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Comment Re:bay of thieves (Score 1) 81

I met someone today who uses it... as a last resort.

I've tried finding stuff there, but unlike eBay where you feel like every third vendor is out to scam you... every single listing feels like a scam. I can't even figure out most of the time what the price is or if the offer is for a product or a picture of it. I wonder if all 400 listings for the same product are from the same company experimenting with names or pricing.

If I need a remote control hopping frog, I'll use someplace else.

Comment Re:It's not just about IQ (Score 1) 307

I was hoping for your post.

"Long term study" "Twin study"... waste of f-ing time... Twins long term have almost no more in common than anyone else. It's not like when they were 4 and mommy dressed them the same and they both had to have the blue lollipop.

I don't smoke pot anymore since my wife doesn't want to be with someone who spend his time getting baked. But it's the only substance that allows me to slow down a little as I'm a little OCD and a little Type-A. A pipe can make the motor stop running for an hour. Of course there are other chemicals, but pharmaceutical cocktails.. event he "harmless ones" bother me since I don't understand what's in them and I'm trusting someone with about as much scientific prowess as the guy who wrote this paper to screw with my mind. So, instead I live at top speed running until the batteries die and once they're recharged, I start again.

The research was utter shit. I would love for stuff like this to be done properly (if it's even possible in medicine... which is highly debatable) so that I might be able to get to the point where I can say "Wife... I was in Amsterdam this weekend and I smoked some hash and watched the crazy people for a while"... instead, while I'm in Amsterdam, I ask the girl at the hotel "Are there any coffee shops around here that focus on coffee and not the other products?"

Comment Netflix has a better model (Score 1) 302

I don't watch broadcast or Netflix. I pay for a subscription to Netflix and also to a cable TV provider (my wife is stubborn and won't cut the damn cord... even though she watches everything from PVR).

Netflix offers all the shows a person needs to watch on a single platform with a single price without the commercials (I think... I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any). I think there are online sports streaming networks as well, though I don't understand why that can't just be recorded and played back as well.

NBC plays commercials and on the rare occasions I am willing to turn on a TV when I'm in the states, it seems NBC does very little to make this tolerable. They sell airtime to anyone who is willing to pay. I know damn well I don't want to feel like by watching a given program, I'm an optimal candidate to advertise gambling websites to... it makes me feel as if I'm some sleazy loser who pisses money away on powerball tickets. I regularly ask my wife "Do you feel comfortable with being targeted as being a member of a demographic that would buy something or use a service because they jacked up the volume and tried to sucker you into thinking that you have a chance of actually winning when it's absolutely obvious the advertised wouldn't exist if they didn't win more money than they lost?".

NBC often has good shows (I think so at least, I don't really remember) but I can't imagine wanting to watch something that has commercials. If their content is good enough, I'd prefer to pay a few bucks a month and not see them.

Comment Let's not forget religion (Score -1, Flamebait) 547

America is full of psycho religious zealots that reproduce like rodents. Europe has a far more mature group of people who actually reproduce responsibly.

Of course the combination of higher population age as well as less working age means people in their prime have to work harder to make ends meet because by the time they inherit from their parents, they are nearly retired themselves.

Comment Uh... Duh... (Score 1) 117

If there is some point or another in which the key is present on the phone, then there is likely a way to use it. The key itself being probably a 3072 bit number itself can't be brute forced or even algorithmically weakened to something meaningful. The user however doesn't type a 3072 bit key each time. The private key is stored on the phone and encrypted with a 8-10 character password which is likely based on the 70 (or so) easily typed characters on the keyboard. So, it's only necessary to weaken the cipher for the key store and brute force the rest. Since almost all mail starts with some form of SMTP header, it is likely a really easy search.

Comment Re:RF? (Score -1) 935

Switzerland has one of the highest gun related death environments in all of Europe. Many weapons found where crime in Europe occurs are traced back to Switzerland.

Read up a bit first :

You seem to be quick to blurt out some NRA nonsense... I don't care if you have a gun.. in America, it's a lost frigging cause anyway... there's no fixing the US anyway.. it's like the wild west mixed with religious psychos... I hope Trump wins... builds a wall and locks you people in.

