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by Mashiki (#47431935) Attached to: Hair-Raising Technique Detects Drugs, Explosives On Human Body

Probably because they don't like the depressive effect of it, same reason why there's a huge demand for ultram(pure tramadol) on the black market as well. I've taken a lot of stuff for pain control, sadly doctors still believe that tramadol has a "less addictive effect" than other opiates. The downside to not taking it when you've been on it a long time is serotonin withdrawal, and that just sucks.

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You could have just said "I'm, a pretensions audiophile!'*
Unless you have a high end speaker and map system, yes on board IS good enough.
Also, I high end system needs a game that uses it as well

You mean I could have said, most people don't know what they're actually talking about, yourself included. Well that's okay, after all who doesn't enjoy poorer quality onboard sound where you get intermittent channel drops due to software locking IRQ and DMA channels; or enjoy the gloriousness of it causing BSoD's. It has gotten better, but it's sure not anywhere near "good enough." If it was, I still wouldn't be using a XonarDG.

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So you're saying that modifying game files and building a custom game patch in order to enable the settings isn't modding. But rather tweaking. Well if that's the case then everyone should be able to do it with no problem at all right? Oh they can't? Well what's the reason behind that, oh right it's because this is beyond the technical level of most people. See this is the difference between a basic "tweak" where files are easily accessible and modding where you're "modifying" files in order to change what's accessible/enabled/available.

If it was purely tweaking, this would be more akin to editing .ini files in say oblivion/skyrim/etc, it's not that however.

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Onboard sound is finally Good Enough*, and has been Good Enough* for a long time now.

Let me start with a hardy fuck you soundblaster though, and finish by saying that "onboard" still isn't good enough. The majority of chipsets out there use realtek based sound solutions. In turn the drivers used are straight out of the gate realtek, with no polish. If you're lucky, the company who has them on their board might slap a fancy UI on them. They're well known enough to cause all sorts of issues from latency drops, to causing DMA/IRQ conflicts with other hardware. While it's fun to say "they're good enough" that's akin to saying, I can drive 80km on my new run-flat tires, it's good enough to get me where I need to go.

If you want a good sound, break down and blow the $50-80 on another card that has decent driver support. Your gaming/movie watching/audio listening/etc will thank you for it. Personally anything from Asus(xonar series), or HT Omega(if you really want to blow the money) will do you good, especially since they actually fix their drivers. And don't simply software disable functions like Soundblaster did on their LIVE! series cards.

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I was thinking some hardliners in Japan's military might have stashed it somewhere, "just in case" it's ever needed.

Considering Japan has been having on-off again discussions internally about amending the constitution to allow a non-defensive military for the last 10-12 years it wouldn't surprise me. Especially now that China is/has become the largest belligerent in the region.

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They taught map reading in school? How to read a compass? When/where was this? I learned it in Boy Scouts.

Yep. Well at least in the schools that I went to here in Canada. After all, we have more cows than people up here, and more unclaimed wilderness than cities.

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If you don't know why the data is adjusted, that is really your problem, not anybody elses. Nobody is responsible for you ignorance but yourself.

So you're saying that it's up to me to prove why their methodology is incorrect, when they have yet to provide the proof or proofs as to why the altering of methodology is correct. But I'm apparently the ignorant one.

If you think something is wrong with adjusting the data, then by all means, explain in detail what the problem is and how it should be done. Remember it's YOUR job to convince us that the science is wrong.

Wrong, it's not my place to convince you that the science is wrong. It's up to them to prove that the adjustments are justified with proofs, along with this they're required to give an indepth explanation as to why they believed that such adjustments were necessary, as well as plotting out trends over the period sample.

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You don't believe in AGW because someone on slashdot was impolite in a comment? Which proves the whole thing is a scam to any "rational" person?

Try this. People who think the world is flat are fuckfaces. Does that imply that the round-earth idea is a scam?

Sorry, your logic doesn't fly. Let's try it this way, people who support AGW only because government funding tells them to support it. With the fact that they use this heavy funding to silence dissenting points of view. They also use said funding as a political method to stifle dissenting points of view.

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One of the main impacts of climate change would be an increase in extreme weather, so not entirely surprising such things would be claimed.

Except I didn't say extreme, nor do they generally in the media. In fact they were screaming "extreme weather" when we had the cold-snap here in Canada. On the other hand, that was normal winter weather according to the historical data. So...which is it?

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I've noticed that every time somewhere in the US or Europe experiences a bit of cold weather for the season, comments sections all around the internet are filled with people proclaiming this proves climate change is a fraud.

Media and various "scientific literates: "
Weather was warm - global warming
Weather cold - global warming
We had tornado's - global warming
A hurricane hit the NE coast - global warming
Drought in central US - global warming
Forest fires in Canada - global warming
Unseasonably warm spring - global warming
Unseasonably wet spring - global warming
Unseasonably cold spring - global warming
Regular spring - global warming
Snowfall in October - global warming
Blizzard in December - global warming
Water in reservoirs low - global warming
Water high in reservoirs - global warming
Higher than average cloud cover - global warming
War in the middle east - global warming
War in Balkans - global warming

In the end, global warming causes everything.

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