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by LoverOfJoy (#42625171) Attached to: Australian Scientists Discover Potential Aids Cure

I don't know about "true Australian" but I'd imagine that Australians would take the most pride in successful Australians who are not just citizens but whose genius could be argued is in part due to having been raised in Australia during most of their formative years. It would be dumb for Americans to point to Einstein's US citizenship as evidence of America's greatness or as an example of what great people America produces.

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I owned the Dreamcast and actually loved it. Quite a few really fun games for it. That said, their VMUs were tremendously underutilized. Granted, they were nothing like a tablet but they could have been much more. It wasn't never going to be the VMU that would make or break the Dreamcast, though. It's a much different situation compared to the Wii U

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Full disclosure: what I'm about to say is largely me playing devil's advocate because I personally don't have the ipad's storage likely wouldn't be much of an issue for me personally, but back when data was more expensive/scarce I could relate to what I believe the other poster is referring to.

I've found that transferring a large amount of data is a pain. Yeah, you can connect your ipad occasionally to your computer to swap out your media...but it's a pain and is unlikely to happen on a frequent basis. Most people are going to put their most viewed media on there and call it good until they get bored of it because it's just not worth the aggravation to figure out what you want for the next batch and wait for the transfer to occur.

So for long trips planned well in advance, you're right. SD cards don't really offer much over simply planning the huge chunk of what you're likely to listen to/watch and not have to hang on to sets of SD cards that you're unlikely to touch anyway.

Where SD cards can be nice is for shortish-medium length trips decided on the spur of the moment. You have to make a last minute trip into the city and you're going to have grumpy kids stuck in the car during traffic. You don't have to leave a bunch of kids movies/games on your ipad all the time in case of emergencies like this. You don't have to take time to transfer GBs of kids movies or take time to sort out which ones all the kids will agree on...just grab the Kids Movies (1 and 2) SDs and Kids Games SD and run. You might even leave those SDs in the kids' backpack and forget about it.

Your wife's heading out to something (doctor's office, business meeting, etc) where there's significant wait time involved? Toss her the Chick Flicks SD and the Enya Style Music SD and she'll thank you later. You don't have to keep those things on your tablet at all times and you don't have to spend time transferring GBs of data. Without the SDs you'll frequently find yourself deciding it's not worth your time and do without the sudden craving of media X. Especially when you still have quite a bit already stored on your tablet already. You'll just make do with what you've got and since it's your personal favorites, most of the time it won't feel like a huge sacrifice. But over time you may find you've missesd out on a lot compared to Joe Schmo who has the flexibility of physical media.

Again, I think the size of portable drives nowadays make this issue relatively moot for people like me who don't have huge amounts of media anyway. That said, I imagine there's definitely people out there that have a large enough library with eclectic enough tastes that physical media is still valuable.

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