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Comment Re:What is UNUSUAL (Score 1) 269

You can make up whatever excuse you need to feel like the little boy who cried rape, but the sad fact is all you are doing is trivializing all those women who actually have been raped.

... says the guy who says "if she's passed out naked in your bed, then anything is 'acceptable'." The sad fact is that you've defined "rape" so narrowly, probably to excuse your own actions, that you dismiss the vast majority of rapes. What's your next step: "it's not rape if it's by Jack Griffin"?


60,000 Antelope Died In 4 Days, and No One Knows Why 203

An anonymous reader writes: The Saiga antelope has been hunted to near extinction. They've been put on the endangered species list, and they play a vital role in the ecosystems around Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan, where their grazing helps get rid of fallen plant matter, which is prevented from decomposing by the cold temperatures. But earlier this year, a huge die-off hit the Saiga antelope herd in Kazakhstan, felling over 120,000 of them in a few short weeks. Scientists say an entire group of 60,000 died within a four-day span. The cause of this die-off is still a mystery. The researchers suspect some sort of bacteria, and early on pointed to Pasteurella strains. But those bacteria don't usually cause this much damage unless something else has weakened the antelope. "There is nothing so special about it. The question is why it developed so rapidly and spread to all the animals," one researcher said. They're looking into environmental factors, but nothing else seems too far out of the ordinary.

Comment Re:Blindfold Anyone? (Score 1) 155

Take photosensitive paper off of wall.
Place into light-proof envelope.
Open small hatch in wall, which leads to drop box.
Place envelope into drop box.
Close hatch.
Alert the people outside the experimental room that they can now open their hatch, and retrieve the envelope.
They then take the envelope to a photographic darkroom and proceed as normal.

Comment Excited about what deubging Instructions are (Score 3, Interesting) 130

I never heard of deubging before and can't seem to find a Wikipedia article on it?

However, what is stop malware from using this to avoid detection at the cpu level where there is no footprint. It could be used to disable AV endpoint software as well.

Comment Not according to HR (Score 4, Funny) 606

These resumes from India all have 10 years of programming experience in html 5 and everyone of them have a degree in mathematics or cs! It is time Americans also had such backgrounds or we can't find enough qualified workers to do differential equations for Adobe Dreamweaver

Comment Re:Well go substitute teach in inner city (Score 1) 468

I think the root of many problems is people not having any control over what they do.

Sure you do! If you do not like your job QUIT. Go get some training, go back to school, ask for a new assignment at work, go update your resume, etc. You have options. The question is why and what for? Where to run to?

If yo don't ... then that is on you. Go work at your job for 2 years and build references. THen move on if you have gaps.

People are scared of changed too much. My take on this is what do you fear more? Being stuck with a dead end job you hate for the rest of your days? Or fear taking a risk with something new? To me the former is scary than the later. If you decide not to take that jump then you need an attitude adjustment and a kick in the butt and appreciate the job you have. After all you made that choice so make it the right one etc

Comment Well go substitute teach in inner city (Score 1) 468

I did during the days of the Great Recession a few years ago. Brings a whole new perspective on what exactly is sucky :-)

On a more philosophical level for those reading this who hate their IT jobs then what would you all rather be doing? That is where I am at. I say not dealing with annoying users all day and more admin work but I could see that getting old and repetitive real fast.

Would being HR be more fun? How about boring spreadsheets and statistical analysis all day in accounting/finance?

I can't think of anything that doesn't suck sadly. I guess I come to the realization that they call it work for a reason and all jobs suck but it beats the alternative of no job at all right? I keep saying I will start a business but that is a pipe dream. No job is really a hobby. Hey, IT work pays ok and it beats most other work out there as my examples above.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 0) 310


I don't believe there's any requirement to sue in a venue that is convenient for the party being sued. "Venue shopping" isn't unusual here. That's why most patent cases wind up being filed in Texas - Texas is known to be very friendly to the patent holders.

I don't think I've ever heard of or seen a clause in the US that requires all lawsuits to be settled in a specific venue. (And there's nothing to stop you from suing in your local venue to break that clause, if there is one.)

Since this crosses state lines, jurisdiction would be a wide open question. It could also shift this into a criminal case in federal court for wire fraud.

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