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Comment Re:Pooh-Pooh all you want. This is great news! (Score 2) 242

SSH and docker support will get the MBA types who fear change and spending cash to consider Server 2016.

I would rather MS innovate than to just EOL good products instead.

SSH support will go everywhere including the MMC SNMP tools and not just powershell for remote work. FOr any organization with security in mind this will be a HUGE reason to upgrade. Sadly, since Server 2016 is already in preview 4 I doubt this will see hte light of day on that release. It will be 2018 with Server 2016 R2 before we see SSH everywhere undearneath including AD authentication.

But I can hope it will be part of Server 2016.

Comment Re:That isn't trustful. (Score 1) 553

The enterprise edition of 10 doesn't do this.

The reason for these connections were if you go to PC Settings there are options to sync up favorites, tiles, apps, email, office 365 stuff, azure settings, wallpaper, etc. The guy in the article then dropped all connections on his router and tried to log in as a new user which ran the OOBE out of box experience and which looked for all these things on the profile.

Scary as it sounds I did find it useful on my Surface with my Office365 and work account. I got all my stuff synced up with my desktop and OneDrive as just a regular user.

Comment Re: Surprised? (Score 3, Interesting) 553

Alright let's stop and just look what you wrote?

Now imagine what Joe Six pack owned in 2006? Probably a 1 core Pentium 4 with 512 megs of ram. Maybe a geek would own 1 gig and an athlonxp for a high end system middle 2000s as that is what I owned. I was helping an exgf reimage her laptop yesterday which was an AMD a4 1250 APU ssslllloooowww 1 gig netbook 1/3 the speed of an atom.

No kidding. But here is the kicker I sent to to see how slow that thing was if 3 of them are as fast as a cell phone. The Pentium IV was slower. Literally opening a webpage took 100 cpu and 20 seconds to load if it had ajax. Outlook com is what slowed it.

That my friend was what people experienced Vista on??! Also the kernels got smaller and lighter since. 7 to 8 ran better.

Needless to say I put gwx control panel to block 10 and put 8.1 with classic start. I told her not to upgrade as her identity was stolen once and 10 was more bloated for such limited hardware.

Windows 7 was a much better OS and could sleep properly with only using 2 gigs instead of 4.

Comment Re:Server 2016 has docker (Score 1) 49

that can run in hyper-V too

That seems to miss a large part of the point of these containers. Of course to support this sort of strategy, Windows would have to do a whole lot of kernel work, and they probably don't have the stomach to muck with their kernel that much.

Actually MS really has been slimming the kernel down to make it more mobile friendly. Here are the containers link?

Comment Server 2016 has docker (Score 1) 49

Since you're a Windows user/admin, Docker will do nothing for you. It is Linux Containers with additional development. It's not a full virtual machine, it's a virtual userspace running on top of a Linux kernel. It allows you to virtualize your Linux-based application (Even requiring other virtual containers so you always know what version of XYZ you're running), but it won't do anything for Windows.

In addition to docker MS has Winmin for tiny hardened Windows containers that can run in hyper-V too. SSH is coming to server 2016 R2 as well inside powershell. MS has really improved their server offerings from the NT days

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 130

Im not a developer, but i think its like install shield for windows. Creates application packages or something. Still the summary should really give a brief definition.

Not only that it makes virtualizing so much easier. Server 2016 supports docker in Hyper-V as a way to move containers and start and close them in ways that are more manageable than static images that you can not shut off or move during production without modifying the guest OS. Also it opens the possibilities of hardned ultra secure containers too that are hard to hack that do just one thing.

Comment Inexcusable (return them) (Score 2) 148

Dude in 2015 you bought a device that only works on an unsupported 15 year old obsolete and now dangerous OS for internet streaming??! Seriously

If the camera was from the XP era I could understand. If you want to keep it then get an ancient XP box and DMZ the LAN behind a firewall to prevent internet access. But if you purchased this to use over the internet then the manufacturer gave you a shoddy and liable product that is negligent.

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