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Mate, this matters to New Zealanders! For 20 years our national symbol has been linked as a descendant of the Australian ratites, coupled with our national inferiority complex (see below) the psychological impact has been devastating. Now we are free to clomp around with the flightless chicken-sized kiwi free from any Australian associations.

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by MoaDweeb (#42244757) Attached to: Pirate Bay Founder Released From Solitary Confinement
Tax Avoidance = Rich people. i.e Sending money to the Cayman Islands and having it come back as Capital gains. Tax Evasion = Poor people. i.e. Taking cash jobs and not declaring the income. Avoidance is the LEGAL minimisation of taxation due, evasion is the ILLEGAL minimisation.

+ - GCHQ chief expresses regret at treatment of Alan Turing->

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MoaDweeb (858263) writes "The Guardian reports that the current Head of the UK GCHQ, Iain Lobban, told a Leeds audinece that
  "We can't rewrite the past," he said. "We can't wish mid-20th century Britain into a different society with different attitudes. We can be glad that we live in a more tolerant age. And we should remember that the cost of intolerance towards Alan Turing was his loss to the nation."...

"But Turing was not an eccentric, unless you believe that there is only one way of being normal and to be otherwise is to be peculiar. Turing wasn't eccentric. He was unique.""

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If the PM cuts Banks free then he will either have to rely on the Maori Party for support of legislation, that would be make for a difficult 2 years with the water-rights issue etc boiling away. It would give Pita Sharples a chance to prove he is not senile though.

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You earn $100K in NZ your marginal tax rate is 33c which kicks in at $70K. The other main source of Govt revenue is GST (sales tax) which is now 15% thanks to the National Party Government. There are few exemptions from GST (interest, rent & mortgages. Exports are zero-rated) so the lower paid sure pay their whack.

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