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Comment: Re:I don't think this [release] matters at all... (Score 1) 193

by Lord Apathy (#49011739) Attached to: Xfce Getting a New Version Soon

Does Linux ebven matter? In the lasy 10 years at all the companies I worked I saw several versions of Windows and zero Linux installations.

You are probably not looking in the right place. Yes, linux still matters but not where you are looking. If you are looking linux desktops, good luck to you. My current shop is the only shop I've seen that chose linux desktops over windows.

Where you are going to find most linux installs are on the back end. In my shop we have over a 150 linux boxes churning away doing work. In another shop down the hall they have more than that. The last 3 jobs all had major linux backends doing the work.

Better question would be does the linux desktop matter? Probably not as much as people would like it too.

Comment: Re:One pixel wide window borders (Score 1) 193

by Lord Apathy (#49011603) Attached to: Xfce Getting a New Version Soon

'd rather pirate Windows 7 and get (almost) anything the way I want it. 3 minutes of tweaking (Always show file extensions, taskbar like previous versions, disable sticky keys, etc.) and it's just what I need and want. Why, why is this still and issue? Are you using a Pentium 4 with 512MB of RAM? Otherwise I can't comprehend how on earth you would claim any OS to be "resource intensive." There's no such thing in 2015

I fully understand what you are saying. At home I run Windows 7 on a fx-8150 with 16GB of RAM and SSD drives. I run windows 7 at home because I don't want to fuck with linux at home since I do all day at work. When I get home I want to turn my computer on, it work and it just work.

Yes, in 2015 there are still resource issues. At work I use a laptop with a dual core 1.7ghz processor and 4Gb of RAM. Any thing that wastes resources, like a over bloated gui, isn't welcomed in that environment.

But I do understand what you are saying. For the most part even a POS walmart computer is more than enough computer for what they need. But then you do have people, like me, that push their hardware to the limits. That might be video rendering, managing a ass load of virtual machines, or just playing games with the setting maxed out. Any bit of processing power that is not attributed to that purpose is a waste.

Comment: Re:One pixel wide window borders (Score 5, Interesting) 193

by Lord Apathy (#49010761) Attached to: Xfce Getting a New Version Soon

Xfce is for people that want a professional looking desktop that doesn't get in the way of getting real work done. A desktop that does it job and doesn't get in the way or consume to many resources that could best be dedicated to real work.

If you don't like the way XFCE you can change it. My desktop at one point did look like windows 95 then I changed it. Now it looks like a modern version of CDE. The other day I was playing with some settings and icons and I could make XFCE look like a modern mac desktop.

So yeah, its like anything else. You only get into it what you put out of it.

Comment: Re:I don't think this [release] matters at all... (Score 4, Insightful) 193

by Lord Apathy (#49010731) Attached to: Xfce Getting a New Version Soon

I have seen several KDE and GNOME desktops. I have come across zero XFCE installations!

I use XFCE and have for several years. I believe the Supreme Penguin uses it too. There are lots of people that use it but I will admit it is not as popular as the big two.

Another thing that linux has lost over the years is the truly breathtaking desktops we used to have. I remember when if you wanted a gui for your linux box you had to roll your own. You had a frame work to work with but every ones desktop was truly there own creation at the end of the day.

Enlightenment. There was a truly breath taking windows manager. Window maker, and good old xfvm2. I know they are still alive but only on life support.

Best reason to use XFCE? It's not gnome or kde.

Comment: Re:Sad Day (Score 1) 129

by Lord Apathy (#49002337) Attached to: CrunchBang Linux Halts Development

I'd sure would notice. I have been experimenting with lightweight distributions and Crunchbang is so well done it lights up on my radar all the time.

Don't think I'm being fastuous when I say its a sad day. Granted, normally I would be. It is a sad day when someone works on a small, fast little linux and nobody really notices out side certain circles. Now mainly the big 2, and their mutant spawn, dominate, Redhat and Debian. Little distros get lost in the backwash. sad really.

Comment: Re:Lasers are easy to stop (Score 1) 517

by Lord Apathy (#49001987) Attached to: The US Navy Wants More Railguns and Lasers, Less Gunpowder

Maybe it's an aluminum coating around a depleted uranium interior...

There is a reason that aluminum is used and not a uranium depleted round. With any projectile weapon you want the round to be going fast but not too fast. With "gunpower" based rounds going to fast isn't an issue.

With a round from a rail-gun gong to fast can be a problem. If you use to hard a round like, depleted uranium, all your going to do is punch a nice little hole through the ship. In one side and right out the other.

With an aluminum round The metal is hard enough to survive firing but soft enough that when it hits something solid, like the side of a ship, the aluminum round will deform enough to impart its motion to the surrounding material. That motion is going to turn into heat causing the surrounding material to explode.

Basically you want a round soft enough to transfer its kinetic energy into the target and not just pass through the target.