Comment Re:RF? (Score 2, Informative) 935

Gun ownership is up and gun crime is down has to be the most single dimensional means of thinking I've ever heard of. As if there's a single variable involved... add more guns and less will be used.

1) It's likely the methods we used for measuring gun crimes has changed. ... minor impact to shift
2) Law enforcement has in fact gotten much better
3) The US has placed a measurable percentage of their population into prisons during this time.
4) The criminals are more afraid of getting caught because of mass surveillance, better forensics, etc...
5) Gas stations now have thick bullet proof glass surrounding their cash registers... only in America haha
6) Cash is becoming less common. There is also less than $50 in a cash drawer anymore. The risk vs. the gain doesn't add up
7) The guy in the nice suit one the street has change for a parking meter in his pocket. The teenager with the Nike Airs has a credit card. There's no money to be had anymore from a hold up.
8) Banks have buttons under every counter to call the cops in an emergency.
9) It's easier to simply steal money in large sums through other forms of fraud... why use a gun?

I can go on for a long time... but your argument about more guns = less gun crime is pure stupid. I honestly have no problem with people owning guns for hunting and sport shooting. I do have issues with idiots who think guns are the answer for protection and also think it's really idiotic when people think that if they have enough weapons at home, they can overthrow a tyranny run by a guy with luxury bunkers, armored tanks, drones, etc... it would be like a hoard of flies trying to knock over an elephant.

Comment I cherish the day I left America (Score 2, Insightful) 935

Because of people like you.

Let's start by saying that I'm generally up for a day at a shooting range... I also like shooting pool... same principle but one is less noisy and I've never had cuts inflicted by mishandling a pool cue filled with GSR and oil which burns for hours.

So, you honestly think that companies like Colt, S&W, H&K, Glock, etc... given the incentive could not, within a few years develop a smart trigger lock that would equal the reliability of the rest of their firearm? Are these companies operated by a bunch of rednecks that think adding a memory feature to a calculator means tying a string around their finger?

You probably already own multiple "reliable" firearms. Of course, you appropriately exercise gun safety by storing you firearms in one locked safe and your clips and ammunition in another. You're not some fool who lives his entire life in fear and keeps one loaded by the bed because you honestly believe you can awaken, obtain the weapon, disable the safety, identify your target in the dark... because he/she obviously would choose your bedroom window.. and safely discharge your weapon.... from bed. Only a moron would live their life spending every night fearing for their lives as they slept.

You're here on Slashdot. I hope that means you're a technologist of some type. If that's the case, it's obviously appropriate to question whether the complexity of such a smart gun device would in fact make the firearm unreliable. The answer is, of course it will. Then you should consider that a firearm is not really a reliable device to begin with. In addition, humans are extremely unreliable, those who believe they can operate calmly and properly aim and shoot within a high stress environment, knowing they are likely to take a human life... they're either full of crap or precisely the people most of the rest of us fear more than the criminals since it makes us realize our society has completely failed when such people are becoming too common.

The possibility of taking another person's life should always be a bad thing. It should always elevate blood levels... it should always make your hand shake. If it doesn't, you need "putting down" as much as the other guy. It means you lost something that makes you human.

So... let's go a step further, as a technologist, you also believe this will not stop the criminals and it will be like DRM and simply a matter of googling how to disable the lock and pushing some buttons. There's a difference.

DRM on non-PC devices held up pretty well. Sure, there are people who intentionally bought DVD players with the region locks removed, but they either needed to have the tools required to flash the units or had to have a 3rd party who did do it for them. DRM on a device like this requires a person to :
  1) Have access to the device
  2) Have access to the tools to reach the diagnostic points of the firearm. These are likely beneath some screws at the very least.
  3) They need to have access to debugging equipment. Sure, an Arduino and maybe one extra chip is probably good enough... but you still need one.
  4) They need to have the ability to build the interface, operate it and get it working.
  5) They will also likely need to test it to make sure it works afterwards... that makes noise.

Will someone release "Diagnostics tools" on etsy or ebay or something... sure... they'll be readily available... but like the 7 day waiting period... it gives a person a chance to cool down and think it through. I know as an impulse shopper, I often will buy things I don't need because they're in front of me and easy to get access to. If I have to wait for it or mail order it, I probably will think "Do I really need it" or simply forget about it. Even getting the tools to bypass the lock will add enough delay that it might be enough to let the person's temper cool down.

