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Comment: Re: How does one tell the difference? (Score 1) 103

by MoaDweeb (#49745859) Attached to: Oldest Stone Tools Predate Previous Record Holder By 700,000 Years

AFAIK they look at the rock to determine whether the apparent knapping of the rock (striking it with other rocks to make sharp flakes come off) is by natural processes or not.
The effects of geologic processes etc. differ from the effects of an ape-man with some hand-eye co-ordination.

Comment: Re:Hate for Uber (Score 1) 132

by MoaDweeb (#49642623) Attached to: Voting With Dollars: Politicians and Their Staffers Roll With Uber

This argument may be valid in some jurisdictions but not all even in the US.
Here in New Zealand the taxi industry was deregulated some 20+ years ago. Requirements are an appropriate level of licence, police check and a vetting by the govt. Transport Authority that you have the right structures, log books etc.

No monopoly exists to any one firm in any major city but the pre- existing firms have maintained their dominance in the main: e.g. Auckland Co-op, Black & White Cabs (Wgtn). Why? Better service and fewer horror stories of ex and current rapists etc. driving cabs.

The regulation that exists is mainly for the protection of customers and being able to ensure the vehicles are safe, drivers work no more than the maximum number of hours and so on.
So, a light handed regulation mix and Uber will not comply as they are 'not a taxi business', the NZ Police are prosecuting them because they are.

Comment: Re: I like this guy but... (Score 1) 438

by MoaDweeb (#49588767) Attached to: Rand Paul Moves To Block New "Net Neutrality" Rules

Compare the policies of the Democrat party with those of the Conservative Party in the UK. The Tories are left of the Democrats, that makes the Democrats a right-wing party and the Republicans further out than Genghis Khan.

It is the same in other '5 Eyes' nations such as New Zealand and Australia. Our right wing parties (National & Liberal/ National Coalition respectively) are left of your so-called left-wing party.

The USA is the outlier, not everyone else.

Comment: Re:Reason: for corporations, by corporations (Score 1) 489

by MoaDweeb (#49443739) Attached to: Reason: How To Break the Internet (in a Bad Way)

In NZ it is from the 'white gold' of dairy farming enriching about 5%. Ohh and property speculation, but that has been the main backbone of our economy since 1870's.

More publically funded irrigation + more fertiliser + heaps more cows = increased nitrate runoffs + dead rivers and lakes.

Capitalism is awesome.

Comment: Re: Go California! (Score 1) 139

by MoaDweeb (#48576767) Attached to: California Sues Uber Over Practices

, look to the third world where companies put melamine in their food to artificially inflate the protein count and fake baby formula with little to no nutritional value gets passed off as legit.

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. In 2008 the NZ dairy corporate Fonterra had a Chinese subsidary (Sanlu) in which they had a minority interest (less than 49%) that produced baby formula. The subsidary had supply from local farmers who would get increased payouts with milk with more protein in it. These local suppliers found that melamine was a good way of 'supplementing' the protein count; this was not detected as no Dairy company (at the time) tested for melamine as it is usually used in making benchtops etc (amongst other things I think) and normally does not come anywhere near the dairy supply chain. So, no, the 'evil corporate' did not intentially poison its consumers, the dodgy suppliers did. I am no shill for Fonterra, in NZ we have serious issues with freshwater deregradation due to intesifying dairying which Fonterra is accused of reacting slowly to.

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