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Comment: Re: Oblig (Score 1) 660

by KGIII (#49369231) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

If your description is accurate then that deserves a day in court, some public apologies, maybe some jail time (simple assaults are usually just fines or MAYBE a weekend in jail), and a loss of his job. He should also be blacklisted from the industry but that isn't going to happen. He'll have a new job in a week if he wants one. Ah, as you said, to be famous...

Comment: Re: Oblig (Score 1) 660

by KGIII (#49349293) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

A secret, or not so secret I guess, part of me hopes that it went down like that or in some other spectacular way. He does seem to type to not let a good crisis go to waste and HOPEFULLY took full advantage of the opportunity to really tee off on some of the things that he was unhappy with besides catering. Hopefully stories about dead hookers, rampant drug use, and pictures of the producer in VERY non-politically correct and VERY compromising are also released.

It would not only make my day, it would make my month. And, more importantly, I don't care what Clarkson did - it is catering and certainly petty, it will make things even on the scale of true human justice. The only reason you get fired for something to do with catering (unless you are raping them or something) is because they are looking for an opportunity to get rid of you. That's the only reason I can think of at any rate.

Comment: My Late Recommendation... (Score 1) 295

by KGIII (#49324149) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Advice For Domain Name Registration?

I just noticed this question now. I have used since they were pretty much a brand new ICANN listed registrar. IIRC they were actually just a domain name reseller (through Tucows or Twocows - can't remember how to spell it) way back when and then they moved up the ladder and became actual registrars. That would be when I started using them a great deal.

Comment: Re:There's only three plants. (Score 1) 417

by KGIII (#49320715) Attached to: How 'Virtual Water' Can Help Ease California's Drought

Stupid question time... Sorry but I must ask.

Umm... Why not save the salt and sell it to off-set the cost of running the plant? People pay good money for sea salt. At that point it should be pretty easy to clean, process, and dispense it, yes? It seems to me that not returning the high salinity water but just using natural evaporation for the remainder (waste product???) and then marketing it would be a viable solution. I may be VERY wrong but I have to ask. That's more than one dumb question but oh well...

Comment: I know it is a bit late in life... (Score 3, Interesting) 186

by KGIII (#49211695) Attached to: Number of Legal 18x18 Go Positions Computed; 19x19 On the Horizon

However, I think I'd like to learn to play this game. I played chess at an amateur level and did rather well at it during and even after college. I don't know if any of the skills transfer but I've been told that the mentality transfers. Being able to look a half dozen or more moves ahead and being able to picture all the moves my opponent can make are, as I have been told, something that does transfer.

Comment: Re: Kind of.. Big dig (Score 1) 481

by KGIII (#48989557) Attached to: DOT Warns of Dystopian Future For Transportation

Good point and I amend my statement to include, "Do NOT use the Big Dig model as your reference or as your influence. Also, don't be cheap, pay for proper studies, vet them, and use good engineers who have done this work before."

As for rail? I can now drive down to Portland and hop a train to Boston to catch a Bruins game. It is, by no means, high speed though. The Big Dig was a horrific project and, yeah, I suppose you may be right in that that's what government projects will result in. We *can* do better though.

Comment: Re:Kind of.. (Score 1) 481

by KGIII (#48989473) Attached to: DOT Warns of Dystopian Future For Transportation

California had subways. Their inclusion will be no more catastrophic than without when the big one hits so that is a moot point. Seriously, they had them. I don't recall if it was the automobile companies or the oil companies that bought them and closed them (watched a documentary on it once but it was quite a while ago) but they had them then. That and we've gotten pretty good at making things withstand quite a bit of abuse. They have subways in Japan which is more tectonically active than California. So, yes, put in subways but be smart about it and don't be cheap.

Comment: Re:0 hours to 0 hours (Score 1) 244

by KGIII (#48985545) Attached to: Over the past 10 years, my TV-watching has..

Pretty much the same here though I don't rent DVDs as I have yet to find anyone renting the material I want to watch. I pretty much only watch educational material and usually in the form of documentaries. The Red Box machine thingy didn't appear to have a single educational DVD in it. It was the same at the (now long closed) rental stores in the area. I do watch, I tend to binge watch, some television that's entertaining but I normally just stick to something that's going to make me a little more in touch with the world around me. I like science and history documentaries best so I frequent YouTube and Netflix. I can't deal with the ads - even with a paid account - from Hulu so I don't give them money any more. I did for two months as I recall and found it worthless.

Time-sharing is the junk-mail part of the computer business. -- H.R.J. Grosch (attributed)