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Comment: Re:Jury is still out (Score 0) 108

"Microsoft has evolved so much under Satya Nadella"

Before, Microsoft was just another pile dog crap. Today under new leadership, H1B stewardship, and dead culture guidence, it is a steaming ignorable pile of dog crap. One can only wonder at the surprizes* that the thrid world will have to offer planet earth.

* a surprize is, flatulence with a lump in it.

Comment: Re:HHS Asleep At The Switch (Score 1) 183

Democrats burned 86 million dollars and a staff of hundreds on Obama Care web pages, when 3 students at Standford did the same job in two weeks. Ignoring MRI storage, a dusty Blade Server can hold all the medical records for planet earth for the next 20 years. These servers can be manned 7/24/365 by a 12 operator staff so that if someone trips over the power cable, it can be re-plugged back in before the backup batteries go flat. Doctors, if they want to get paid, perform certain tests, and procedures, in a certain sequence. Doctors notes are then predictable, and are outsourced to the Philippines for translation purposes; and some global throwing of scraps. Which is in turn transmitted back to the U.S., mostly correct. With current technology, it just doesn't get any cheaper than that.

Comment: Re:Feds (Score 1) 183

I have no pity for those who have no bed side manner. They will not change because they believe themselves to be gods of life. Where as the software vendor that doesn't conform to some type of open standard? These H1B mutts might want to get one of their "geniuses" working on an export to either a common XML, or JSON format. Of course, if the vendor is outside of the U.S., can they be sued?

It's not so hard to lift yourself by your bootstraps once you're off the ground. -- Daniel B. Luten