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Comment: Non-anonymous comments are worse (Score 5, Insightful) 384

by MrVictor (#45795687) Attached to: Internet Commenting Growing Away From Anonymity
Take a look at the Facebook comment section of any sports article. The caustic comments are still there, and contrary to what they want you believe, are worse than ever. Now, instead of your typical benign flames and trolls you have truly nasty, personal insults aimed at a poster's wife and kids or something. It's truly disgusting. If these sites thought real identities were going to stop this thing, they were sorely mistaken. The masses have absolutely no dignity.

Comment: Re:Food for thought (Score 1) 783

by MrVictor (#45472495) Attached to: Texas Drivers Stopped At Roadblock, Asked For Saliva, Blood

This is why "Stop and Frisk" was outlawed in New York

Stop-and-Frisk was not outlawed and is still very much alive. The closet fascists in the federal appeals court did not like Judge Shira Scheindlin's decision one bit so they had her removed from the case and blocked her decision. This was all based on some flimsy "impartiality" charge.

Comment: Re:Very poor advice (Score 1) 341

by MrVictor (#44490173) Attached to: TOR Wants You To Stop Using Windows, Disable JavaScript
The certificate was not acquired; it was derived through a cryptographic attack on MD5 called a chosen-prefix collision attack.

In short, the authors of Flame forged a certificate whose MD5 hash matched a valid Microsoft certificate and then used this to sign the malware. The big fuckup here was that Microsoft was still using MD5 in 2012 when it was known to be broken since 2004. The moral of the story here is to never use MD5 for anything.

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