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Comment: Re:Well there's the problem... (Score 1) 88

by drinkypoo (#49775113) Attached to: Court Orders UberPop Use To Be Banned In All of Italy

If you want to fix the streets of New York City, implement better public transportation. New York could use a nice bus system.

New York is also probably the only place in the USA with both sufficient population and population density to justify alternative transportation schemes. How about some overhead transport? Lots of room up there.

Comment: Re:Bats don't control mosquitoes (Score 1) 69

by drinkypoo (#49775103) Attached to: Bats' White-Nose Syndrome May Be Cured

Considering one of the pieces of the Gates Foundation anti-malaria campaign is sterile mosquito introduction in an effort to eradicate the local population I think you're a bit off there.

Sterile mosquitoes are well-known to only retard the problem as long as you're doing it. It will require more severe measures to eradicate the mosquito.

Comment: Re:Bats don't control mosquitoes (Score 2) 69

by drinkypoo (#49774031) Attached to: Bats' White-Nose Syndrome May Be Cured

There appear to be absolutely no creatures which subsist primarily on mosquitoes, but nobody knows for sure. The problem is that you have to analyze stomach contents to find mosquitoes, you can't just analyze some mosquitoes to find out who eats them.

As far as anybody can tell, though, we could lose mosquitoes entirely with no big secondary effects. So let's get on eradicating those fuckers. Way more important than anything the Gates foundation has claimed to do.

Comment: Re:article correction (Score 1) 107

by drinkypoo (#49774017) Attached to: Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Named Chief Design Officer

Ive didn't design the iMac, that was the same guy who designed the DeLorean DMC-12.

Astonishing. One of the best-loved, most cute and cuddly designs around, versus one of the most-hipsterized, ugliest fucking cars ever made. The DeLorean is fractally ugly. The closer you get to it, and the more details you check out, the uglier it gets.

Comment: Re:Are they LEOs (Score 1) 96

You and I are already shitbags. We all stood by and let our govts invade a sovereign nation and assassinate a foreign leader without a fair trial.

I refuse to feel bad about that, because I have zero chance to change it while the majority still believes the lies. I do what I can to wake my neighbors up to the facts, because without them, there can be no popular uprising.

Comment: Re:did they damage the car? (Score 3, Insightful) 399

by drinkypoo (#49771217) Attached to: D.C. Police Detonate Man's 'Suspicious' Pressure Cooker

You can certainly unintentionally confess to a crime. Never talk to the police except through your lawyer.

Thank you, Mister Rockefeller, but what about all the poor schmoes who don't have a lawyer on retainer? They shouldn't have to worry about being shaken down by the cops, either.

Comment: Re:no power (Score 2) 366

If you swing for IT and miss, what are you going to do for a living? Phone support? Telemarketing?

If you swing for some real vocation and miss, like say smog tech or doctor, you can still fall back as something else, like a normal bolt-breaking mechanic, or a weed doc.

I don't know what the female equivalents are, it's probably sexist even to just suggest such a thing. Not a lot of women going into smog though

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