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Comment Oh, Com'on Robin (Score 5, Insightful) 155

The very best thing you could have done with that particular posting of Eric's would have been to ignore it, and run the story about that nice woman without mentioning it. She can stand on her own and nobody but Eric should be held to account for what he said.

Comment Re:heh (Score 1) 133

That was pretty much my response. Why even bother with the lock when most things secured by padlock can be quite quickly unsecured by taking 3 foot long boltcutters to the hasp. Ever notice rental storage places never have any problem getting into the units that don't pay? I suspect they replace a lot of hasps, but they are pretty used to cutting locks off.

Comment Re:AmicusNYCL, you don't learn, do you? (Score 1) 178

I didn't eat anything, man-child. Steve sent me an email and said that he had removed the link. That's what his email said, and that's what I said in my comments here. If he restored the link that doesn't change the fact that he sent me an email saying he removed it. I imagine you convinced him to restore the link. Keep spamming Slashdot and I'm sure he'll end up with a flood of emails questioning why he supports you. If he has to deal with that it's going to be your fault alone, and he'll know that.

Comment Re:the main legit use i can see (Score 1) 267

Why is this a problem? You can't file a flight plan electronically?

And get the FAA to respond with your waiver in under 5 minutes? The point of these flights is the under-30-minute delivery. That includes handling the transaction, picking the product at the warehouse, getting it on board and in the air and several miles away. The FAA isn't built for waiving NFZ rules in minutes.

Regardless, you're ignoring the whole no-BLOS part of their regs. They require a certified PIC and a spotter with eyes on the vehicle the whole time. It's taken them years to decide about THOSE rules. Deciding to waive them will take years more if ever.

Comment Re: Do they put the first post people up there? (Score 1) 178

I would contribute to a fund to put APK out there in his home town.

That would be the Syracuse/Liverpool, New York area. If you go to it looks like they have quite a bit available. Billboards, buses (outside ads, inside ads, bus stop ads, etc), posters, etc. How about we wrap an entire bus with APK quotes? Are you aware of any pictures of him? That would help increase brand identity and recognition. It looks like we would be on the hook for a few hundred through $20k per month depending on size and placement. This is easily doable. If we put up more than one, and leave a URL or something on the billboards that people can contact, maybe the local media would be interested as well.

National Outdoor Media at also has 14 by 48 foot billboards, although they want to give a quote over the phone. Hey, we could put APK quotes on the tops of tables where people eat, or at gas station pumps, ooh how about an APK blimp? Should we start collecting his quotes? We need pictures, we need a private investigator in Syracuse to get some snaps of him. Looks like there are several of them up for the job. There is a lot of information in public records, but pictures are apparently not one of those things.

Comment Re:Less service? (Score 1) 481

Doesn't Tesla have an undercar robot that will do a battery swap in a few minutes now? Yeah, replacing the batteries in the trunk takes a while, and Honda won't even let me replace my own batteries in my hybrid, despite explaining to them that I have a degree in Electronics Engineering and experience as an electronics technician.

Comment There is a valid reason for some of these (Score 1) 259

Dominoes now allows you to order pizza by texting them a pizza emoji; presumably other delivery services would like to get in on the action. (Sounds to me like this would require setting up a lot of information associated with your phone number ahead of time for it to work, and useless for any company that doesn't do delivery or internet orders)

Comment Re:Noise pollution (Score 1) 267

If you were handy, we'd do a little test. I'll take four different size multi-rotors up to 400' when you're not looking, and then we'll see how well you can tell where they are, which direction they're going, or if you can even hear them at all.

Then, I'll bring one in for a quick vertical landing at the same time a UPS diesel panel truck rolls up next to you to make a delivery, and you can tell me where the drone is, using only your ears.

You're speaking without experience, or deliberately trolling.

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