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Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 294

Okay, thanks for explaining, but can you address the actual arguments being put forward? Particularly the point about the kinds of weapons used in those crimes not being particularly useful for self defence or hunting or even sport, and thus banning them not being too burdensome. Also the bit about what the limit is on the constitutional right, i.e. where the line is between "pea shooter" and "nuke".

OK, let me see:

People keep shooting up schools and other public places with automatic weapons.

No they don't. Thank you for demonstrating your ignorance.

Such weapons are not that useful for hunting,

I'm going to go out on a limb and say you've never been hunting. If I go by what you actually said, yes, automatic weapons wouldn't be all that useful for hunting. Semi-automatic weapons are very useful for hunting. If you're hunting migratory birds like geese or ducks, a semi-auto shotgun is much better, because, when you have an entire flock of birds coming in on your blind, you want to be able to get your shots off as quickly as possible. Same thing with varmint hunting like prairie dogs. Even with bigger game like deer, a semi-auto allows for a quicker follow-up shot if you miss with the first.

and of somewhat dubious value for self defence...

As said below, self-defense practically requires semi-auto. For home defense against a single attacker, a pump-action shotgun might suffice, but even then, semi-auto would be preferable.

Addressing your actual arguments is rather difficult, because your arguments are based around "Nobody needs automatic weapons - they're just used for shooting up schools." You make an argument based on ignorance and falsehoods, and then point out that I didn't address your points.

As for drawing the line somewhere between pea shooters and nukes - that line should be drawn by someone who actually knows what they're talking about - in other words, not you.

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 294

Okay, I don't live in the US, most of my gun knowledge comes from Call of Duty, so I got the terminology wrong. Whatever the kinds of guns they use are, I'm told "assault rifle" is wrong too. But honestly, if the best argument you can come up with against a ban is that someone used the incorrect name (when the meaning was obvious)...

The argument against the ban is not, "someone used the incorrect name," it's that the people calling for the ban are doing so from a position of ignorance. I don't blame you for this - as with most political issues, there's a lot of disinformation thrown around. In his last speech on gun control, Obama gave indications that he doesn't understand the difference between automatic and semi-automatic, complaining that people can buy automatic weapons at a gun show without going through a background check.

Just for your own education: Automatic weapon - pull the trigger, the gun keeps firing until you let go or run out of ammo. Semi-automatic - pull the trigger, the gun fires once. Then there are pump-action shotguns and lever- or bolt-action rifles, where you fire, then cycle the action to chamber the next round.

Reading calls for gun control from people who know nothing about guns is like reading about calls for banning encryption from people who know nothing about how computers work. To bring the analogy back to the actual article linked: in the same way that you can't eliminate backdoor-free encryption because there is already open-source encryption software available, home workshop gun production means that gun control will never eliminate guns.

Comment Re:Amazing... (Score 1) 169

Still at least it was better than a LONG time ago [Vax and VT220 era] when I saw one person labelling connections by yanking out an RS232 cable from a patch panel, waiting for a call "My terminal's died", asking which room they were in and making up a label and then plugging it back with "I think that may fix it" and getting pathetically grateful responses in return.

Ah, yes... The classic "Scream Test". Don't know what something does? Make it stop, then see who screams.

Comment Re: How very Republucan... (Score 1) 249

Australian translation is particularly difficult. Translating an American movie into any other language just involves either subtitles, or an alternative audio track. The Australian translation requires extensive CGI work to replace any depiction of American beer with something drinkable.

Also, if animals appear in the movie, at least half of them must be venomous.

Comment Re:Parts of 3D Printers? (Score 1) 108

He was probably doing an experiment where various objects were presented to fish to gauge their reaction (e.g. stress level as measured by die-off rate) or using the 3D printer to make environmental obstacles to control the behavior of the fish.

It's certainly possible the fish embryos saw the 3D printer parts and died from hype overdose.

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