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Comment Re:When you're only tool is a rocket... (Score 1) 35

I was thinking, "To Fight Terrorism, and for the Children." I guess using deep penetrating radar is pretty stupid. Of course capturing an ice ball heading toward the sun is just beyond the Knowledge Base of the Air Force. Which sounds like a really great idea for a movie, and game.

Comment Re:Well its a good thing (Score 1) 38

Given stated facts, "hackers got contact information of clients from such 'honest little school girl firms like Goldman Sacks', and then contacted these clients to tell them to buy certain stocks; knowing that these stocks would have a high probability of tanking." When to prices went up, the Bad Guys sold their stocks. This is like a tired Twilight Zone episode. OK boys and girls, Real Estate market?, prices tanking?, 'to big to fail?', it all sounds so familiar. Only no one went to jail then. Why? My heart has no pity for the likes of Goldman Sacks, and those that would call them Friend, or Client. If one defecates with dogs, you're going to get your ass sniffed.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 108

FTFA, She used each printer to create disc-shaped parts, about an inch in diameter. Then she placed the discs in petri dishes with zebrafish embryos and studied survival rates and hatch rates and monitored for developmental abnormalities.

It doesn't say in TFA, but did the petri dishes have water in them also? That could explain a lot about the fishes survival rates.

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