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Comment Re:René Descartes' evil demon (Score 1) 225

There are parallels between Descartes' evil demon and the machines in The Matrix.

We cannot know that we're not all enslaved by a bunch of machines who have created a fictional reality in which we live, completely oblivious to the outside world and actual reality.

From a philosophical point of view; I don't believe we ever can know everything there is to know. Proving we're not in some mind-controlled state or some artificial world presented as nature is impossible.

Comment Re:Neither (Score 1) 90

You might use the web on your phone in a way that makes what you describe make sense. But most people don't. Most people use their phones on the go or where they otherwise want quick access to the important information on a website; where scrolling and zooming around a page to pull out the useful information is fiddly and annoying.

Most people, when they want more information, ie, not the basic mobile view, will use some other device with a larger screen than a phone that is more suited to comfortably viewing more information like a tablet or laptop.

I realise 'most people' probably needs citation. But I'm talking from my own experience as a lead engineer who oversees a lot of very popular ecomm sites for a company that spends a lot of time monitoring users' habits so we can boost conversion rates. 0.1% conversion increase for us is measured in millions, so as a company, we've kinda done our research.

Comment Re:Is it still a clusterfuck? (Score 1) 159

Actually, that's the php4 version. You haven't used any features 5 brought to the language. Specifically, 5 was a massive leap forward in terms of OOP.

A more PHP5-esque implementation would probably use the SplFileObject class.

But no, you're right, what the internet needs is more examples of how to use the language badly. I'm sure I could come up with a dated, not-recommended way of opening a file in $arbitraryLanguage too.

Comment On the flip side (Score 1) 113

If you ever want to do bad, illegal things; you could connect to the free, public part of your router and torrent away. Sure it'd be slow (0.5M) but you can probably leave it always on.

Or for a more elaborate set up, connect to all your neighbour's public wifi networks at the same time and split your shenanigans between them.

Comment I hope it's easily disabled (Score 1, Insightful) 113

I don't want passers by being able to connect to my home router with the hope that virgin's software is secure enough to maintain a distinction between private and public networks.

I currently already have my superhub (official virgin router/modem combo) in modem mode and use my own routers/access points/switches etc for my home network. So I suppose if this isn't easily disabled, I can always give my superhub a tin foil hat so none of its pesky public wifi signals seep out.

Comment What they need to do is be less cheap (Score 2) 59

I bought a 2nd wireless controller for £45 and it didn't come with a cable to charge it. Bare in mind that these are just standard USB cables that you can buy from stores for just a couple of quid - wholesale they must be pennies. When I spend £45 on a wireless device that has no other means to recharge; I expect a damn cable to be included. Stingey gits

Comment Shrinking cars could be better than you'd think (Score 1) 443

If "Shrink and drive through tiny things" means cars can get smaller than the physical space required by their contents (think TARDIS) then I think we'd all be happier. Much smaller cars + roads kept the size they are now = more space to drive and traffic would have less of an impact on travel times. Think of all the productive things people could do if they didn't spend so much time stuck in traffic.

Comment Re:maintenance updates during the day ? (Score 1) 98

Thats not a universal philosophy. If something breaks late Friday night - who's going to be around to fix it? We only push stuff live after vigorous QA & review and we're as sure as we can be that it won't break anything. If it does break something, it's going to be something pretty obscure and we sure as hell want as many engineers around as possible to be available to help fix it or to make the call to rollback if a fix isn't forthcoming. The odds of the small team online late on friday knowing enough about the system to successfully diagnose and fix something obscure quickly are slim. That's exactly why we usually do live pushes during business hours - even if traffic would be quieter at 3am Sunday morning. Out of hours support should be for emergencies only - not for run of the mill live pushes.

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