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Comment: Re:Wait for it... (Score 1) 752

by M1FCJ (#47478675) Attached to: Malaysian Passenger Plane Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine

Looks like the bastards were under the impression that Russians had closed the whole airspace down whereas the NOTAM only closed it up to 32k feet, the flight was at 33k feet and legally flying over the area...

The captured audio calls between the rebel scum clearly show they thought it was a military plane.

Comment: Re:Brits still think they own the world... (Score 1) 226

by M1FCJ (#47100531) Attached to: Domain Name Suspended

City of London Police is a private police force covering the City of London (a tiny bit of London) which takes its orders not from the Government but from the City of London Corporation directly. They are also an 'expert' in fraud and do their best by not finding any within the City borders.

They also employ thugs worse than usually found within the Police service for the rest of London, The Metropolitan Police Service. Also there is no elected commissioner (unlike the rest of the country) for this police force, it's totally separate and he is assigned by the Corporation - which is run by the rich corporates in the area.

It's totally fascist, whatever way you look at it.

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