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Comment: Re:It's not an attempt to "game the system"... (Score 1) 172

by M1FCJ (#47723475) Attached to: The 2014 Hugo Awards

Funnily enough, Hugo has zero with the New York-based publishing industry since Hugo nominees are nominated by World Con attendees and voted by the next World Con attendees. Anyone who can spare some cash for a supporting membership can nominate and vote as they like.

If you were talking about the Nebula awards, however, you might have been right.

Especially at this age, publishing a book via Kindle is trivial and if a so-called "wrong type of person" writes a good book, he will be able to sell it, or made it read enough to be nominated. The award to related-work went to a fucking blog post, and rightly so, it was a well written article related to SF. Three of the stories who won were "printed" on Tor's web site.

Any idiot who can design a web site and gather enough readers who will like it and nominate it in the next World Con has the chance of winning the next Hugo, no conspiracy required.

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[Citation Needed]
The only shithole that has been expelled was done so because he used SFWA channels for his own racist propoganda. Until then he was still a member of the SWFA while being an active obnoxious asshole.

If you're attempting to say successful and best-seller writers like Scalzi and co. are "amateurs", I think youre more than deluded.

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But GOP has been telling everyone that people who follow the conservative view are richer, has better employment and more cash to spend on the capitalist system. Hence you would have thought that they would be able to afford to go to WorldCons or buy a way cheaper supporting membership and still be able to vote w/o attending the convention by person.

Hence, I can only conclude, you're talking out of your orifice usually used to expel brown smelly stuff.

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