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Comment Re:Portland.. (Score 1) 272

Trying reading the paper. It's very interesting. It's also interesting how I lost 50lbs and my cholesterol numbers were fixed and my dental health improved while on such a diet. To further test it, I tried going back to a traditional Western diet and the weight came back, the cholesterol numbers went back and my dental health deteriorated. So I'm going back to the diet. By meat I actually meant animal products .. meat, fish, egg, dairy, coffee with very little plant matter.


Comment Re:Information (Score 1) 134

My understanding is the 5GHz radar is considered pretty stupid and shouldn't have been deployed due to the interference concerns. Most deployments are on other frequencies. The 5GHz deployments are limited and generally in the US. I don't remember the details, but I remember when this was a thing when I was working on WiFi standards. I may have remembered it completely incorrectly.

Comment Re:I don't think it will mean much (Score 2) 183

Sit in the back seat. Or don't buy one.

Honestly, until they get the issues of liability sorted out, the self driving car is a complete non-starter .. precisely because of crap like this.

This is for governments to make laws just as they have for vaccines. It's the same deal. Over a population it will save many lives. In some specific instances it make kill someone. The government gets to make laws that protect the vendors from the specific cases so the general case can be realized,

Comment Remarkable people (Score 5, Insightful) 316

A remarkable number of people believe homeopathy works. A remarkable number of people believe in gods, devils, prophets and an afterlife. A remarkable number of people believe scrying, remote sensing, dousing or fortune telling is real. A remarkable number of people firmly believe various economic, political or social "truths" in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

A remarkable number of people are intelligent, well-adjusted and successful in their lives, and still manage to hold one or several of the beliefs above without ever experiencing any sense of disconnect. Those remarkable people almost certainly includes myself, and most likely you as well.

Comment Re:I'm from Qualcomm - AMA (Score 1) 170

Yes. I know the rules. I was a member of the 802.11 and 802.16 working groups and Bluetooth sig that developed these unlicensed band protocols and I've developed WiFi, WiMax and Bluetooth products. Having a protocol that bangs out a base station frame structure like LTE which splats on the band and has no backoff for other users of the band isn't part 15 compliant without being at a power that isn't useful for high speed data communications.

Comment Re:Does this really lead to useful quantum compute (Score 1) 92

It's a refrigeration problem.
You need to get stuff very cold to dampen down the noise (other things entangling with your qbits).

Making things cold takes energy. The lower the entropy in the qbits, the higher the energy that you blow in the refrigeration. Overall entropy will increase. So you might be able to equate the energy in the heat of serial computation of an O(2^n) problem to the energy spent cooling a circuit cold enough to solve an O(2^n) problem in parallel with magic quantum behaviors. Unfortunately in the parallel case you have to blow that energy all at the same time. If the serial case looks like it would need enough energy to boil all the oceans (about O(2^128)) then the parallel case might boil them all at once. You might want to get inland.

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