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Comment: Re:Bu the wasn't fired (Score 1) 1112

by Mr. Shotgun (#46701449) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

if the company hires black CEO and customer leave because of that, CEO should step down?

From a pure business perspective, if a significant portion of the customer base leaves, then yes. Luckily in this day and age the percentage of customers that would leave because of a black CEO is negligible. Wouldn't it be nice if the same thing would be true of LGBT CEO's?

Comment: Re:Are programmers really this naive? (Score 2) 465

You can use wikipedia but can't read the damn article?

That natal idea, and one of the themes central to all eleven developers agreeing to travel to Los Angeles for the shoot, was the production and filming of a game jam for a televised audience (or at least a YouTube audience) with the intent to document the ups and downs of actually developing a game

TL?DR? Maker pitched a documentary to the developers, then tried to change it into a reality show

Comment: Re:So what was the problem again? (Score 3, Informative) 465

Basically he went on a game show

From the fucking article:

That natal idea, and one of the themes central to all eleven developers agreeing to travel to Los Angeles for the shoot, was the production and filming of a game jam for a televised audience (or at least a YouTube audience) with the intent to document the ups and downs of actually developing a game

The developers agreed to produce a documentary, it was the sponsors that tried to turn it into a reality show. The only drama they were expecting was game crashes and bug fixes, ordinary issues that occur when developing a game.

Also FTFA:

At some point which remains unclear, the show wholly dipped into a scripted reality slant and became less about making a game, and more about creating drama for sake of the audience, less than one day out of the four blocked off for shooting available to sit down and jam. The rest of the program, as it turned out, was filled with arts and crafts, physical challenges and competitive gaming â" once again, totally unrelated to game development. But that wasnâ(TM)t communicated to anyone, and through Polarisâ(TM) local contacts, the developers were signed up and flown out to Culver City, where they awaited their first hurdle in Makerâ(TM)s legal department.

So not only did the developers initially agree to the documentary format, but when the format was changed no one thought to ask the developers if they were ok with this? I am guessing that if they had known beforehand they would not have come. When they did find out they rejected the initial contract and had reservations about the show. This snowballed because of Matti Leshem's attempts to impose branding restrictions and incite drama where there was none, causing the developers to form ranks and reject the show entirely. They decided they didn't have to stand the shit and instead threw it back in the producers faces. and I really can't blame them. Next time the companies want to make a reality show, tell the actors first.

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Small point, you meant to say Minnesota's 6th district which is stuck on crazy, not Minnesota's 5th District who elected the first Muslim to serve in the house of representatives in the form of Keith Ellison. The two districts are close geographically, but very far apart politically.

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Or they outsourced....

You may be joking, but after the initial story broke I did look at their career website to see if they had an opening for a information security position (for the lulz) and noticed most of their IT positions were based in India. Since then they seemed to have reduced the amount of IT positions based out of India, maybe because of this, maybe they filled them. But still seems kinda odd.

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by Mr. Shotgun (#45751471) Attached to: Reuters: RSA Weakened Encryption For $10M From NSA

The NSA is doing everything it can to save your ass.

No, fuck you. You do not save this country by pissing on the document that created it. Violating the trust and privacy of the citizens is not the way to save them. This country was made great by holding to the standards of freedom and justice, although there were missteps along the way. But we tried to hold firm to that which made us great.

But lately it has been acting like a scared child jumping at shadows in the kitchen. They have been selling everyone out and violating every protection in the constitution. All for NOTHING. There is no boogy man in the closet, no monster under the bed. The greatest enemy this country faces right now is this "War on terror", because it is destroying us faster and more thoroughly than anyone else could ever hope to do. And apologists like you are helping them right along.

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Oh it gets even better than that, the husband was the one placing the order. Meaning Kleargear is trying to assert a contract that was never fulfilled ( never delivered the product) using a term that was not present at the time of signing (Non-disparagement was added after) based on the actions of the wife, who didn't agree to anything. IANAL, but I am pretty sure that is against the law, fraud being at least one.

Comment: MN-Presidential wasn't why I voted (Score 3, Insightful) 821

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Went and registered and voted in about 20 minutes. New to the area so had to bring a utility bill. Actually wasn't really concerned about the presidential elections as voting against a stupid amendment that was on the ballot. Minnesota is most likely going Obama but the votes on that amendment are too close to ignore. I have friends and family that are homosexual and I damn sure am not gonna sit on the couch while people try to take their rights away. Granted the stupid law already does that (and I voted against those jerks too) but I do not want it made that much more difficult to get it repealed by making it an amendment.

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by Mr. Shotgun (#41814443) Attached to: Terrestrial Hermit Crabs Learning Social Tricks

We are envious of what you have acquired, therefore we'll all team up and seize it.

You complain that it is socialism, yet I see it as the purest form of capitalism. One is able to influence physical force, which is the rawest from of power to gain what they want. John Ghalt would be proud, the lead antagonist was able to gain what they desired though using whatever means they had. Why do you complain about this? Utilizing the masses to gain what they desired has always been a mainstay of capitalism. The crabs are just ahead of the curve and an example of winner take all society. Think twice about what that truly means.

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