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Comment Re:Don't buy it! (Score 1) 65

If memory serves, Theatre commanders who received information via Enigma were required to 'confirm' the information.
e.g. If a convoy was due from Italy to North Africa they sent a reconnaissance flight out.

This was to provide plausibility in that the Germans could reason the attack was due to being found by conventional means by the Allies rather than code-breaking.

Comment Re:Taxi licenses are crazy expensive (Score 4, Insightful) 334

New Zealand liberalised its taxi system about 25+ years ago. The Gov't allowed anyone to setup a taxi company who had the appropriate car licence endorsement, log books and passed a vetting process for its drivers. etc.

Uber have shown up and decided that they do not have to have vetted drivers, log books etc. 'cos they are Uber!
The Police are investigating.

The barriers for entering the NZ market are quite low but even then Uber do not think they should apply to them.

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