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Comment Re:Am I the only person... (Score 1) 186

"Imagine if computers had the same capabilities, the same CPU speed, the same RAM, the same form factor, the same monitor resolutions, as they did in 2008 but cost a lot more. Who would still be buying them?"

Yes we would. We get value from them. Bigger and faster is nice, but we wouldn't stop using computers if they stopped getting better. My car is a 1999 model but still gets 37mph, can go 100+mph, AC/radio works, and is drivable. New cars aren't appreciably any faster, larger, more fuel economic, or better, yet cost a whole lot more. But there are plenty of dealerships out there selling them every day.

Comment Security concerns? (Score 1) 269

He acts like buying a $150 hard drive will break the bank and if its not "certified" it won't work in an XP box. Any standard hard drive you buy would work. And you can now get a 5TB drive for $130. That could store 2 decades worth of data or more. I would suspect they may very well be retiring user's desktops that have 250GB+ drives in them that they could get for free, are certified, and would work just fine.

Like most people here, I don't think they need to keep this data forever, but just say that. Don't use red tape as an excuse.

Comment Create an app to detect this (Score 1) 210

Since most people spend 95% of their time at either home, work, or some such place, you'd think there could be an app that lets you know you are connecting to a strange tower it doesn't know about. That app could even have a setting to disconnect if such an incident were to happen. Since these are so secretive, there is no way to know if nefarious types are using them for illegal purposes. This would seem to help keep phones secure from anyone legally or illegally using such a Stingray device.

Comment quickest solution... (Score 1) 479

Lie. Call the 1st level support and tell them it won't power up. Tell them you've tried 3 different plugs and connected it straight into the wall, otherwise they'll have you do it. Then they are out of options and the only thing they can do is send you another one. If someone comes to install the new one and sees the old one powers up, shrug your shoulders and say the spouse put the call in.

Comment Re:Just wondering (Score 1) 227

But you can't easily detect that a device is receiving a signal, only that it is sending one. Plus, even if you could detect it, there are thousands of phones, cabs, and other vehicles constantly moving at a high speed that receive GPS all the time How can you differentiate them from an evil drone? Plus, someone could program a phone to drive the drone, which would look like ... wait.... a phone.

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