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Comment: Re:One month Late? Or just later? (Score 1) 111

by that IT girl (#36388354) Attached to: Citi Bank Reveals Attack... One Month Late
People also forget that, as much as this sucks, it's worth it to not cause a panic too early when maybe they don't have all the details themselves. I would rather hear the solid facts in a calm manner a little later than a panicked "um, some of your information was stolen, we're still figuring out the scope of this..." on zero day.

Comment: Re:Those guys are forgetting one important thing.. (Score 1) 580

by that IT girl (#36388316) Attached to: Silverlight Developers Rally Against Windows 8
+1 for this. Silverlight hasn't been around that long, they obviously were fairly recently able to learn something new. It's understandably frustrating to lose all that work, but they can certainly do it again and move on. The tech world is ever-changing, and we have to be too.

Comment: Funny, mine's just the opposite... (Score 1) 308

by that IT girl (#35204064) Attached to: How Your Username May Betray You
In my case, a Google search of this username comes up with a completely different meaning of the name than I intended (I work in IT, and am not... whatever "the 'it' girl" is supposed to mean). Also, my real name is the same as that of a porn star, so anybody who started looking for me would get distracted long before they found me. I'm safe!

Comment: Re:Apple Tax (Score 1) 227

by that IT girl (#34698446) Attached to: France Planning Non-Windows Tablet Tax?
They do. It's called sales tax, and the neat thing about it is that it applies not only to Apple products, but to everyone equally. Cool, huh?

I mean, what the hell? I don't even have any Apple products aside from my old iPod, but your logic ("hurrrrr let's tax people who prefer a particular brand more than others!") is ridiculous.

Comment: Re:Get off my lawn... (Score 1) 235

by that IT girl (#34636246) Attached to: Oregon To Let Students Use Spell Check on State Exams
As if this problem isn't bad enough already. I absolutely hate going down the highway seeing billboards with misspellings. It just looks so...stupid. It's amazing how technology was supposed to make us better, smarter, faster... doesn't it seem like in some ways it's making us (well, the average population) weaker, lazier, and dumber?

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