediate and useful than trying to hail a cab or, heavens forbid, calling their horrible mess of a dispatch service. It's also the first step towards having Uber's other features, like driver ratings (which could theoretically happen with taxis, though a huge amount of drivers would probably fight against that). Newer/cleaner vehicles and pricing are the two things I don't see changing anytime soon though.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 2) 587

A double-blind test only ensures that the researchers and the subjects are not aware of any information that may affect their actions during the test. What is being tested has no impact on whether something is double-blind or not, and likewise for revealing that information after the test.

That test is on the contrary quite revealing, since it correctly decorrelates radio signals from symptoms, thus refuting the hypothesis that radio signals are responsible for the symptoms.

Comment Re:Upstart? Scarebus? Comparison to Concorde? (Score 1) 345

I don't see any superiority argument being made by the GP, but I see an awful lot of it being made in the summary. Also, you do realize how incredibly resentful you sound, right? It's like you're jealous of the Euros or something.

Oh, and before you try to pull the same trick on me, I ain't European.

Comment Re:Similar issues in other fields, not a perfect f (Score 1) 118

Problem is, I doubt the actual researchers could do anything about it. If I, as a researcher, decided tomorrow morning that I'd attempt to reproduce results from a bunch of other papers, I'd most likely lose all of my funding and would have no support from my university or research institution. You'd need a full top-down rework of science for something like that to pan out.

It's ironic too because we tend to waste a lot of time trying things that don't work, concluding that they don't work, and moving on to the next thing. If we'd published the negative finding, we'd ultimately save everyone else's time.

Comment Re:How do they fare in colder climates? (Score 1) 904

Electric cars also have a few convenient unintended consequences for winter: since you're not using the waste heat from the engine to heat the cabin, you can instead have high efficiency fast heaters generate the heat. No more waiting around in a frigid car for five minutes while the engine slooooowly heats up!

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