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Comment: Re:The "edge" of the universe? (Score 1) 64

by Maritz (#49736267) Attached to: How We'll Someday Be Able To See Past the Cosmic Microwave Background
The 'edge' you're talking about is the Cosmic Horizon. The further away you look, the more ancient the light, and if you look further than 13 and a bit billion light years, you're "looking" at a place where the light hasn't had a chance to reach us yet. It's still in transit. So it isn't an 'edge' to anyone other than us. As I understand it, the Universe is consistent with being (at least) a hypersphere; finite in extent but with no boundary - analogous to how the Earth's surface is finite but without a boundary.

Comment: Re: You can't make this shit up. (Score 1) 769

Progressive societies let people wear whatever gender label they like, whilst still knowing that there is a differing underlying biological reality. No-one with a functioning brain thinks they're exactly the same as natural-born females in every respect. In part, it's about not being a dickhead about it, perhaps that's what you have difficulty with.

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