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Comment Re:Simply shocking (Score 1) 310

I have this image of some minion coming home to his rat cage apartment and facing his spouse and children. The conversion goes:
Wife: "Hi dear, how's was work today."
Husband: "Hard, I had to create a Fembot that enjoyed anal and screaming joy in Irish."
Wife: "OK, it sounds like an average day to me"
Husband: "Ya, it was."
Wife: "Take out the trash?"

Comment PHP Over Python, Why? (Score 1) 310

Of the 70K+ AM Fembots created, Python was not used. In my AI classes, the teachers used Python for examples. Could the use of PHP over Python be an example of using an older object oriented type language over a newer OO language is more useful for enterprise level endeavors?

And where could one get a copy of AM's software?

Comment What Kind of DA Submittal is This? (Score 1) 214

This FUD submittal pales compared to the Corporations Without Rules folks that cheerfully brought us the Great Rescission/Depression of 2008. Voting with your wallet? How's that working for you, especially if a family member or friend is crippled or dead from a faulty product? And a comment that is just as stupid today as it was on the day it was first mouthed, "Corporations are People that speak by using money." Bad guys using Autonomous Vehicles is at best, a mild diversion.

And while this thread is on the topic of bad guys. Why is that ISIL leaders don't hang their LGBT flag in the port of Tartus?

When Dexter's on the Internet, can Hell be far behind?"