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by Mashiki (#47555089) Attached to: Smoking Mothers May Alter the DNA of Their Children

*Before anyone gets all huffy about secondhand smoke being a problem I have experience with it. I was a non-smoker who roomed for a couple of years at college with a pack a day smoker. When I moved out I found I'd become addicted and started smoking (stupid, I know).

No you had another reason, you're just placing blame on those around you for smoking. Whether it was stress, it seemed like that was the likely cause, or something else. My father smoked a pack to two per-day, for close to 15 years. My grandparents(all three that were still alive) smoked upwards of 1-3 packs per day, until they died. I never became addicted, I had no desire to smoke. The only thing I missed was the smell of burning tobacco, and fresh picked. That's probably because as a teenager I used to pick the stuff(meaning I got all the crap oozing from the plants on me), but again I didn't start smoking because of it either.

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by Mashiki (#47537551) Attached to: The NSA's New Partner In Spying: Saudi Arabia's Brutal State Police

That's cute. Can you explain then why non-jews can vote in their elections if they're a citizen of the country? Can you explain why the leader of hamas, has two daughters living in Israel in which they are both citizens. Can you explain why their population has increased 2500% in the last 20 years. Can you explain why israeli's have no problem with the west bank? Can you explain why israeli's have no problem hiring palestinians, but people of the BDS insanity would rather put these companies out of business; especially when the palestinians who work there get excellent wages, healthcare, and so on. Can you explain why Israel goes out of their way to treat injured, critically wounded, and so on palestinians, but many palestinians will respond with "I'm glad they saved son/daughter/husband/etc, and I hope they grow up to be a martyr."

Can you explain why said "racist" country is the only democratic country in the region with arabs, druze, and so on in the kenesset, can you explain why said "fascist country" only seems to have a problem when the various terrorist organizations deliberately target civilians. This is why in places like sderot playgrounds are indoors, and so are the schools in bomb hardened structures. Because the palestinians were targeting children.

I'll wait with baited breath.

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Four attacks on well known refugee centers within three days. Does anyone still believe that such attacks are some random accidents?

You mean that the palestinians have fired over 2500 rockets in the last week and a half that there's 0 chance that they're going to go awry and land in their own territory. Come on, there's several hundred incidents of this previous to the latest round of them firing rockets. And that was in the first quarter of this year.

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Hamas using UN ambulances
Bombing at gaza school, probably from hamas rocket falling short
Hamas rockets in two different UN schools

This isn't rocket surgery, not by a long shot. Hamas really is "the bad guys." Haven't even started on the tunnel stuff yet, and them using them as weapons storage. And commandeering all those materials meant for housing, and instead built it up for the sole purpose of terror, war, and screwing over the civilians.

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They bomb hospitals under UN protection with the morality of the old testament!

You mean the hospital where snipers were shooting at soldiers? Bet you also turn a blind eye to them transporting terrorists around in ambulances. You know that automatically makes it a military target. I'm surprised you didn't try trotting out the story of the school, where a bunch of people died the other day. Where various groups, including hamas started screaming "it was an israeli shell(ever see a shell not leave an impact crater?)" And surprise, it comes out today that the people were killed by hamas and a "errant" rocket. But I'm sure that you're quite thrilled to hear about the UN schools in gaza having rockets inside.

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You mean Germany has the autobahn. And seen a smart car going down the freeway, usually they're fighting to keep the car on the road about the time they get hit by draft buffeting. I even saw one manage to lose it, spin out, and disintegrate after getting hit by buffeting on a wet highway.

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Scientists taking sides? They took the side of reality. It's unfortunate for Conservatives that this reality doesn't line up with their views, but you can hardly blame that on the scientists.

Really? Best let liberals know this, because in Canada in various liberal held provinces they've been cutting and cutting hard the budgets for various organizations. It might have something to do with the fact that in the various liberal held provinces, we're going broke as fast as Greece.

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by Mashiki (#47528873) Attached to: Western US States Using Up Ground Water At an Alarming Rate

That is patently false. 2013 was the lowest point in all of recorded history. It has gone up slightly for the season, as it always does.

Really? Best let environment canada know that their data is incorrect. After all, it appears that the water levels are above the lowest recorded, and in many cases at the highest point in a decade.

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