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Comment: Re: Great one more fail (Score 1) 561

by LostMyBeaver (#47911711) Attached to: High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint
Hell... If you spend enough time at the range to actually ensure your skills are satisfactory enough to not be more dangerous than a gun that won't unlock, then maybe it wouldn't be a problem.

I personally also want laws passed requiring that guns used for self protection can't be activated without a corresponding video recording device.

Many of us have no issues with guns.... Only the people holding them. People with your personality are some of the scariest.

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by LostMyBeaver (#47911651) Attached to: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion
Or one could figure that Microsoft has a clear plan to capitalize and $2.5 was worth it to them. They will own a company that has done a better job the last few years on family games than Lego and Nintendo combined. Imagine if they had the resources of Microsoft.

Bash MS all you want, but XBox has been a pretty popular and successful gig. If anything, Sony was idiotic to let Microsoft beat them to this.

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by LostMyBeaver (#47896475) Attached to: City of Turin To Switch From Windows To Linux and Save 6M Euros
First of all... It's Italy. Turin is in one of the few sane parts of Italy, but in the end it is still Italy. I would suspect that the issue will be more like :
    1) Claim to leave Windows for Linux
    2) Use the law that passed in Italy a few days ago to guarantee refunds for the Windows Tax
    3) Buy machines with Linux on them instead
    4) Install pirated copies of Windows and Office on each machine.

Italy tends to operate more like an 3rd world country than a Western European country on most things. I've been there several times and will be there again soon in a few months. I think the only laws which actually stick are the traffic laws and those have items like "If the car has a license plate from somewhere else, it must no exceed the speed limit more than ...."

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by LostMyBeaver (#47896457) Attached to: City of Turin To Switch From Windows To Linux and Save 6M Euros
99% of Windows is exactly the same to the user for Windows 8 vs Windows XP. The only difference is, if you click the start button you get a screen of icons vs. a menu of icons.

After all this time, have you even tried Windows 8 or do you prefer to just comment on it without any prior knowledge?

Comment: Wow!!! Nevada is screwed! (Score 0) 149

Laws should be made against building battery factories on American soil. Even more so, laws should be made against selling batteries unless that same company takes responsibility and completely recycles or reclaims all components of said batteries. Lithium is widely available from used cells, but it's cheaper to buy it new, so they just store it in barrels and produce waste.

How about this? When will Tesla research and deliver on an alternative to non-recyclable tires. Does Tesla have a policy stating they will only use technology which fucks our planet for millions if years?

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by LostMyBeaver (#47885095) Attached to: Microsoft Killing Off Windows Phone Brand Name In Favor of Just Windows
Why not have all platforms on all devices and if I use a wireless thin client to dock a phone which is in my pocket and get a desktop. Add a wireless charger to the chair and I can leave the phone in my pocket. Add hands free speakerphone to the desktop or phone and messaging control to the task bar with caller ID notifications and I can use a Bluetooth hands free.

Make a wide variety of laptop style thin clients which can be docked with or without wires to the phone. Then you can mix and match. The device can last you 5 generations of phones.

There are many things which can be done like this. Intel processors for phones are more powerful than what I had in my laptop 4 years ago. Add enough RAM and enough storage and your phone can completely replace your laptop and desktop CPUs.

There are just an amazing number of options like this. Funny thing is, with technology of Linux like X and Wayland, if there was a desktop which didn't suck and apps which didn't suck for Linux, it could have done this years ago.

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by LostMyBeaver (#47859125) Attached to: Tesla Plans To Power Its Gigafactory With Renewables Alone
Hmmm... I saw the link afterwards... I would like to see a ruling that explicitly requires battery manufacturers to recycle their own batteries and most specifically the lithium. I don't care what it costs. It shouldn't be the duty of the tax payer to clean their mess and based on history, if you don't force it from the start, it'll never get taken care of when the problem is out of control.

Comment: Re: What happened to the core-wars? (Score 1) 105

by LostMyBeaver (#47859071) Attached to: Intel Launches Xeon E5 V3 Series Server CPUs With Up To 18 Cores
I think the changes in v3 probably are able to make the claim of more VMs per for due to memory bandwidth. Of course, then one could say 50% more cores at 20% greater capacity per core (my guess) which would be 65% more VMs per physical server.

I suppose Cisco will release a quad socket, 6TB RAM blade soon. I hope they'll loan me one to try. I was able to run entire companies with VDI on 3 60-core blade with V2, a little slowly, but effectively. 3 72-core V3 blades should be better.

The real problem comes that whether you're using Cisco with 640Gb/sec Ethernet or some aweful Infiniband on HP/Dell solution, I don't see how to get the data in and out of the blade quickly enough to use the cores. :( I wonder if the systems will even have enough PCIe bandwidth to support it.

I am hoping that with these servers, Cisco will support quad-SLI nVidia at some point. VDI is much better when it's 3D accelerated and adding massive numbers of GPU cores is helpful. But if they do, I doubt there will be enough PCIe lanes to handle storage and video.

So... New bottlenecks?

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by LostMyBeaver (#47858969) Attached to: AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough
You British guys keep bragging about your speeds to the Americans. I probably pay less and get over 60 up and down. I'm surprised you can acknowledge packets fast enough on those upload speeds to use your download speeds.

I am not even sure if civilized places like outside of America even use the term broadband anymore. It seems stupid since we don't have a narrow band anymore.

See, codecs allow things like full-HD at 6mb/s and 9mb/s at good quality. Home bandwidth should support at least on stream of Full-HD at -20db SnR. It should also allow some surfing and a phone call.

10Mb/sec isn't fast enough for that. 12-15Mb/sec is.

So, the American system is just broken.

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by LostMyBeaver (#47854175) Attached to: GM To Introduce Hands-Free Driving In Cadillac Model
You're being rude.

This is awesome!!! I've been hoping for years that Cadillac would make a car like this. When the driver falls asleep or simply dies behind the wheel, it should get them home or to the morgue. It simply needs a heart rate detector.

The only downside is it will put the yellow pages out of business finally since Q-tips won't need one to see under the wheel.

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