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Comment everyone agrees it doesn't work (Score 1) 278

Perhaps some projects can be broken down into component, but there is a point that they can't anymore. If it takes 5 people 5 months, then perhaps 25 people can get it done in 1 month. But there are limits. I don't think anyone who has ever worked on a project believes that you can then put 750 people on most projects and get them done in a day. Sure, its possible if the task is trivial, but most aren't.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1161

That link has the US at #13. But it does seem to be the most 1st world country with this problem. In contrast, the Ukraine is #62 and Zimbabwe is #66. If only the US could match up to the uber standards of those ultra civilized nation states.

Rank Country Total
1 Honduras 64.8
2 Venezuela 50.9
3 El Salvador 46.85
4 Jamaica 39.74
5 Swaziland 37.16
6 Guatemala 36.38
7 Colombia 28.14
8 South Africa
9 Brazil 19.03
10 Panama 17.6
11 Uruguay 14.01
12 Mexico 11.17
13 United States 10.64

Comment career advancement (Score 1) 162

" with little room for career advancement"

Most jobs have few possibilities for advancement beyond going into management. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Its not like brain surgeons are bummed out they can't be something better.

Comment Re: An interesting option (Score 3, Interesting) 149

If the goal is to build a habitat in extreme cold conditions, I'm sure Alaska has plenty of places to build it. Before we likely spend trillions of dollars sending a body to mars, I'd like to see a self sustaining habitat on Earth last for at least 10 years. And have it be one that is the same size and contents as would be buildable off planet. And it would be even better if they were able to do more than just survive.

As I've said before, even if we totally trashed the earth, it would still likely be more habitable than the moon or mars or anywhere else we could go to. I suspect a post-nuked earth would be more human friendly than dwelling on another planet.

Comment 1/3 NASA yearly budget (Score 1) 146

So you could take about 1/3 of NASA's yearly budget and recreate it all from scratch. Just think of what could be available if NASA was defunded for 5 years and that money went into a national open source development project where everything created would be free to the world.

Of course, imagine if we did the same with 1/2 of the US military budget. I suspect you'd run out of developers to hire before you ran out of money. And the pay for developers would be higher than airline pilots.

Comment Re:Does this work out for the driver? (Score 1) 145

"IRS say 57c per mile"

Just because the IRS allots 57c/mile doesn't mean that it actually cost that to run a vehicle. I'm not saying you'll get rich driving your own vehicle, but if you're willing to drive a cheap fuel efficient car into the ground, you can make ok money being a delivery person.

Comment Re:It's simple (Score 1) 211

"You can only tax those things to just before the point where it becomes worth it for organized crime to get involved"

I agree, but you could probably tax alcohol and tobacco more before you reach that point. And as you increase taxes, consumption should decrease. Then you have more $$ to take care of less users. If its $10/pack for cigarettes, I'm sure less people would smoke, and most smokers would smoke less. The biggest roadblock would be the tobacco and alcohol lobbyists and not knowing how high you can go before you have a black market.

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