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Comment Re:Of course they'd blame technology (Score 1) 259

"And? is he fiddling with the trigger or something? or is it properly holstered and you're more likely to die from a freak lightning strike than it going off?"

Have you never had an accident of any kind? Never bumped into a door, tripped, snagged your clothing on an object?

I would guess that having a loaded weapon pointed at your face 8 hours a day, even if there is no malicious intent, has a higher likelihood of you being harmed than a lightening strike.

This site ( indicates that ~600 people die a year from accidental gun deaths in the US. This site ( shows there are ~35 lightening deaths per year. Guns are fun, but to compare the likelihood of being accidentally shot to being struck by lightening is disingenuous at best.

Comment Re:Fermi and probabilities (Score 1) 140

"If they were truly intelligent species then they wouldn't be going around trying to conquer each other."

That's by your definition/interpretation of being intelligent. For all you know, we are super tasty to them. Most people wouldn't hesitate harvesting fish from the ocean for a meal. What makes you think we aren't just another yummy meal to them?

Comment 3-D? (Score 1) 120

So to summarize, a type of plastic is not bacteria friendly. To make it more interesting, they made an article saying that it could be used as fake teeth. And to make that more interesting, they had to add that it could be 3-D printed. Why didn't they go for the hat trick and say it could be delivered to your mouth by a drone?

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 1) 602

"sue them for violating minimum wage laws"

They would likely just say the severance is a prepayment for consulting services. I could see this being the wave of the future. Why just give money away with severance when they can prepay you for xx hours which they may never need, but if they do they have you.

Really, if you left some place and they said, "Hey, we will prepay you $250\hour for 10 hours of consulting services which we may\may not take advantage of in the next 24 months." Would you take that $2500 or not?

Comment Re: memory loss defence? (Score 1) 602

"Federal minimum wages still apply"

Federal minimum wages only apply if your business deals in interstate commerce. I suspect most attorneys don't. That said, I doubt any attorneys work for less than minimum wage. Also, you can't really force anyone to work 100 hours a week. You can ask, and if they don't you can fire them, but you cant really force them to do it.

Comment It could be worse (Score 1) 398

If rather than ad blocking, users employed an app that downloaded the ads but neglected to render them, the advertisers would be paying for ads that well to null but they could never tell. I bet that could severely hurt the advertising industry if advertisers weren't sure if they were paying for ads that were delivered but never viewed.

If they keep pushing, this is where the war may go.

Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 1) 328

" if someone deliberately tries to run you over with a car, that's vehicular homicide"

What if you are standing behind their car and they try to back out at 1mph so they can leave? Does the fact that you fail to move out of the way classify their action as vehicular homicide? And does it give you the right to shoot them because you CHOOSE not to move? I guess what is in question is what constitutes the ability to "reasonably evade them".

I'm not saying that's what happened, but the facts seem to be sparse at this point in time.

Comment Antiques and collectables (Score 1) 563

Remember when Bones got Kirk the antique reading glasses because Kirk is allergic to retinax? And he noted that Kirk liked to collect antiques. Well, even with replicators, there is a limited supply of antiques. So if/when people wanted to connect "real" antiques, they would need a way to coerce those who possessed them to give them up. Hence something akin to money would be required.

I can imagine other uses. If someone wanted a servant to assist them with cleaning house, getting dressed, keeping them company, wiping their ass, etc; money may also be required. Robots and volunteers may serve some functions, but I can't see them doing everything without some form of compensation.

Comment everyone agrees it doesn't work (Score 1) 281

Perhaps some projects can be broken down into component, but there is a point that they can't anymore. If it takes 5 people 5 months, then perhaps 25 people can get it done in 1 month. But there are limits. I don't think anyone who has ever worked on a project believes that you can then put 750 people on most projects and get them done in a day. Sure, its possible if the task is trivial, but most aren't.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

That link has the US at #13. But it does seem to be the most 1st world country with this problem. In contrast, the Ukraine is #62 and Zimbabwe is #66. If only the US could match up to the uber standards of those ultra civilized nation states.

Rank Country Total
1 Honduras 64.8
2 Venezuela 50.9
3 El Salvador 46.85
4 Jamaica 39.74
5 Swaziland 37.16
6 Guatemala 36.38
7 Colombia 28.14
8 South Africa
9 Brazil 19.03
10 Panama 17.6
11 Uruguay 14.01
12 Mexico 11.17
13 United States 10.64

Comment career advancement (Score 1) 162

" with little room for career advancement"

Most jobs have few possibilities for advancement beyond going into management. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Its not like brain surgeons are bummed out they can't be something better.

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