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by M1FCJ (#46312627) Attached to: UAE Clerics' Fatwa Forbids Muslims From Traveling To Mars

Au contrarie, the reason Magellan and even Columbus had existed was because the Mediterranean had become a lake controlled by the Ottomans and their vassal Barbary pirates due to their usage of military science and technology better than the rest of the European powers. As a result all of North Africa and significant chunks of the Middle east and Caucuses were controlled by the same lot. That caused problems with trade and alternative routes to India and China had to be found.

First was going around Africa. Then Columbus decided that it would be quicker with the help of the trade winds to cross the Atlantic and end up in India but alas, his luck ran out, eventually he ran aground on a brand new-to-Europeans continent on his way.

Meanwhile Barbary pirates kept plundering all the way to Wales for many many decades.

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Bollocks. People die in Antarctica regularly with no one even thinking about it longer than the usual 24h news cycle. Citation:

If the expectations are carefully managed, even such an endevour can deal with many deaths. The problem with the NASA is the zero-death cult. Instead if they accept these as fact, learn from mistakes and get on with the work like most of them would actually like to, things could have moved significantly faster. It's not a safe business and I expect to have the death rates significantly higher than dying sitting on the breakfast table reading a newspap^H^H^H^H^H^H^Htablet.

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Constellation was killed for three reasons: it got extremely delayed and costs went out of control and finally it wasn't going to work in any case.

It was purely a flawed design. It should have never gotten off to the contract phase. It was from start to end a pork barrel scheme. Good riddance. For a fraction of Ares I would have and actually already had costed, SpaceX has built similar capacity rocket and is in the path of building similar capacity to Ares V. The whole SLS is yet an other prok barelling exercise. It will not work, it will cost too much and get cancelled eventually.

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Actually it is more political than you imagine.
KDE was not pure (L)GPL, it had dual licencing for money etc. It was the biggest FUD ever pulled successfully, even Microsoft failed to do something in this scale.

All of this is now over 10y ago but that's what really created the GNOME project. And they won't be finished until all functionality of KDE is completely removed from your desktop, leaving you with a single mouse pointer, single mouse button and a single window, full screen.

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