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Comment Re:Apple Actually Cares About Privacy (Score 2) 323

Per the Wikipedia page on iBeacon you linked: "The only role of the iBeacon is to advertise to the phones of its own existence at the physical location. iBeacon do not actively push out notifications (other than the iBeacon advertisement frames) nor does iBeacon actively track nearby users."
Open Source

Aquaria Goes Open Source 58

A post on the Wolfire blog yesterday announced that the source code for Aquaria has now been released. Aquaria, an action-adventure, underwater sidescroller from Bit Blot, was part of the Humble Indie Bundle, which was so successful that the developers of four games pledged to release them as open source. This marks the final release, following Lugaru, Gish, and Penumbra: Overture. The source code is available from a Mercurial repository.

Man Accused of Trying To Sell Kids On Craigslist 172

crimeandpunishment writes "You can get a lot of good deals on Craigslist, apparently including children. A New York State man has been arrested for allegedly trying to sell his children on the online marketplace. From the article: 'State Police Investigator Bryan Blum said Joshua A. Stagnitto, 24, was charged with one count of third-degree falsely reporting an incident, a misdemeanor, after a report was made to Monroe County Child Protective Services advising them of the posting on the online marketplace. The posting indicated a person was selling their children. Police said an investigation revealed Stagnitto was the source of the posting.'"

Comment Re:Remember, kids... (Score 1) 491

An doctor, an engineer and a computer scientist were arguing about which was the oldest profession and they had got all the way back to the garden of Eden. The doctor said - "God created Eve from Adam's rib - a medical miracle. Therefore medicine is the oldest profession".

But the engineer said "But God created the world out of chaos - which is a major engineering achievement. Engineering is therefore the oldest profession"

The computer scientist thought for a minute, and then said - "Ah, but where do you think all the chaos came from..."

Comment Re:MKV == critical mass? (Score 1) 206

The average mp4 vs a highly compressed digital cable channel might be equivalent, but the market wants DVD quality without any sacrifice from downloaded video.

As far as the audio situation being different from video, one of the reasons is that audio has been distributed (very near) DRM free and damn good quality ever since cds. So there was made an infrastructure for people putting up pirated versions ripped from the high quality originals.

Video is different. DVD is mpeg2, which isn't all that great, but much of the pirated video out there is reencoded with this as the original source. So to keep a decent amount of quality, you have to use larger file size, even with these superior codecs, because the original isn't exactly spectacular in terms of quality/size. And the industry refuses to put stuff out in anything better than mpeg2 without making it a royal PITA to use. So we're not taking full advantage of new codecs and getting the mileage out of them that we should be. This is changing, but takes time.

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