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Comment Re:Bringing a hoax bomb to school is illegal ... (Score 1) 742

It was a different world.

I carried a pocket knife daily from getting my first one early in cub scouts until they put in the metal detectors at there courthouses, and it was too much hassle to check in the knife, and check it back out, three times a day. (They can't be checked anymore, anyway).

In the 1970s, there was nothing unusual or noteworthy about a little boy with a knife in his pocket at school; it was the norm.


Comment Re:Well, at least they're hard to retaliate agains (Score 1) 488

>interfere with their social media recruiting,

Say, by revealing that 30% of the time, that the wives, sisters, and mothers of ISIS recruits are raped while gone? That their sons are frequently subject to homosexual rape and captured to raise swine? And that ISIS leadership is hiding this from the world?


Comment Re:Dear Anonymous... (Score 1) 488

Nothing effective?

How will its followers react when an expose shows that the actual source of their financing is from, say, pork farms or trading? That a certain leader is Jewish, or female? That a jihadi's home village was just destroyed that other tribe, after recruiters tricked him and his fellow tribesmen into leaving?

There is *plenty* that can be done with mere information, true or not.


Comment Re:Political correctness has no bounds (Score 1) 125

We always made sure we had cars & trucks & shovels & such for our daughters. but they didn't get used much.

One day we saw them playing with the garage & cars, and got closer.

"This is the mama truck" said one.
And her sister picked up another, and replied, "This is the baby truck"

we gave up.


Comment and the use of "doctor" . . . (Score 1) 568

And the use of "doctor" in the western world predates the medical usurpation of the term by millennia . .

The moder MD is a "watered down" doctorate: in the classical use of "doctor," it referred to someone who had both acquired and contributed to knowledge. The MD dropped the latter.

The tradeoff is that an MD is far less likely to kill you than their predecessors . . .

The MD stating that "I am a real doctor" is merely amusing and shows his lack of education . . .

hawk, a real doctor, not a physician.

Comment Re:no wonder (Score 1) 187

>The worst was whether or not a stone kicked by a
>lawnmower would have the same power as a .357
>magnum pistol round.

There are definitely other candidates. Like the 5 second rule . . . *culture* the dropped chip's bacteria?

Uhh, yeah, right. How about waiting five seconds, putting it a solution with the acidity of stomach acid, and seeing what you get . . .


I've got a bad feeling about this.