Comment: Re:I prefer a tablet for some things to a smart ph (Score 1) 307

by Lord Apathy (#48933097) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

Why pay $500 for an iPad that can only do a small number of things if you could get a Surfrace Pro that can do so much more, while not actually increasing the weight or size of the device

Actually there are several reasons. I have both a android tablet and a Surface Pro. I also have a android phone too. The Surface Pro is nice, it can serve as both a tablet and a laptop, but it has limitations where it can't perform ether goal as well as a dedicated machine of that type can. Still as good as the Surface Pro is there are simply several things that pads are better suited for.

There is cost. A Surface Pro can set you back between $900 and $1200 depending on features and accessories. A good pad can be had for as little as $150. A excellent pad can set you back around $500. Mine cost me right at 300 bucks.

Then there is battery life. A Surface has a battery life of around 4 hours. This is good for normal daily use for purposes that its best suited for. With 4 hours I can get in a several meetings worth of notes and power point presentations. I can even get some good office work done before I have to recharge. But when watching movies or reading a books 4 hours is pretty poor.

My android is rated at about 10 hours. Which means almost a full day of reading and watching movies without recharging. Normal use for my Surface requires me to recharge it daily, where with normal use of my android I can get between 2 and 3 days out of one charge.

Touch screen applications are generally better on the android than on the Surface. Application written for pads are written with touch screen interface in mind. Where lots of touch screen apps for the Surface seem to have touch screen added as an after thought. Most of the real powerful programs that you use on the Surface have no touch screen support even added.

While I'm on the subject of apps. There are simply some better applications for certain subject on the pads than there are on the Surface. Ebook readers for one. I have several ebook reads on my pad, nook, amazon, and some 3rd party apps. Without a doubt they are all better for reading ebooks than anything I have found on the Surface.

Same can be said about most small time apps like calendars and calculators. The fact that a great deal of the apps on my phone can also be used on my pad also is a good feature.

Then there is convenience. For certain tasks a pad, or a phone, is clearly more convenient than a Surface. If I want to listen to music on the go, most of the music apps for the phone and pad are much better designed for these purposes. For quick tasks like checking email, the weather, or the news a pad is clearly better. I can check any of these processes in a few seconds on a pad and be done before the Surface has even fully booted. I keep widgets on my lock screen for weather and news. I want to check, I pick it up and push the power button. The screen comes on instantly.

Finally there is weight. While the Surface pro is light compared to a laptop is down right heavy next to my pad. My pad weights next to nothing. The extra weight of the Surface doesn't matter when you're doing laptop work with it but it matters if you are trying to use it for a tablet. After a few minutes of holding it like I would when reading a book my hand gets tired. I've held my android pad for hours with out the same issue because it is light.

Comment: Re:I prefer a tablet for some things to a smart ph (Score 1) 307

by Lord Apathy (#48931993) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

I carry a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga for work, and it's so useful that my wife bought one to be her next 5+ year portable computer.

I bought a surface pro for work for the same reasons you bought your Thinkpad. When I need to do real work, I need a real computer. But at the same time I wanted the convenience of a tablet for when I needed it. The Surface has the power to be a real computer when I need it and uses standard office applications like microsoft office and has a real keyboard. Its great for taking notes in a meeting.

I tried to use a andoid tablet for this but found it next to useless for when I needed a real computer. I still use my android more than my Surface but now it has been mostly regulated to the role of a data display device. I use it to read ebooks and magazines on. Surf webpages and check email.

Tablets are good tools and have their place but we should never expect them to take the place of a âoereal computerâ when one is needed.

Comment: Re:When everyone is guilty... (Score 1) 431

This goes back to my ideal of a responsibility and repercussions for prosecutors and attorneys if they are found to be on the losing side of a case. If they are going to accuse someone of breaking law or bring some civil suite then they should be held accountable if they lose the case.

Right now as it stands if prosecutor loses a case then its just âoeoh well, we didn't get this one.â They get to go home every night and enjoy their freedom and family. Whereas the person they are accusing maybe found to be innocent their lives are pretty much ruined.

If a trial lawyer brings a civil case, like for the RIAA, against someone and loses, they to just get to walk away. While person they where suing has had to spend time and money to defend themselves. At the most they might get awarded some reverse damages, but they are still out time.

If a prosecutor is going to charge someone's with a crime that could potentially take 20 years away from him, then that prosecutor better be prepared to spend the next 20 years locked up if they lose. Same for the trial lawyer. If he sues someone and loses he has to pay out-of-pocket the cost of the trial and what the judgment would have been if he won.

May seem a little drastic but if there where repercussions to failed cases then there would be a lot less of them.

Comment: Re:Rent seeking (Score 1) 570

by Lord Apathy (#48869485) Attached to: Microsoft Reveals Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade

No thanks. Just like with Adobe CS, it looks like it's time to buy up some licenses before they dissapear. I have no interest in renting my software.

Why not? If the license fee is cheap enough for a year, I have no problems paying for it. Personally I would prefer this method of up dating over every 3 years having to run out and pay for a fat ass new edition where things might or might not work.

And your not really renting the software, your paying for updates and support. You shit isn't going to stop working if you decide not to pay, you just don't get up dates. Eventually I expect your shit to stop working but its not like they are going to flip a swtich on your ass and turn you off.

Is this really much different than how many linux distros do their enterprise level support? The OS is free but the support you will have to pay for.

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