As for normal criminals, this obviously won't solve that problem... our role is to keep our firearms stored in proper safes until such time as we need them. If you're the type of person that believes that you'll need them for any purpose other than hunting or range shooting, I am glad I don't live where you are. I live in a place with a moderate crime level, one or two shootings a year for the whole country. There's been a school shooting a few years back and it was bad, one of the worst ever. We've all moved on... we're living our lives and we don't fear it happening again because there's no need to. If it happens... and it may, it will happen. That said, we have one of the highest gun per household ratios in the world... we have strict laws requiring guns and ammunition to be locked up separately. We don't use guns in this society for protection. We use them for hunting, military service and range shooting. Over 90% of all guns in the country probably are rusted solid by now.

I did not leave the US because of people like you... but since I've left, I realize how nice it is to not be around people like you.... people who call themselves technology lovers to the extent that they read Slashdot... but would prefer to live in the wild west back when things were sane and there was always someone to shoot if you looked hard enough.

Comment Re: Those who would give up essential Liberty... (Score 5, Insightful) 395

The vast majority of humans are idiots. The difference is, Americans and Englishmen feel they have either a god given right or patriotic duty to basque in the glory of their own stupid.

I have traveled to many countries spending a week here and a week there. Only three countries I've experienced have truly combined stupidity with arrogance to an extreme that I simply preferred my own company... and I don't even like myself.
  1) India : The worst... these people would lie to your face and not even know they had done so. But if it sounds good to them, they'll say it. It seems that they always assume you're either dumber than they are or that you'll dislike confrontation so much, you'll just do what they want to be rid of them. Outside India, I have almost never encountered this behavior from Indian people... except from the fools who spend an hour painting their social status on their foreheads each morning.

  2) US : Close second... this is a place where people glorify all forms of competition to such an extreme that they join religions, political parties, etc... as if they were teams and no matter how stupid their team might be acting at the time, so long as it's their team it must be right no matter how sane and logical the alternative is. 99% of the time, the US can be summarized as "Two wrongs don't make a right, but if your wrong and the other team is wrong, it's your patriotic duty to attempt to dominate the other team and force your wrong on them which in the end makes it right". America is most famous around the world for people who ask "How are you doing?" to be polite but don't bother waiting for an answer. On top of that, America sells the military as if it were a religion and that the soldiers are priests or acolytes.

Where else can you go to in the world, at 18 years old volunteer to sign up for a job which trains you, feeds you, clothes you and places a roof over your head and then also provides you a stipend of disposable cash (ideally for savings, more likely for a car) remaining equal to or exceeding that available to someone who earns $55,000 a year with a university education. In addition, if you wear your military issued clothing everywhere you go, it's not only socially appropriate, but people will treat you like you're some sort of hero and give up business class seats and more to support their troops.

Guys... military is a job... when you sign up, unless you're an absolute idiot (based on the topic of this conversation, most are) you're signing a contract with terms and conditions defining what you are responsible for and what you'll be paid. You have a clearly defined job. If you happen to end up on a battlefield presented with a choice of shooting someone or having them shoot you... or there are bombs bursting in air, this is not heroic... this is as stupid as being on the cast of jack-ass. If you're a fool who believes it's your god given duty to shoot the other guy who also believes it's his god given duty to shoot you, then you're better off sitting down for a cup of coffee and discussing where you went wrong in your thinking and maybe discuss sports or girls.

