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Comment: Re:Who is right? (Score 1) 606

by MrNJ (#45716861) Attached to: Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak
logistics vs mail-order is irrelevant red-herring misdirection.

What's relevant is the fact that people voluntarily applied for jobs, were offered jobs and accepted them. Voluntarily. Salary, hours and all.
If they changed their minds and decided they don't like the job, quit.
but no, they want to have their cake and eat it.

Comment: Re:this would never catch on in america. (Score 1) 606

by MrNJ (#45716791) Attached to: Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak

state-by-state corporate legislation works about as well as state-by-state marriage legislation.

That's right. We should have one government for the entire planet. And without saying, you should be the Chair of the planet government. Because you know what's best for everybody Right?

Comment: Re:What purpose does HFT serve? (Score 1) 321

by MrNJ (#45166927) Attached to: Barbarians At the Gateways
1st, I am not a wizard of "the wall street" (sic). Although I did work at FINRA for awhile.

2nd, whether or not an activity serves our economy makes no difference to me. If the activity serves the people who participate in it, that's good enough reason for the activity to exist. If I don't approve of the equities markets, it's trivial for me to avoid it. Just don't invest. That's it.

Comment: Re:Just in time... (Score 1) 112

by MrNJ (#44872953) Attached to: Chinese DRAM Plant Fire Continues To Drive Up Memory Prices
Not just "those on top"
I immigrated to the USA from the socialist paradise and I am not looking back. As far as RAM - I am quite happy that over the last 20 years the density has increased about 1000-fold, the speed has increased substantially, all at the same price-points. It's no coincidence that the improvement happen in the capitalist economy.

But keep demanding "bread and circuses" See how that works out.

Comment: Re:Paying off a subsidy that's already paid off (Score 5, Interesting) 133

by MrNJ (#43684025) Attached to: Reps Introduce Bipartisan Bill To Legalize Mobile Device Unlocking
As an American I needed to unlock one of my phone about 2 weeks ago and my ATT contract was not up yet. I called ATT, gave them IMEI and within a minute they gave me an unlock code. I had the same experience previously. Not once was I denied an unlock request. Perhaps if you have the phone by a specific manufacturer, they don't allow unlocking. But it's not ATT's fault.

Comment: Re:20,000+ people got a free lesson! (Score 4, Insightful) 79

by MrNJ (#43116657) Attached to: FTC Goes After Scammers Who Blasted Millions of Text Messages
I was born in a poor country and came to the USA with little more than a bag of clothes.

My thankfulness goes only to my drive to work full time and study full time in a community college at the same time. That's the only reason I am not poor.
But don't let me keep you from fatalistic, lazy belief that poverty or prosperity are results of mere luck.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.