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Comment: Re:ok but (Score 1) 398

Nice. When is the last time this actually happened? I'm genuinely asking, since it seems to me there's been a *lot* of bills/laws passed that are actually unconstituional, and apparently resulted in zero reprocussions.

It has never happened, and never will happen as long as the ones that make the rules, also sit in judgement of themselves. For something like this to happen it would have to be put forth by a constitutional amendment put in place by the states at a constitutional convention. For it to be effective all the penalties and fines would have to be automatic, without appeal, or trial.

Comment: Re:ok but (Score 1) 398

We are already a one party system, people just don't want to accept it. Democrat, Republican, it really doesn't matter. With no checks and balances in place on individual members one group will be more than happy to trample our rights.

Republicans, our rights to free speech, reasonable search and seizure, and a womans rights to her own body. Democrats it would be our rights to bare arms, or arm bears, and probably freedom from/to religion.

Same song, same dance, different tune. An I'm not even sure about the tune. Everytime I see a politician the theme song from the Benny Hill Show starts running through my head.

Comment: Re:ok but (Score 1) 398

There already are repercussions. These are elected positions, no?

They are elected positions but with the system as it currently stands rarely do these people get removed from office. Voters simply don't care as long as they get their bread and circuses. An with 2, 4, and 6 year election cycles there are still to much time between elections for a rogue politician to inflicted damage that can take years to undo.

When a senator or house member sponsors and pushes through a bill that is found to be unconstitutional they lose their seat, right then, right there. Those that actually voted for the bill are fined a nice lump sum, 10K at least. If it is found that they sponsored or voted for a bill for personal gain, prison time.

With the prospects of losing a their seat, being fined, or jail time these "representatives" will pay a hell of lot more attention to what they sponsor and vote for. There will a lot less or "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" in Washington.

Once a seat is lost, it will stay lost till the next election cycle. The state or district that elected that member loses that vote in congress. Punishment for electing the idiot in the first place.

Comment: Re:ok but (Score 4, Interesting) 398

Police who are doing these things should be fired without a pension, and criminally charged.

I've been saying this for years, more or less. When a civil servant, from the town dog catcher to president of the US, breaks a law, or writes a law they should be held accountable.

In the case of a police officer when they interpret the law wrong there should be repercussions. When a politician sponsors a bill and its found unconstitutional, there should be repercussions. When a DA files charges against someone and loses, there should be repercussions.

Comment: Re:Yeah, (Score 1) 313

I prefer to put my faith in science. Peter F. Hamilton's The Night's Dawn Trilogy is a series of books based on what happens when our technology becomes so advanced we know what happens after death.

So what does happen after our technology does become so advanced we can bring anyone back from the dead?

Comment: Re:2.6.32 anyone? (Score 1) 172

by Lord Apathy (#49462237) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Kernel Released

Yeah, the longer you wait to upgrade, the more stuff tends to break during the process. You may be past the point of no return.

I'm already starting to see that. Most of the stuff I use runs fine. Mysql, plexserver, samba and a few other apps. I'm already seeing stuff that will not compile for it. XBMC will not compile on Centos6, and nether will the latest version of HandBrake.

XBMC is not really an issue, but Handbrake I use all the time to encode stuff for the plex server.

Comment: Re:Better question than "what's next" (Score 1) 83

by Lord Apathy (#49425955) Attached to: TrueCrypt Alternatives Step Up Post-Cryptanalysis

Instead of asking "what now", doesn't anyone wonder why TC chose to self-destruct, invoking its own canary and refusing to let anyone keep the name?

I don't see why anyone should bow down to what the original developers wanted. They walked away from the project so the name and the code should be up for grab.

Anyone want to pick up where they left off and use the name truecrypt should go right ahead and do so. What are the original devs going to do? Sue them?

Comment: Re:What is systemd exactly? (Score 1) 765

by Lord Apathy (#49201141) Attached to: Ubuntu To Officially Switch To systemd Next Monday

At one point, if your logging didn't work, it broke your keyboard so you could not terminal in. Don't you love it when two unrelated services with no logical dependencies can some how affect each other?

Oh horse shit. Crap like that has been on my linux bullshit list long before systemd rolled out of the gate.

Many years ago when I was running linux at home 24/7 as my main OS I installed several rpms from redhat not related to keyboards and shit. All of a sudden my keyboard stopped working, for no reason what so ever. Other issue like this had happened before but this was the last straw.

That night I pulled my data off the system and installed windows on that box. I still run linux as a desktop at work and I have a linux server at home but I'll never run linux as my primary desktop at home.

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