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Comment: Re:It's not a networking issue. (Score 2) 375

by MooseTick (#49739441) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Solve a Unique Networking Issue?

"Are you paid by the hour? If yes, what the actual fuck are you thinking?"

Perhaps he is thinking he can get a week's worth of work done in 2 hours. Assuming he didn't bother telling anyone about his new technique, he can now go play golf or nap the rest of the week while the boss thinks he is "hard at work".

Comment: Re:edu-babble (Score 1) 352

by MooseTick (#49568853) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

Yay for you. You were so smart reading, writing, and doing long division at kindergarten age. If only everyone else was so brilliant.

The reality is, many parents don't have those basic skills. And many more don't have the skills to teach that knowledge. Does that make them bad people? Does it matter? Should their kids be taken away from them for not (or not being able to) teach a 5 year old long multiplication (???)? I would say not. They should be giving a chance to learn basic skills needed in society even if their parents are incompetent, lazy, idiots, or god forbid, can't code. Otherwise, they will be out on the streets when they are older begging for change, selling pencils, or sticking a knife in your kidney and grabbing your wallet.

Its not natural or obvious how to use the three seashells. School is there to teach that.

Comment: Re:What is possible vs. what is useful (Score 1) 117

The ability to make a clear plastic door could be handy, except you said it "came loose, feel on the floor, and cracked beyond repair". How would you take a picture of that to create a replica? Or would you take a picture before you break any/every random object in your life?

Comment: Re:call the library ? (Score 1) 246

by MooseTick (#49415633) Attached to: Watching a "Swatting" Slowly Unfold

If they are police and not librarians, how would they know what question to ask and what the correct answer would be that only a librarian would know? And even if they had that prepared ahead of time, what if the original call came from a hospital, or a Best Buy, or Taco Bell? Should they ask what are the ingredients in a Nacho Bell Grande? Then when the terrorists get it wrong, they will know to go in guns a blazing!

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