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Comment: Re:BUT YOU DON'T GET IT! (Score 1) 232

by LoverOfJoy (#42625171) Attached to: Australian Scientists Discover Potential Aids Cure

I don't know about "true Australian" but I'd imagine that Australians would take the most pride in successful Australians who are not just citizens but whose genius could be argued is in part due to having been raised in Australia during most of their formative years. It would be dumb for Americans to point to Einstein's US citizenship as evidence of America's greatness or as an example of what great people America produces.

Comment: Re:SEGA: Been There, Done That (Score 2) 174

by LoverOfJoy (#42017201) Attached to: Just In Time for the Holidays, Nintendo Wii U Gets Its US Release

I owned the Dreamcast and actually loved it. Quite a few really fun games for it. That said, their VMUs were tremendously underutilized. Granted, they were nothing like a tablet but they could have been much more. It wasn't never going to be the VMU that would make or break the Dreamcast, though. It's a much different situation compared to the Wii U

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