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Comment: Re:Thanks, Jenny McCarthy (Score 1) 462

by Yvanhoe (#45625471) Attached to: U.S. Measles Cases Triple In 2013

Well, letâ(TM)s see. In March, there were 58 cases alone in Brooklyn, N.Y., tied to a Jewish community that refused or delayed vaccinations. In Texas, a megachurch that preached anti-vaccination views had an outbreak with at least 20 cases. In North Carolina, 23 cases were reported in one outbreak; most of them in a religious (Hare Krishna) community that was largely unvaccinated.

There are usually around 60 cases per year. Religion accounts for more than half the rise.

More to the point, why is this article quoting an astronomer? Why not some real internal medicine doctors.

Because debasing irrational belief is a field of its own. Medical doctors can tell you exactly what happend during a vaccination but this is not the kind of things that help convince people to get vaccinated. A normal doctor of medical researcher will just shrug and stop debatting if faced with the regular anti-vaxx comments.

Phil Plait has spent a lot of time comfronting irrational beliefs and that makes him more likely to become a spokerperson for this case.

Comment: Re:PR Stunt at best (Score 1) 174

by Yvanhoe (#45625451) Attached to: FSF Responds To Microsoft's Privacy and Encryption Announcement
To be certain of not being snooped, you would also need to use open source tool to generate the content you want to send and run that on an open source OS which guarantees that other process won't have access to the cleartext message you wrote.

And here I am assuming no backdoor in hardware or firmware, which in 2013 is quite a leap of faith.

Open Source has a hard time providing the minimum trustable stack (BIOS is the current obvious weak link) and I don't see microsoft doing that any time soon.

Comment: Re:what makes this white hat? (Score 1) 68

by Yvanhoe (#45556103) Attached to: European Parliament Culls Public Wi-Fi Access After Email Hack
You don't understand how abyssmal is the consideration for communication security here. People here really learned from Snowden that NSA intercepts internet traffic. Sarkozy and Merkel were exchanging information through f$cking SMS! MEPs have to be hit repeatedly and very hard with a cluebat to understand anything.

This guy, before being a white hat, was a concerned citizen. Yes, it is more about education and public perception than security research, but we are talking about people who are highly valuable target to lobbyists and who don't understand that their smartphone are not a secure way to receive their emails.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 4, Insightful) 47

by Yvanhoe (#45552257) Attached to: Creative Commons Launches Version 4.0 of Its Licenses
This is one case where competition is bad. It causes license fragmentation without adding anything to the community. CC is for works of art, designed for that and more likely to hold well in that case. GPL/LGPL/MIT/BSD are for software and are more likely to hold well in these cases. You should also consider public domain. It is a tested and proved "license" not very far from the BSD... ;-)

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