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Comment: Re:I'll believe it when I see it... (Score 2) 118

Because we have already been there, we got plenty of lunar rocks, and there is no particular reason to go back. Mars is much more interesting, and asteroids provide far better economic opportunities.

"We" have done no such thing. Only a hand full of people have been to the moon. I don't know about you, for all I know you might have been one of them. I do know that one of them wasn't "me."

That is the most important reason I want to go back to the moon. I haven't been there and I would love see the original sites of the first moon landings.

That is how I want to do it, tour the moon like tourist.

Comment: Re:bye (Score 1) 530

by Lord Apathy (#49759213) Attached to: Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users

The "write amplification" on SSD is greatly exaggerated. Unless you are running a enterprise level database off of consumer drives I doubt your going to wear one out before it becomes obsolete. The SMART warning system is also greatly improved when it comes to SSDs over spinning rust. Just use it like a normal HD and don't worry about it.

I have a 5 year old 256 GB SSD in my system now. It has been used as a system disk for that time. It is now at the end of its useful life. The SMART system is showing reallocated sectors on it, 3 to be exact, and it was small so I decided to replace it. I moved it off to a back channel and use it as a scratch drive. I replaced it with a modern 512 GB SSD. But still after 5 years of constant use its still good for that.

Comment: Re:bye (Score 1) 530

by Lord Apathy (#49753313) Attached to: Ads Based On Browsing History Are Coming To All Firefox Users

bought a new laptop with 16 GB upgradeable to 32 GB. No swap space configured.

This is something I don't understand why you would want to do this? Even with 16 or 32 GB of RAM. Diskspace is cheap too and the system won't use it unless it needs it. I would rather keep the swap on and have it there to use if needed. When it comes to swap its better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

Comment: Re:Disbar. (Score 1) 124

by Lord Apathy (#49720341) Attached to: Prenda's Old Copyright Trolls Are Suing People Again

...and disabled. I bet Tonya Harding could use the dough.

I'm not sure. Tonya Harding has been showing up on that Worlds Dumbest TV show for years. That must pay pretty well to have that associated with your name.

Yes, for the record I do watch that show every now and then. Some times it is entertaining to watch some drunk redneck jump a beer truck on a riding mower.

Comment: Re:Typo: Digital Rights Management (Score 1) 371

by Lord Apathy (#49677053) Attached to: Firefox 38 Arrives With DRM Required To Watch Netflix

Except that's not really a choice when DRM is involved, is it?

Sure it's a choice. Don't want to use the DRM then don't watch. See, choice. If you chose not to watch then if enough people feel the same way, then they will stop watching, and netflix will have to change away from drm. On the other hand most will simply accept this as a acceptable deal and chose to watch. Then you get to sit in your corner and rock yourself knowing you held on to your principles.

You have a choice. To watch netflix movies, or not too. It's up to you.

Comment: Re:Finally a replacement (Score 1) 166

by Lord Apathy (#49637901) Attached to: AMD Outlines Plans For Zen-Based Processors, First Due In 2016

Meanwhile, Intel is transitioning to 14nm process, while your processor still is still 32nm from 2012, and this intel of mine actually 22nm from the same year. These numbers might not tell you much, but the main difference to me is that my processor runs much cooler and requires less power. AMD is way behind the competition.

They tell me a lot, and you pretty much reached the same conclusions that I reached a year ago. AMD still makes good processors but they have been behind intel for awhile now. When it came to picking a new processor for my HTPC I picked a A5350 over a i3. It was a perfect processor for the job too.

Next year I'll be sniffing around to replace the fx-8150 workstation I have. Unless AMD does something drastic to get caught up, I will probably be going with a i7 system this year.

I've been a amd fan boy since the 486 days, so if I'm jumping ship.

Comment: Re:Finally a replacement (Score 1) 166

by Lord Apathy (#49637551) Attached to: AMD Outlines Plans For Zen-Based Processors, First Due In 2016

I won't say hobbling. I have both the fx-8150 and the fx-8350 and they are both de finally behind on the curve when it comes to technology. Both of these processors where gifted to me by a friend who was sick of always being behind on the curve when it comes to AMD. He hopped over to Intel with a couple of i7's last year.

I'm convinced unless something changes an AMD gets on the ball with this release, my current AMD systems will be the last AMD systems I own.

Comment: Re:Cuz Minix Dude Was A Old Guy (Score 4, Informative) 469

by Lord Apathy (#49632417) Attached to: Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded?

3. The user communities were very different. Linux users were very open and helpful to newbies. BSD forums were hostile to anyone that didn't already know everything.

I will go with this. When I reported a bug in the Amiga version of bsd that was causing issues in machines with 4mb of memory. The response from the bsd admins was "well get more memory." I'm intoning it politer here than they responded with too. I interpreted it as "fuck off", which I did.

On the other hand the lead developer of the Amiga 68K kernel, I can't find his name, was very friendly in his emails to me.

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