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Comment Natural space station (Score 4, Interesting) 148

If we were inclined to go to Mars (which we don't appear to be) Phobos would be a natural choice because it's a ready-made space station. Probably mostly hollow, built-in radiation protection. You could probably pressurise some natural caverns in there.

But we won't do any of that, because we prefer aircraft carriers and strategic nukes.

Comment Re:Let's face it... (Score 5, Interesting) 260

Considering even if there is life on Mars it's going to be a long long way from Little Green Men I don't see why anyone except creationists would flip their shit. And even then, creationists and cdesignproponentists will ignore it and do the fingers in ears na-na-na thing. So nothing really would change except smart people would redefine their picture of the universe.

Even at that, considering how much material Earth and Mars have exchanged over billions of years, it wouldn't even really be that amazing for single cell life to be on Mars, especially if it has a common origin with life on Earth. If we proved beyond doubt that it had an independent origin, THAT would be big.

Comment It's been obvious for a long time that (Score 3, Informative) 202

The US isn't a safe place to store anyone's personal data. Never has been. The subtext/attitude has always been 'anything you give us is ours to do with as we please'. The irony here sadly is that "EU" includes the UK (for the time being at least) and here the GHCQ do whatever they like. There is no meaningful oversight nor will there ever be.

Comment Will be used against crowds I expect (Score 1) 49

I'd imagine the IDF will be deploying this against those fearsome enemies of theirs in Gaza etc - this is really the perfect utility of this kind of research. Could definitely come in handy for law-and-order types elsewhere too. It's macabre and creepy sure, but if it's effective then who gives a fuck eh.