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by M1FCJ (#47793351) Attached to: Reformatting a Machine 125 Million Miles Away

Don't forget, we don't hear what the techies are talking about. What we're hearing is what the techies told to the PR guy distilled down to a journo, being summarized in The Register (!) and some other soft-tech sites, finally an inaccurate summary on the frontpage of Slashdot.

I wouldn't be surprised if it were just a "fsck.ext4 -cc" (I know it's not an ext4, it was't even released when Opportunity soft-crashed and bounced around on Mars nor it runs Linux).

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Most of the hardware cost is the launch vehicle, not the rover.
Most of the people (salary) cost is the people working on the data generated (all accross the universities around the world who analze the data and write papers), not the designers.

Underspeccing it wouldn't have saved much.

There's one that breaks this rule, the JWST. Just the endless redesigns have gobbled up so much money, I don't believe there will be enough Science generated by it to cover the build & launch costs.

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Funnily enough, Hugo has zero with the New York-based publishing industry since Hugo nominees are nominated by World Con attendees and voted by the next World Con attendees. Anyone who can spare some cash for a supporting membership can nominate and vote as they like.

If you were talking about the Nebula awards, however, you might have been right.

Especially at this age, publishing a book via Kindle is trivial and if a so-called "wrong type of person" writes a good book, he will be able to sell it, or made it read enough to be nominated. The award to related-work went to a fucking blog post, and rightly so, it was a well written article related to SF. Three of the stories who won were "printed" on Tor's web site.

Any idiot who can design a web site and gather enough readers who will like it and nominate it in the next World Con has the chance of winning the next Hugo, no conspiracy required.

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