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Comment Re: State doing the CYA thing (Score 1) 261

"ANY report on communication with a foreign agent, i.e. minister, diplomat, government worker, is considered classified. Not like Keyhole, but still classified."

No they are not. Only if the individual SENDING THE COMMUNICATION considers them sensitive are they automatically classified. I realize that many reporters have reading comprehension issues and so have misreported this, but if you read the actual regulations it is quite clear.

Comment What do you think of 'first to file' (Score 3, Interesting) 174

What do you think of the patents being changed from 'first to invent' to 'first to file'? It seems like first to file significantly favors monied interests over those of garage inventors, since the inventor can't seek funding till they have filed their patent and there is a good chance they can't afford the patent process.

Comment Nonconsensual touching? (Score 1) 399

What counts as nonconsensual touching? If someone comes up and puts their arm around your shoulder and then removes it when you either move or ask them to remove is that considered nonconsensual touch? If so, I would imagine it's more like 80-90% of both males and females have experienced nonconsensual touch at college.

Is this limited to just sexual touch? Breasts, crotch, butt? What about a flirtatious pat on the leg? What about a nonflirtatious pat on the back?

Comment So just have the cars drive where it is easy (Score 3, Insightful) 258

You don't have to have the car drive everywhere, 95% of the places you drive will probably have all of the factors needed for the car to navigate easily. Just don't have the car drive in areas where it can readily get in trouble.

You don't start teens off in ambiguous hard to drive conditions, but rather low traffic side streets or empty parking lots, etc.

We don't need self driving cars that are perfect from the start, merely good enough to drive us most places most of the time, and do not have accidents in the areas that are suitable for it to drive.

Comment Connectome probably in a decade not centuries (Score 1) 269

A connectome could be done quite quickly within a decade -

freeze the head, shave it (plane off a slice through bone and brain) in thousandths of a mm increments and record the connections visually.

It probably will not be doable non destructively for a lot longer, but destructive should be quite easy.

Comment Re:People are idiots. (Score 2) 367

If there's one thing that popular TV has done for us lately, I'd say the show "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" actually is a help because it gives us an idea of where we ALL *should* be educationally

The show is mostly useless trivia, so no it isn't 'where we all should be educationally'. If people never know about the majority of US Presidents, or specific dates of historic events, there would be absolutely no loss to education.

Comment Re:Not the server (Score 1) 348

CFR 1222 covering archival of Government communications was in effect from 2002, and State Department 12 FAM 541 to 12 FAM 545 covers sensitive but unclassified information (which includes things like meetings, schedules, promotions, personnel discussions) was in effect from 2005. She broke both of those, and they were in place for years before she was appointed SoS.

And if you had bothered to read these regulations you would see that she adhered to the letter of the law in both cases. An email was lawfully archived as long as she printed out the email or it was stored on a government server (any email she sent to government address would be stored on government servers, unless deleted by the recipient). The handling of senstive but unclassified information was in accordance with the law.

Comment Re:Educators are stupid (Score 1) 956

I have long been told that people can and do separate fiction from reality. That what we see on TV and in movies is known to be fictional and not real. I have never believed it for one minute.

I overhead a coversation between two people discussing Lucy, and they thought that you really could gain psychic powers etc, if only you could 'use the other 98% of the brain'.

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