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Comment: Re:Titan needs some freedom and democracy, me thin (Score 1) 82

by Mister Transistor (#48620713) Attached to: Spacecraft Spots Probable Waves On Titan's Seas

Awww, you're so cute when you're trying to act all grown up like that.

I'll name one thing wrong - you posted at all. People like you do nothing but exacerbate problems. You take a joke and turn it into seething political flamebait, spewing the Fox News Greatest Hits soundbytes as you go. Do you think YOU added anything but bile and hate to the conversation? It was about astronomy, in case you forgot and were distracted by your own stupid, unnecessary commentary.

Spare us next time you get the urge to post, and just fuck off, AC troll.

Comment: Re:Dangerous faking (Score 1) 130

And what happens to you when you sell fake dope to the mafia? You get taken out, kind of like, you know, what happened to them? *harumpf* *cough*... Maybe Kim Jong Un got pissed he wasted an hour downloading a file full of anti-piracy ads!

The whole lame-brained idea of dilution of the "stolen" or "illegal" product, so "buyers" won't know if they are getting the "genuine illegal" product or not is not going to stop anyone, and usually people with half a brain will know approximate file sizes, so they won't waste their time trying to download a 3 GB MP3 file... Duh...

Comment: Re:Mesmerizing (Score 1) 433

by Mister Transistor (#48597511) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

They were used on belt-driven tables, too. I have a Thorens that is belt-drive and it has a strobe.

Actually the grid frequency is very stable, it has to be, so that generators going on and off-line don't fight for dominance against the "inertia" of the grid (a Bad Thing). Any variation in the grid frequency would cause a change in the strobe speed, not the turntable speed, but would give (very slightly) incorrect readings due to that. However, the grid varies only +/- 0.1 Hz on the average, so that tiny difference would not be noticeable by most people. With a scope or a frequency counter, maybe...

Comment: Re:Mesmerizing (Score 1) 433

by Mister Transistor (#48597473) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

Usually, not. The cheap idler-wheel and C-Frame motor (think BSR) turntables had AC synchronous motors, and could not have their speed adjusted short of changing the AC electrical grid frequency, and that ain't gonna happen. Those were fixed speed, but had different "gearing" ratios to provide multiple speeds.

Comment: Re:I like my men in vinyl whilst having the homose (Score 3, Informative) 433

by Mister Transistor (#48594503) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

Not to mention how the hell are we gonna clean weed on CD covers or iPods?

You could de-seed a whole oz. in 5 minutes on a good double album and a card back in the day.

But then, the weed today isn't half seeds like it used to be, either...

Comment: Re:Neat! (Score 1) 19

by Mister Transistor (#48586773) Attached to: Tour the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum (Video)

Likewise, welcome! We hams have so much to keep us busy these days, with SDR, digital voice modes, internet linking and relaying, etc. There's lots of overlap from the IT world, as computers are playing a much larger part in the ham radio world these days. There is still the antique brigades, too - they still get goose bumps working some far away land on 5 watts using CW (what real hams call the code). Then there are the VHF/UHF/Repeater types like myself that like playing with the latest $7000 government/military/public safety radios. Then, there's the weather spotters, SkyWarn, ARES and RACES services. Basically, there are so many facets to Ham radios nowadays, there is something of interest for just about everyone. Congratulations!

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