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Comment I'll pass (Score 1) 317 317

From the review it looks like real under-the-hood improvements with performance and security are contrasted with a broken mess in the UX department. The new start menu getting amnesia past 500 entries in the menu database coupled with an inconsistent Amazon jungle of differing UI paradigms elsewhere would signal the end of my sanity.

No thanks.

Comment Balderdash (Score 1) 109 109

Do not waste your time reading this. The moron who wrote that "article" is full of shit. Quantum computers can only efficiently solve (i.e. <= polynomial time) a specific class of problems called BQP. NP-hard and NP-complete problems would remain totally unfazed by quantum machines.

Comment "Artificial photosynthesis" is misleading (Score 4, Insightful) 128 128

If I am understanding TFA correctly, this would be more aptly titled "solar powered electrolysis apparatus to feed oxygen to acetate-secreting bacteria on a nano-wire substrate". Bad science journalism. This will not save the world.

Comment Re:The next big bubble? (Score 2) 54 54

The plutocrats are so enamored with these companies because they basically eliminate the concept of traditional employment.

All these "sharing economy" app companies make you fill out a 1099-MISC if you want to work for them so you can be considered a contractor. Classifying workers as contractors is the real reason why these companies are able to drive out traditional competition. It prevents workers from forming unions and frees the companies from having to pay various taxes, workers compensation, unemployment, and health insurance. If the monied interests are able to buy enough congress critters to get this crap fully legalized, then you can bet your ass this style of labor abuse will be coming to a workplace near you.

Comment The real facepalm here is Timmylogic (Score 2) 182 182

Since I printed these labels with the ship date specified as today, it should be more clear if the labels will still be considered valid tomorrow, which is the soonest time that a pickup could be scheduled.

On two occasions I have been asked, 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?' I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.

~C. Babbage

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