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Comment: Re:Not likely. (Score 1) 159

by drinkypoo (#49758641) Attached to: Video Games: Gateway To a Programming Career?

Yes, if people are interested they will of course dig into the matter and learn things, but there is no longer a need.

The so-called "maker movement" shows us where the interest comes from: the fringe that wants what isn't already available in the mainstream. If you want something that doesn't already exist, then you can assemble it from other devices. The focus has just moved again. Now it's easy and cost-effective for people to do hardware projects without being EEs by just buying modules off the shelf and hooking them up with jumper wires.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 2) 215

The trouble with that argument is that it relies on the stronger members having enough economic power to actually do that. It is far from clear that this is currently the case, with the expansion of the EU in recent years to include many far less economically advanced member states

The problem with that argument is that the economic condition enjoyed by the stronger nations is built upon the exploitation of the poorer ones. You don't get to complain about how poorly someone is doing at treading water while you step on their head.

Comment: Re:EA never understood the SimCity Market... (Score 2) 78

by drinkypoo (#49758119) Attached to: How Cities: Skylines Beat SimCity At Its Own Game

I do not want a real challenge, because if it was a real fucking challenge I'd be too busy fighting to survive to achieve my ridiculous objective.

I love this sentence so much, I want to slap every hardcore gamer across the face with it from now until eternity. Perhaps I could print it upon a trout.

Comment: Re:Overblown (Score 1) 215

And yet it's an obvious case for cheap political rhetoric, "What do you mean that's never going to happen? You're sitting there making plans for it right now!" I don't think you should underestimate the explosive power of contingency plans. For example in a supply chain you might have a contingency plan in case your business partners, vendor or distribution network turn shit but nobody's going to like that you have a plan to stab them in the back. And there's always those who willingly or unintentionally confuse planning in case of failure with planning for failure.

TL;DR: Some things you should just keep your mouth shut about, even if makes sense.

Comment: Re:EA (Score 1) 78

by drinkypoo (#49758097) Attached to: How Cities: Skylines Beat SimCity At Its Own Game

Simcity 4 is dramatically nicer to use than any earlier version of simcity. Also, it's meant to be extensible and there's loads of expansion content available from the community, which is cool. It also ties cities together more meaningfully than earlier versions. Otherwise, yeah, not much difference. Now the down sides, it's unreliable as hell and you have to dick around with command line options just to get it not to crash.

Even without the shitfest that was Simcity V, it was time for someone else to shake up the genre.

Comment: Re:Meh... (Score 1) 195

by drinkypoo (#49758087) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

Do you eat fish guts ?

Not only do lots of people eat the guts of small fishes every day, but fish sauce is made by putting whole fishes into pots and letting them ferment. There's lots of people eating fish guts. Also, fish guts normally don't just get thrown away, they get made into fish meal which is then used for food production. Also, guts don't just sit there, they digest stuff. That includes pulling toxins attached to the beads into the blood stream of the fish. Lots of toxins are bioaccumulative. All this stuff is Junior High school level science, I shouldn't have to draw you a fucking map.

Comment: Re:*shrug* (Score 1) 286

by drinkypoo (#49758029) Attached to: 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0

The Windows 3 UI was actually pretty horrible. It has nothing whatsoever over Windows 95 except footprint, and these days that doesn't matter.

Interestingly, the Windows 3 UI and the Motif UI, the first dominant cross-platform GUI toolkit for Unix more complex than Xaw, look and feel largely the same because Microsoft was a part of the Motif group. They actually deliberately made their OS behave the same as Unix, at least for window manipulation.

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