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Comment Re:Marketplace Justice (Score 2) 108

Until someone manages to get on TV and show how easy it is to spy on children that way, then you'll see consumers demanding security.

Doesn't seem to have happened, News articles are already popping up over it, and nothing is going on. It'll likely take either a very serious case(death, kidnapping, etc) to happen, or government regulators stepping in and requiring proper security certification on networked devices. I expect that if there's even a hint of that happening a self-regulating body will suddenly spring into existence by said companies though.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 143

Editors are allowing things like Gawker, The Mary Sue, twitter and random blog posts as factual information. Even going as far as allowing citeogenesis to reinforce topics as "high quality factual information." I linked this up a few posts, read it and that's how bad it's getting even on non-controversial topics.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 143

Who uses Wikipedia as a trusted source?

Trusted? Never said that. The problem is there's a lot of special interest groups pushing their versions of events. Even quick facts about something even on non contentious topics is becoming a problem, want to see why? It's crap like this, even when easily disproven.

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 197

Sure seems like shit huh? Of course it's not bad for a 2 year old machine now is it. And I am testing the new 15.8 beta drivers, and can't be bothered to install the previous beta. The new ones have an occasional hitching problem. I figure sometime mid next year or late next year I'll have to upgrade, unless the hardware coming out really doesn't strike my fancy.

So yeah, you still want to give me that money?

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 197

Ever heard of the saying "A penny saved is a penny earned"? Well that applies to pretty much everything, including RAM.

Tell me, how many artificially required background processes do you have running? I bet your computer runs like shit compared to how it would run if it were clean.

Get more RAM then. With 8GB I don't have problems, and how many artificially required background processes do I have? 36 or 37, none using CPU time, but are used for gaming. Oh and running like shit? No. Windows boots in 14 seconds, and applications start up immediately, including most games. See there's the difference between someone knowing how to set something up, and believing that that because something is running as a background app--it's automatically a resource hog.

So, I'll provide my paypal if you want and you can hand me over the money for losing that bet.

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 197

Maybe you should upgrade your PC? I understand that 38.5MB is a lot of ram and resource hogging when you've only got 128MB in total, but that's your own problem.

On top of that I've yet to actually see any kind of serious conflict with steam. The biggest problem usually comes from older games and the overlay which may or may not work properly due to how graphics drivers have changed, which in turn causes conflicts of various kinds, usually crashing. But that's not any different from alt-tabbing, which many older games don't really support well either.

Comment Re:Holy Fuck (Score 1) 292

That makes for a nice strawman, but if I go looking for temperature data here in Canada most of the country doesn't have records predating 1978-79, because there was no one taking measurements. That's considered to be "all time historical temperature, water, and wind" I'm older then the non-existent records we have here.

Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 1) 396

Right, and Germany is sunnier than the USA

Strawman. I never said anything of the sort. That said, Germany is spending heavily to IMPORT power from neighboring countries. You might've missed that fact.

No they don't because in today's world, unless you are right on the grid path, it is often cheaper to just run solar or wind turbine. The grid isn't all that any more.

Remind me again what portion of the INDUSTRIALIZED FIRST WORLD runs off of local wind turbines and/or local solar? Oh, that's right: not much. There's a perfectly good reason for that: it's not reliable power like grid power. Solar doesn't work when it's cloudy, at night, or when panels are covered by snow. Wind doesn't work unless it's windy. Grid power works all the time, every time. Power that isn't there when you need it most is rather useless.

Solar/wind is a good solution SOME OF THE TIME IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. But only a fool -- and a obsessive fool at that -- maintains that it's a practical alternative to grid power in places where grid power is available.

Oh, and nice dig at Fox News, not that it's remotely relevant to the discussion. But it does show your bias.

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