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Comment Re:I hate to be THAT GUY... (Score 1) 224

Regarding your points: First, the ship. You either have a rigid ship that stays upright until it won't, or you have a ship on gimbals with some "give" to it. Either way, there's going to be a literal tipping point and the amount of anticipated wind is the guide. Obviously they over-played the amount of atmosphere and thus the amount of wind on Mars, and clearly did so for dramatic affect. Accurate: no. Dramatically well played: yes.

The question of Whatney's survival was substitute narration, as already explained. As for freezing, his suit would have had to have not just an insulating effect but a heater just to be out during the -63C day.

Ruptured lungs is pretty much imploding. His capillaries would also rupture, starting with the ones in the skin and outer muscles and he would slowly bleed out internally, except for his lungs where he would bleed out in about a minute.

He was a botanist, so that he knew about hex without "knowing" hex is neither surprising nor egregious. The better question is why the hell didn't he have any music on his own laptop?

I really thought they explained he pointed the pathfinder antenna at one of the satellites, but I may have misheard/misunderstood that.

Simulating Mars gravity accurately would have meant putting not just Damon but all of the stuff he picked up, set down or dropped on a rig. That would have added considerably to the soundstage costs, which I'm sure were already considerable. Given that the movie was about Mars and not Gravity, I happily give them a pass on this one. They did well with the zero gee simulation on the Hermes, I think.

Sound is also a quibble. Almost everything was presented as being heard through the suit mics. The docking and EVA were bad, in that no one was tied down, and the guy crawling over the ship, while not unrealistically done, would have been better portrayed by using a SAFER pack.

I thought that the huge glass windows in the Hermes were the most unrealistic, unscientific aspect of the movie. Structurally not as sound, and a hazard for both radiation and micrometeoroids.

Regarding the punctured suit, during the incident in question on the shuttle EVA the astronaut was injured and his blood sealed the hole ( http://www.geoffreylandis.com/... ). The bigger question, I think, is how large a hole would be required to produce any usable thrust without being so large that there's no explosiveness to the decompression?

The slingshot and gravity assist were, clearly, not "genius" ideas, but more dramatic substitute narration. Unnecessary, but typical Hollywood, so shouldn't be a surprise. And they lifted a from a lot of other movies than Apollo 13 including 2001, various Star Treks, Aliens, and most directly, Lord of The Rings.

Comment Re:Hardware hack help (Score 1) 224

I have a bluetooth speaker. My phone is paired with it. I can listen to music from my phone or ipad on it via bluetooth. However, due to an accident, the input jack on the speaker (headphone size) is broken, so I am ONLY able to listen to music by pairing it.

Open it up and solder on a new one. If necessary, chop up one of these and solder it on (if the board is too damaged to simply put on a new jack). It's not exactly a hack, more of a mere repair, but it seems to me that if you aren't in a position to repair it, you aren't in a position to hack it either.

Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 1) 337

I use adblock.

My point was I like Slashdot for example to be paid only by ethical ads. To me I am willing to compromise and if a site is an asshole and uses 30 ad networks per page then 100% get blocked and they get no money.

My point of view is it gives sites and ad networks an economic incentive to be ethical by adblock plus allowing only ethical ads with strict criteria with the option to block all.

Comment Re:Can we get a resource here in thread? (Score 1) 337

Not necessarily true.

How adblock plus works is they need to allow acceptable use to be able to display and you can still disable that. This means no full screen ads, sounds, malware, zombie cookies you can't delete in flash, redirects, etc.

Websites still get paid only if they allow ethical ads. I am a fan of this as I do want to pay Slashdot and other sites. It is only fair that I take up their space, time, and bandwidth right?

Comment Re:Time to let it die (Score 1) 337

Sorry, adblock, time to let your product die and we will go on to a product that actually blocks ads

So then. Tell me how it feels to steal from Slashdot? After all that is what you are doing with ublock.

I want to support websites with ethical ads that do not serve malware. Adblock is perfect!
- No annoying video ads
- No sound ads
-No redirects where you have to hit somewhere else to go back to original site
- No malware or sub contracts to any other ad network which usually does not have great security teams to check for malware/viruses
- No zombie cookies in flash that can't be deleted

If Slashdot wanted to be an asshole and use the worst ads with +30 ad networks per click they would get 0 money from me on adblock.
If Slashdot wants to be ethical but raise money. Then they will get money from me on adblock.

What is fair? Hosting Slashdot is certainly not free. Want to pay a subscription instead? I think adblock is perfect and ads a financial motivation for ad networks to be ethical and stop insane tracking and not infecting people with malware for ask toolbars and compromising the security of their systems.

Come on. You can't have it both ways as all you are doing is encouraging HTML 5 ads that can't be blocked or worse HTML 6 mandated DRM ads that can't be turned off where websites on non win32 platforms won't load or something else website owners and ISP's will enforce next to maximize on money. Here is a hint. They do not care about you. Sorry.

Comment Re:Perhaps... (Score 1) 337

Why would you share that link ? The point is YOU wanted a personalized experience. If am going to have to see ads, and on a lot of sites I accept that fact, I'd just as soon see ads in which I might be the slightest bit interested. I am for sure not interested in seeing ads for feminine products or other such items like I do know following my GF's use of my computer. I can honestly say I have never clicked through an ad in my lifetime, but I HAVE seen things which have compelled me to go to a site and check something out.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 112

If you'll read I did NOT call you an asshole, or any other sort of a name, but some resident troll certainly did. I merely stated that if you bothered my watching the movie I'd not argue but ask the theatre staff to deal with you. Personally I don't see a problem if you wanted play cards as long as it didn't distract me from the movie. As for life assistance I don't recall giving any of that either, I am hardly they proper source for that, it would be like the kettle trying to remake the pot. As for Linux distros I use a BSD as a firewall and a Ubuntu for a media server but my regular laptop I use windows 7 for directX games. I have not been all that happy with the Ubuntu though, so in the spirit of your post I'll ask you what distro YOU use. Note : I am too lazy to deal with constantly changing wine. Now onto boats, the only thing I know is they are VERY expensive to maintain, as is consistently said, a boat is a hole in the water in which to throw money. PS I think at that length it is not a boat but a ship. All said and done cheers and have a good day :)

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 2) 336

BofA's viper system is really bad. I called both the bank and cardholder services, as well as opened a Lloyd's of London account and still encountered several refusals, having to call and confirm the note that I had already left with specific itinerary. I just started using my Amex and had no issues from that point on. What is the saddest is that after having returned home BofA refused a local charge because the previous charges had been in GB. They were quick to correct the issues when I did contact them though, and getting ahold of a customer service rep was fast and easy.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 112

LOL no, if I find you do interfere I'd just complain to the theatre folks and they will throw you out, the same way they do to guy in front who won't stop talking to his companion. I am in the theater to watch the movie as with most other people, if you can't restrain yourself for 2+ hours then you need to stay at home and watch on Netflix...

Comment Re:Not just MS Office (Score 1) 136

Here's the specific notice I mentioned,, and they do have beta drivers for the hardware, but not yet for this:

Validation of AU (Audio Units) Plug-ins Fails in Logic Pro X

All Native Instruments Audio Units plug-ins will not pass the AU validation and therefore will not be available in Logic Pro X under OS X 10.11. The root cause of this issue has been identified and a workaround is still being developed in close contact with Apple. We will keep you updated on any developments regarding this issue.

I cannot confirm or deny anything, I'm a humble Windows user and the only NI product I use is Kontakt.

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