Let's talk guns... in America it's a religion... a persons right to bare arms is such a fundamental right that to not have at least 5 weapons on you at a given time is simply un-American. What do you expect from a country where people glorify the wild west. I personally enjoy a visit to the shooting range on occasion where I get to try different firearms and spend money for the privilege of wasting extremely expensive bullets to punch holes in sheets of paper at long distances for some inexplicable reason. I can't see ever actually owning a gun as I have no need for one and I don't dislike paper enough to need to punch holes in it at home with NATO rounds. But Americans seem to collect them... it's important to them... their Declaration of Independence demonizes King George the III as a tyrant. This is hilarious because the exact same bullshit they do today. They started a war against an enemy based on inaccurate guesses which turned out to be entirely wrong. It was the British Parliament exploiting their colonies around the world for excessive taxes to maintain their lifestyles of excess and to gain popularity among the voters by forcing colonies to reward their pure English blood. King George III who was little more than what Queen Elizabeth II is, a figure head, not even a puppet, but less important than that... he attempted to use his voice as meaningless as it was against this exploitative behavior by the Parliament. So, the tyrant the Americans went to war against and demonized for eternity in their Declaration of Independence was actually their ally... oops friendly fire.

So what's my point? Americans were intended to be armed in order to :
    A) avoid establishment of a formal military and ensure that the American people were always well armed enough to be meaningful members of a militia
    B) avoid another tyranny by providing the American people with the means to rise up against and over-throw the government if such time came as it was needed.

Strangely, nearly every presidency that the west or the south disagreed with since has triggered such talk of uprising. Texas for example, the gun capitol of the world has internal talks of succession every time a democrat is elected. Now that oil has more or less lost its value... why not let them?

That said, America has a formal military and if any other country can breach the defenses of that military which is so large it's just plain stupid, then keeping a handful of AR-15s in the house isn't going to make the slightest bit of difference.

If the US government chose to disarm the people and establish a true tyranny (not a "mamma took my playstation" kind but a real one) there is absolutely nothing even a town full of gun toters will accomplish against the national guard armed with body armor, drones, tanks, etc... let's not forget the fact that the guard is properly trained, not a bunch of rednecks who pretend to be soldiers in their back yards.

So, the rational reasons for needing guns is simply gone... which leaves the personal defense thing... as I mentioned, I like to punch holes in paper and I'm not even too bad at it... and I can't possibly imagine ever successfully and safely discharging a firearm I could mount on my hip. A gun range surrounded by thick concrete etc... is one thing. A street with open air and wooden houses and glass windows or a crowded movie theater, etc... nonsense... only a fool would try and discharge a weapon in those conditions unless within a meter or less of the target.

3) England ... I already have written a book, but this is the world capitol of road rage. This is a place where people spend most of their time irrationally yelling at everyone. It seems as if the national pass-time in England is to try and convince everyone else they're dumber than you are. It's lovely to feel superior to someone else not because you've worked hard and studied and educated yourself, but because you can find something someone else did and roll your car window down quickly enough to yell out the window while honking about how stupid the other person was for doing it.

Americans and Englishmen share a crazy belief that they believe their opinions are important enough to be heard no matter how little consideration has been placed into establishing their opinions. The Americans are scarier because they prefer not to have their own opinion but instead join a team to have their opinions dictated to them so they can be right while others are wrong.

I can say many things about many countries, but India, America and England are the only places I know of where it's socially appropriate to believe your special and more important than the people around you.

Comment Poorly written again. (Score 1) 440

They bounce back and forth between Sweden and Scandinavia. The fact is, I go to Denmark constantly and while I have a few thousand Danish crowns sitting in a drawer at home, I don't bother. I live in Norway and take out a total of about 500NOK in cash a month for my kids to have some spending money. We were going to get the credit cards, but Norway's DnB and Denmark's Danskebank have both released easy payment apps which eliminate the need for cards now... and nearly everywhere which accepts cards also seems to accept app payment now. I also grocery shop in Sweden quite often (2-3 times a month). The problem there is that you need a Swedish 10 crown piece to use a shopping cart. It's not a rental, instead it's to make sure you put the cart back or leave the 10kr in the cart for someone else to claim when they put it back.

The main issue I have with the article is the piss poor writing about the doubling of electronic fraud without properly addessing the obvious. The massive increase in electronic payments will increase the amount of electronic fraud... obviously... but what's been the impact on counterfeiting? I'd imagine that the decrease in counterfeiting paper money has been approximately equal to the increase in electronic fraud.

Then there's the issue about privacy... All that needs to be done is that the Swedish government says "We won't snoop on you without asking first" and that should be good enough. Generally Scandinavia has self-enforced laws. This means, all you have to do is declare something illegal and people will actually stop doing it.

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