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+ - Microsoft Responds To Windows Phone 7 Criticism->

Submitted by
gabbo529 writes "Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Windows Phone program management, took time at MIX 2011 to try and apologize for some of the earlier struggles Windows Phone 7 users had when trying to update their OS. He said there was an issue with the phone manufacturer adding software to the phone; something Microsoft hadn't anticipated."
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+ - Microsoft researchers: NoSQL needs standardization->

Submitted by alphadogg
alphadogg (971356) writes "The ever-growing number of non-relational, or NoSQL, databases needs standardization in order to thrive, two Microsoft researchers argue in the new issue of the Association for Computing Machinery's flagship publication, Communications. "The nascent NoSQL market is extremely fragmented, with many competing vendors and technologies. Programming, deploying, and managing NoSQL solutions requires specialized and low-level knowledge that does not easily carry over from one vendor's product to another," the two researchers, Erik Meijer and Gavin Bierman, write in a paper published in the April issue of Communications."
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Comment: Re:But you'll still only be able to find southwest (Score 2, Interesting) 72

by Mortlath (#32779322) Attached to: Google Acquires ITA Software, Regulators May Balk
I have a daughter with a peanut allergy you insensitive clod!

But seriously, since Southwest doesn't clean up between flights (only once in the morning), we can no longer take Southwest anymore. Even if they ban peanuts on our flight, there is too much old peanuts on the seats, floor, and air. Last time my daughter started getting a bad reaction and we had to douse her with medicine to keep it from getting life-threatening.

People don't realize that just a little bit of peanuts around can cause those with allegeries to stop breathing.

Comment: Re:My take as an old time firefox user ... (Score 1) 646

by luckymutt (#32260208) Attached to: Firefox Is Lagging Behind, Its Co-Founder Says
Opera has a plugin system called "widgets" that is quite capable, and the UI is very customizable, such as choosing what you want on which tool bar/area, keyboard shortcuts, customize address bar search and others. What do you want for "real gui modification?" (I mean that as a real question, not rhetoric)

+ - Gun with Wireless Arming Signal Goes on Sale Soon ->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Armatix has built a pistol that will disarm itself when it is taken away from a watch that sends it a wireless arming signal. The 22 caliber guns will go on sale in the US within months, and the initial price is 7,000 euro. Higher caliber models will follow. To activate the gun, users must enter a pin code on the wristwatch, and then keep it within roughly 20cm of the gun. If the person is disarmed, the gun can't be used against them. Also coming soon this year, civilians will also be able to buy three-shot Tasers, rubber bullets, as well as Heckler and Koch black rifles."
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