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Comment: Re:Brits still think they own the world... (Score 1) 226

by M1FCJ (#47100531) Attached to: Domain Name Suspended

City of London Police is a private police force covering the City of London (a tiny bit of London) which takes its orders not from the Government but from the City of London Corporation directly. They are also an 'expert' in fraud and do their best by not finding any within the City borders.

They also employ thugs worse than usually found within the Police service for the rest of London, The Metropolitan Police Service. Also there is no elected commissioner (unlike the rest of the country) for this police force, it's totally separate and he is assigned by the Corporation - which is run by the rich corporates in the area.

It's totally fascist, whatever way you look at it.

Comment: Re:Use confiscated drugs (Score 1) 483

by M1FCJ (#47078173) Attached to: Botched Executions Put Lethal Injections Under New Scrutiny

According to the so-called halal meat scandal in UK, a quick bolt to stun and then cutting the throat is a very humane and painless method of killing animals for food...

And that's what I call hypocrisy. Dead meat is dead meat. If you're happy killing for food, you shall not quibble on how since the end result is the same. The rest is justifying the means to an end,

Same applies to death penalty. If one thinks some methods are inhumane, it stands to reason that all methods of killing is inhumane - the fact remains, you are killing a human for a cause you are trying to justify.

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