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Comment: Re:plastic is for junk (Score 2) 266 266

SOME guys went off road - but their trucks looked like they had rolled over (and they had).

Ironically, most of the off-road enthusiasts I know preferred older vehicles because of that reason. A new vehicle getting rolled is a tragedy, while some old truck/jeep rolling is no big deal. And roll overs are a way of life in off-roading (hence why they have roll bars). So it doesn't make much sense to buy a brand new shiny jeep if it might get rolled on it's first outing, it is a better idea to buy an old beat up jeep and build from there.

Comment: Re:plastic is for junk (Score 3, Insightful) 266 266

I see some of them commuting into downtown Chicago for their jobs in the financial district and wonder what went into their decisions to purchase such vehicles.

Conspicuous consumption mostly, with a hint of posering. They see that ranchers and cowboys are seen as manly, and want to be seen as manly too. So they buy a truck, which is what cowboys and ranchers drive. And of course only the latest and most bad ass will do, so it gets the full treatment: Lift kit, over-sized tires, brushguard, fog lamps, the whole works. Of course they will never use even a quarter of the features they bought, but that doesn't matter cause it is all about appearances.

Comment: Re:Maybe, but you won't make it past HR (Score 1) 255 255

In the post couple of companies I've worked at, HR will throw away your resume if it doesn't say Microsoft Office.

Yeah, it is weird how HR types have such a hard on for Office skills. I applied to a job a few weeks back for a security analyst position, they emailed back to set up a phone interview.
Get to the phone call and the person on the other end is asking about my familiarity with everything in Office. Every part of office, by name and asking if I am an expert in it.
Them:"What is your skill level with MS Word?"
Me:"I am familiar with it"
Them: "Would you say you are an expert with it?"
Me:"Yeah sure"
Mean while I am wondering if I am interviewing for a secretary position or something. But nope, that was the initial interview for a security analyst position: how much do I love Office. Seriously, if someone has a career in IT can we just assume they might have run into an office suite or two in their time and move on?

Comment: Re:That's not all (Score 1) 336 336

So google search results are considered proof now?
Oh my this sounds fun.
Hmm, seems that Obama is a muslim, who knew?
and Glenn beck killed a puppy, that rat bastard.
And now I confirmed the illuminati are real, ye gods the truth is blinding!
Damn straight.

Comment: Re:Fear of guns (Score 1) 535 535

Well, since Chipotle has a very well known policy of not allowing guns on its premises, you could point out that you saw someone using a gun in commission of a crime (knowingly going onto the property of someone who doesn't allow guns with a gun is trespassing) and you feared for public safety.

Interesting idea, argue it in court because that is where you will end up. Again, consider you are still plotting a premeditated attack on an open forum. Slashdot may not have the readership it once did, but it is still the internet. Also cmdrtaco may have resisted a subpoena for poster information, but do you think the DHI group will?

Comment: Re:Fear of guns (Score 3, Insightful) 535 535

Let's say you scenario plays out perfectly, you manage to attack a gun owner unprovoked in broad daylight and miraculously end up not getting shot. What then? What will you do when the police arrest you and you are staring down a trial and conviction for assault and battery? More over, what defense will you offer up when the prosecutor cites the post you and that other chucklehead made as evidence of premeditation, bumping your charges up to aggravated assault?

Face it, you and your ilk or no different than a bunch of homophobes talking on Facebook about how you're gonna go gay-bashing later. Just because you don't like something does not give you the right to attack others for it. Grow the fuck up, people will do things you don't approve of but no one made you judge, jury, and executioner of what is right or wrong.

Comment: Re:Ahh (Score 1) 321 321

However part of the ruling says that there were so few adblock users that it was not a serious concern. If adblock suddenly showed up on 90% of all viewers the courts might have to rethink it...

Freedom of speech do not confer a promise of an audience. If %90 of the users are blocking your ads, it's not about them it's about you.
I run adblock open, I don't subscribe to lists because I do realize ads are how a good portion of websites make money. But if an ad is irritating or annoying enough that it disturbs my viewing experience enough I will search out who the provider is and block them. So if advertisers want to reach folks like me, here is a tip: don't be a pain in the ass!

Comment: Re:Unfortunately, this is women's perception (Score 4, Interesting) 295 295

As long as science is mostly male, it will be seen as a mostly male profession.

I didn't know the tautology club was having a secret meeting here. But seriously, you know what could fix this imbalance? Maybe women who have an interest and the knack for science could, I dunno, go to school for it and become scientists themselves? Then it might balance the gender ratio a bit. I mean, it's worth a shot.

Reality must take precedence over public relations, for Mother Nature cannot be fooled. -- R.P. Feynman